Friday, December 5, 2008

Big Sunnies = Ah Po Glasses?

"Your sunglass so big, you very old meh? Wear till like ah-po like that?"


That's what the mechanic said to me when sending my car back to me. I was speechless for a few seconds not knowing what to answer him at first. Totally unexpected lah.

"Ai, it's the IN thing now.. You don't understand one lah...", defending myself weakly.

"IN? Wearing this ah-po sunglass you call it "IN" ah? Really don't know what you young girls are thinking nowadays.. Very nice meh?"

"You old liao lar.. You don't see a lot ming-xing (celebs) wear like that one meh? Uncle lah you."

"Fashion pi larrrrr... Ah Po sunglass also IN now. "

Okay, he insisted that my oversized shade is what old granny would wear.
I also malas continue debating with him.

In case you have no idea how "big" my shade is, look at my profile picture.
That's, the shade he complained like ah-po...

And also... he complained my car very dirty saying, "Eh, one more thing I want to complain. Your car very dirty! Gali ah, where got girl's car dirty like yours one."


I was busy baaaaaa.... I'll go give my car a shower later then.
Or, I'll just wait for the rain and drive my car out. LOL.

No lah, I think I'll send it for a car wash later.

Sien, that mechanic sounds like my father more sometimes.


ACCYEE said...

haha, my mum said that to me too, she was like, buy so big one for what, its covering your whole face, in her disgusted tone. hahaha

Drifting Cloud said...


If I were you I won't even layan that mechanic guy. Unless you know him personally. Or else who is he to comment. =P

nikki.szeli said...


banyak complain eh this mechanic =="

Nonnie King said...

Abby : I would answer, "Face not pretty boh pien must cover lor..". But that's for me, not for you lar.

DC : Ya.. He's actually very nice like a big brother. Just a bit loh-sor.

Nikki : VERY! Everytime sent him my car to service also got new thing to say one.