Monday, December 8, 2008

Err... where's their parents?

Sorry, I have not been posting up photos lately.
Sabar ja.. I have some posts in the draft box and it takes time to finish them.. or, I'll just forget about it and delete it off later?

Went to Miri with Bobby today. It's been almost 6 months I had last stepped to Seahorse city. And out of boredom, we went to an arcade to play the basketball shooting game. Ya.. it's kinda like our "tradition". We're not very good at it but, we just like to compete against each other and teased and called the loser n00b. Hahahaa.

And while we're having fun shooting the balls and concentrating in beating each other, suddenly...


Yes, in the midst of the game!

I think they're siblings, a girl and a boy...
4 years old and 3 years old, I think?

The little girl then used her legs and blocked the balls from Bobby's reach, took the ball and gave a shot. Of course, she instructed her little brother to do the same too.

They looked so... HAPPY!
Okay, more like siok-sendiri actually.

Bobby just couldn't do anything.
If we're cartoon characters in TV, I think our jaws were already on the floor.

Just to clarify a bit, we're not related to those kids and also, we don't know them.
Total strangers.

We didn't finished the game. Okay, I did.. Bobby didn't, because he never had the chance to hold the balls after that. Furthermore, his view was totally  blocked by that two kids.



So feeling a bit wu-nai (helpless), we just walked away feeling like world greatest losers. What? You expect us to tell the kids off or just carry them down. Well, I would. But when things like that happen to BobbyTheMrNiceGuyWannabe, his chain reactions are as follow:

Shock -> Blur -> Doesn't know how to response -> Mad -> Keep swearing in his heart -> Feel am-kuk because he didn't get to response in time -> Sigh

We walked around the arcade and when we walked back to the basketball arcade spot, they're still there. But this time, they're turning and twisting the coin-op parts and sticking their little fingers into the coin doors holding to get some pennies.

The only thing that came to our mind was.. "Where's their parents?".

Followed by, "Why were they left unguarded?! They're so young.. How can they just wander around in a shopping complex like that?".

Don't you think its kind of scary? I can already imagine all sort of possible outcomes already. 
All negative.

Sigh.. Uninvolved parenting.
I curse you irresponsible parents/ guardians! Do you know how important is it to keep your children safe and sane?


LuUeE said...

Hai.. Nonnie, i don't know why lately, i've been so addicted to increase my traffic.. anyways, just got to your site.. And you all come to miri also din call me.. aiyo.. hahahaha.. if we three played that basketball, no kids would have come there.. hiakx..

RUyi. AKA.. LUUEE said...

Sometimes really annoyed ho.. got one time, at a restaurant i was eating stuff.. and then we sat at a table.. and then later, got people there suddenly thick face sit there.
I thought wah lau.. eh..

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : AIyooo.. public holiday scare you need to paktoh mah. Where dare to kacau you.

Tobi said...

Hai! Urm About the " Where's their PARENTS thingy was quit DANGEROUS!!!!!!!! i mean yess. I think their parents are finding them but the children WAHHHHH PLAYING THERE LIKE MONKEY HO!!!!

Nonnie King said...

Tobi : But then.. they're there for like 15mins already and still no sign of anxious parents looking for missing kids leh..

I think the 2 kids very biasa lepak already.

luuee said...

hahahahahaha.. aiyo.. caN also ba.. friends are also equally important la.. aiya..