Thursday, December 25, 2008

Back, but not quite yet

5 hours down the road with roti canai for lunch, followed by a 45 mins boat ride later plus an hour drive down to the oil town, I'm finally back in Seria from KK!

My luggage is still left on the floor and I have no intention of doing the laundry today. And tomorrow it'll be my turn to be the driver touring them around in BSB. Other than that, I have a long shopping list in my notepad to buy tomorrow for the BBQ picnic on Saturday.

Hai, such a productive week. Heee.

Will blog more .... Sunday.. but I might wanna sleep in on that day. Monday? Got a report to hand in next week.... when I feel like blogging. Tons of photos coming up (and there's none I look good/cute in it. Haih. Hate my pau face)






Atul said...

Wei miss. You forgot to bring your bottle of water lah. LOL.

Nonnie King said...

I know!!!! I ended up buying it in Soon Lee after leaving your place.

Very typical of me.

luuee said...

drive to oil town also din find me again. Good luck on your report. Hey hey hey Nonnie..

Nonnie King said...

Oil town is Seria leh....
Why I wanna drive to Miri when I live in Seria oh?

luuee said...

hahahaha.. lolx.. oo Miri also called oil town.. paiseh lei.. hahahahahaha..