Friday, October 31, 2008

I have awesome friends!

For the pass two years I received birthday greetings mailed all the way from Singapore and this year without a fail, a special delivery appeared at my doorsteps.

Its from Christina, or Chicky - her blogoshpere nick.




So cute right? She drew me a Berkin Bag with sparkles around it. So dreamy eh. And also a big blue pen eraser add in to my laaaaaa-ber collections.

To be honest I do feel a bit guilty for me to buy me something and sent all the way to Brunei. Not like she's rich or what, she's just a young girl struggling in her late teenage years and really paiseh to make her spend money for my birthday lah.


And today I got my fifth advance birthday gift.

First - a cute froggie stapler from Badd Badd
Second - Dior lipstick from Orange
Third - *secret* from my best budd (Cannot say here, cos she warned me cannot let ppl know)
Forth - The above eraser
Fifth - from SL!

We're damn cool can. He went through my birthday wishlist and told me which one he wanted to get for me liao. Then today before we meet up for lunch, he text me.


LOL! Steady or not. Ask me buy my own birthday gift!

I replied.


And he replied again...


Cool or not? I bought my birthday gifts and just claimed money from him.

So yeah, I chose my own preferences in the varieties of mask available and later brought along my paper bag and showed him.

Me: Nah, this is my birthday gifts. I bought more stuffs but you give me $30 can liao.

And he obediently took out $30 cash and handed to me. Hhahahaa. 
No, I didn't sign any petty cash voucher. 


Crap.. his name big big there...
Nevermind lah, not like first time his name kana exposed in my blog anyway.

If I expose FussyKelly's full name baru got danger of getting beheaded.



p/s: Will be extremely busy for the month of November. Wish me luck peeps. I do have a lot of pictures waiting to be blogged but... give me some time will you?

My birthday belum lagi sampai, so don't greet me yet okay?
If you're a friend in facebook or friendster, you'll get the reminder anyway.

Tips: Remember, remember.. the ______ of November.

Sibeh thick skin I know.


Effy said...

Tips: Remember, remember.. the ____5__ of November. Wahahahaha

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Glad you recieve it. so scared you didn't get it. phew.. :)

Nonnie King said...

Effy : More like obvious hint liao kan? And yours is one day after mine.

Chicky : The moment I have that on my hands, I know its from you.

48 said...

Eh.. i where got say cannot tell ppl what the present is? i say dun tell i got buy u present. too late liao loo...