Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Super belated birthday post - 1

I know I know.. my birthday is like so last year month.
Just photos and captions, will add in more if there's something I want to say.

1. My beloved beyoches in school2

Treating my Excapade as my birthday gift and it was very rare that Sheepish-Baaa-Baa could join our lunch date. By the way, check the staff out behind the piles of plates. Pandai nya... Peace lagi. Hahahhahaa.

2. My birthday gift from Sheepish7

In her dictionary, Nonnie loves pig and thus: 
babi = Nonnie.

Monkey = Vicky.
As for Shirl... I'm thinking GUESS.


3. My birthday cake from the KASFED  sister hoodies.3

Let me tell you something funny. I was really tired coming back from the tuition class and arrived hostel on the dot (and that's what I'd been going through for the past 3 weeks! School. Tuition. Assignment. Tuition. Exams. Tuition) and conked out right after I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Not until Bobby called to be the first to greet me baru I sedar that.. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Then came the knocking on my door. To be honest, I was already knocked out and... wearing my tee and fugly short pants without my *ahhem* bra. You have no idea how I panicked jumping out from my bed searching for it just to answer the door.

(And now you girls know why it took me so long to open the door)


4. The KASFED sister hoodies and I with the cute little yummy cake4

See, they all looked way better than me in the photo! Are those.. eye bags?!
Omigosh! I had eye bags!!! /check mirror/ Okay, I better sleep earlier in my holidays.

Click here to see how messed up was I.
Totally cannot-make-it lah. Oh ya, KUSUT-MASAI!
See how my Bahasa Melayu improved. smile_teeth

The birthday surprise was totally unexpected. And if you'd noticed, there's only 2 candles on that cake. They knew I'm 20+, but have no idea the precise age. LOL. They thought I was 23. I'm flattered.

Oh oh.. let me add this in too.

Lately I had several sweet encounters from new-friends who thought I was young like 21, 22. Hai yah, so happy can die okay. When I was 17, people thought that I was 23. Now I'm 25, they told me I look nothing like 25. I guess that's the benefit of looking "chao-lao" (old/mature) at a young age.

5. My super chio iPod Birthday cake from DriftingCloud. 5

She made this herself okay! Not from bakery one!
I bet she went through my wish list and knew I wanted to have an iPod and there, no real iPod, iPod birthday cake not bad also kan? And the color so damn pretty la~ I made all my friends WOW and jealous over that cake lah. Hehhehee.

We went to an event.. which I'd already forgotten the name, its in Orchid Garden selling all sort of girly stuffs and after that, she drove me to her place to pick up the cake. So sweet right.

6. The DIErs in Jojo
L-R: Solz the Batwoman (now wifey!), Alwie the Artist, Mila the Terrorist, Fandi the Pooh and me

After meeting up with DC, she dropped me in Kiulap to meet my fellow classmates. Honestly, I never knew that there's a Karaoke-restaurant around in Brunei until they told me. Didn't get to sing because there's no Chinese songs and I thought my vocal box was filled with cigarette smoke blocking my sweet voice (terkarang~). Truth was, Solz and Alwie sang so well and I didn't wanna embarrassed myself with my totally unflattering and unPrincessie voice. Instead of having cute and tame animals coming out, I'll probably summon out frogs, toads, lizards, cockroaches and flies once I open my mouth.


7. The steamboat + tappanyaki mini-party that the Besties prepared to cheer me up8

Theen's special chili sauce, big big prawn, brinjals, needle mushrooms and the thinly sliced meat from SL... hai, what a perfect combination.

8. SL want to "kiap" you / I'm an ET / KL's hair very bouncy


9. Theen wanted to sleep / SL looking decent/ Kelly showing off the veggies for whatever reason / I'm cute okay / KL got sikit-sikit double-chin!!!

Okay, the above photo not very happening.
Take two.


10. Theen wanna pick a fight this time / Kelly act-chio / SL felt sien posing liao / I think I look better with my left face / KL malas layan wanna eat liao

11. KellyTheFussy competing with SL the old man with shoulder pain

We played the Mario Olympic games and hor.. James whose the chubbiest among us won and Kelly + KL, the fittest pair of couple got the last place.

12. My birthday cake from my besties

Its Mocha hazel something something.
Mocha.. Mocha.. They don't know I don't drink/like coffee one meh?

Nevertheless, the cake tasted good actually.

13. My girls, minus 48 smile_sad



i'm still thinking whether I should blog about my birthday celebration or not..


48 said...

next time.. next time we have big 30th together.. haha (ya i know another 5 years)

Nonnie King said...

Then 1 yr you have to fly back or I fly there or we both fly to somewhere to celebrate loh?

Kelly said...

wen...another 5 yrs is very fast....time pass too fast sometimes.......
ah must make use of ours "20's" birthday as much as possible man....
and your photo caption! Shit you, "act chio" ma.....

48 said...

haha ya in 5 years if we 'live big house ' and 'have western dog' then we can afford fly somewhere good
kasian only some others may be turning 31 same year hahahaah

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Nonnie King said...

You say Theen and SL is it?
I only scare I'll be labeled "lao-ku-poh" nia if still belum kahwin..

Kelly Lim, not act-chio meh? I tot my caption very ngam leh

luuee - pooh pooh head said...

HAHAHAHA.. lolx.. Congatulation Nonnie.. hiak... blekz... blek.z..

Thanis said...

Gotta love that Ipod cake!

luuee said...

hahahahahaha.. weiyah.. din share with me la.. hai yo.. so disappointed.. damn my cat at my window.. keep wanting to come into my home.. aidi lo..

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : You don't wish me earlier so none for you lor.

Thanis : Ask DC to make one for you next time?