Thursday, December 4, 2008

I won something!

smile_teeth and it's not normal for me to win something out of luck okay.

Thanks to the BL!nk competition!
Hmm.. I wonder what's my prize.

Anyhoo~ I'll be going to iCentre tomorrow to collect my prize. Its just a consolation prize but I'm already very thankful. And I gotta pack the remaining stuffs in my hostel room and return the key back to the management.

Rice cooker, kettle, mini oven and boxes of notes and books. Can someone lend me a trolley? I don't mind those aunties use for shopping in tamu, as long as it has wheels on it can liao~

Note: I'll be moving the stuffs out alone. Kerlian hor? Speaking of which, I kinda miss my room in hostel liao lar...

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