Saturday, December 6, 2008


I'm thinking to straighten my hair..
then I thought I might as well get a hair cut and try something new
bob maybe? Hayden Panettiere's bob. What do you think?
I'm just afraid I'll look like Chibi Muroko Chan later with my pancake face. 

My camera's LCD rosak...
then I thought I might as well get a new camera
but with my super limited budget, I can't think of what to get.

(Please.. DSLR is not what I can afford for the moment)

Lumix, Sony or Fujifilm?


I hate making decision.





Saw that? That's the hair that I like. It looks so "hassle-free"!
Hayden really pulls it off and.. I'm just not sure if it'll look okay on me or not.
Anyway, pardon my amateur ps skill.


War186 said...


P.S. No bob please Nonnie hehe.

stefz said...

Go for Canon!!!(it's not in your list) If it's not too late, they have this show at Hua Ho Manggis, with price lower than normal. But today's the last day!!! If you're in bandar, go go go and see see!!!

Agree with War186, no bob!!! (Imagine you wake up one morning with one side flat,and the other round, are late!!! and you can't tie it up cos it's short) ahhaha... if you get what I mean.

Nonnie King said...

War : Why Sony?
Aiks.. Seems like no one like the idea of me having Bob hair..

Stefz : Once I read your comment I text Bobby ask him go there see liao.

I am interested in G9 or G10 actually lor.. but a bit mahal :(

Okay, I guess no bob for me. I want a hair tats easy to fix.. and no need to comb. Hahhaaa

mancai said...

huhuhu.. ader iras kembar

McChickey said...

sony will be better ;)

nikki.szeli said...

don't cut! sayang eh your long hair ~ i'm trying soooo hard to let my hair grow long .. =(

straighten jiu hao le ;) plus, if bob kan .. u still gotta make sure it's round and not too flat. masih mafan =p

Nonnie King said...

Mancai : huh?

Mmi : We'll see

Nikki : Ya.. that's my only concern. How to keep it fluff and not flat
But your hair looks cute on you...

nikki.szeli said...

my hair's slightly longer now liao luu .. not bob anymore =p

every morning or before im going out, i have to straighten it coz i have natural wave/curls. my hair is super damaged =="

Nonnie King said...

Nikkie : Har.. so mafan one ah?
Sigh.. all I want is hassle free yet look a bit modern punya hair..
macam so hard

I scare if I straighten it become too flat bah
like fishball cover with seaweed like that

Anonymous said...

go for bob,as long as u're willing to use hairdryer & blow it to give it volume if it looks flat. If u want easy to style hair,go for really short ones w/ many layers hehehe

Nonnie King said...

Thanks for your comment Anonniemous.

LuUeE said...

Hiak.z.. Nonnie.. i think any hair style should suit you well la.. Hiak.z.. as long as Bobby love it.. is most important gei.. hiakz..

nikki.szeli said...

hmm ~ why not you ask your fave hairdresser? the one that you could trust? =D i'm sure they'll give you good advice =D

CiliQueen said...

You look STUNNING! with that bob cut. Go for that super change for 2009 =)

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

It's more difficult to maintain as compared to long hair!

Almost every single time after I cut my hair I curse and swear at myself. -.- cause when it's not long not short it's so hard to control. If it's long hair got bad hair day all I need to do is tie it but if it's short hair I can only wear cap! And I look stupid in caps. :(