Thursday, December 18, 2008

So "Nonnie"






I had always thought that my name is nothing more but a simple Noun. But then in Bobby's dictionary, the word "Nonnie" is also an adjective to describe.

I'm "Nonnie" when I hit the back of my head when I leaned too fast without checking the distance between the wall and sofa.

I'm "Nonnie" when I nearly drop something fragile and expensive from my hands.

I'm "Nonnie" when I was being stubborn and manja.

He's weird kan?
Seriously, I think to him, Nonnie means stupid, clumsy, bad-tempered grumpy, silly and so on.
Nothing good.

Oh wait. Nonnie means FAT too!
He calls his tummy "NONNIE"!
What the......!

When people told him that he had put on weight and asked him why, he would answer nonchalantly, "Oh, its all Nonnie's fault".

And when I asked him go kiam-pui (on diet), he'll say
"But... But... But I love my NONNIE!"

Really kek-tiok + kih-sih and puke blood ah!


To the guy who loves "Nonnie" so much, get well soon and.... since you're sick now, why not soon-pien kiam pui and kiss "Nonnie" goodbye ?


@lex said...

better leave something here, else say no comment... :D
it's the same as when we say that's so .. "nonnie-like" , right?

Nonnie King said...

You don't know I now very kan-buo about comments liao meh?

Eh you in Brunei ah, as in 'on land'.

So sien I really want to fak-mou at home liao I tell you.

48 said...

awa no one leaves comment paiseh ah.. @lex if u 'on land' must go buy 'mould-killer'..
ya lame.. i know.

@lex said...

lame but effective .. :) ...
i have never leave the land ! .. :P

luuee said...

hahahaha... lolz.. BobbyKing is my hero.. wo.. no worries... Nonnie there is plenty of comments from me.. if i come.. The most important is who comment.. true right.. hahahaha..

nikki.szeli said...


okay ~ imma name my tummy after the guy i like next time =D

luuee said...

hahahahaha.. Nikki.. No you shouldn't do that until he's your hubby.

Nonnie..hakhakhak.. Morning..

nikki.szeli said...

luuee: haha! true trueee ~

Nonnie King said...

Hahhaa. How about when pregnant?
Name what leh?

luuee said...

Nonnie. I think when pregnant.. hmm.. should call the belly by the baby's name.. if not later jeloz ba the baby.. haahaha.. inside the baby knows ur calling him/her.

hahaaha.. Nikki.. hiakz..