Monday, October 13, 2008

Raya with bunch of bloggers (2008)

(Erm.. This is a long overdue post?)

Well.. it didn't happened long time ago pulang, just umm... 3 days ago. But still I'm no match to them (Liza, Iskandar, CiliQueen, Vance and AF) in blogging this up. They're fast man! Especially Grinch. Like balik rumah terus online and blog already. smile_omg

So yeah, we're all invited to AF's place for Open House... which kind of shocked me thinking,
"Oh my... Is he trying to feed the whole village?" Never in my life I'd seen open house as such, with gerai-gerai(s) opened for you to order on the spot.. just that its all-you-can-eat f.o.c.

Unfortunately, my stomach was already filled with food after raya at my colleagues so I didn't get to eat much. I know, very sayang.. No martabak, no kebab, no Mongolian grill.. Only fresh fruits.


Liza's adorable babies~1





Aaron: Mommy... help me! Uncle Jojo is scaring me...
Mandy: Kor-Kor, why is this uncle so weird?
(I made it up one lar)

I'm sorry but.. I can't resist calling Iskandar a "Paedophile". smile_teeth 
He is always with kids everytime I see him outside. And on that day, he brought Vance and another young man along (which no one introduce us so.. I don't know his name). Can't help asking him, "Why are you always with kids? Such paedo lah you..."

You're not a blogger until you master the skill of camwhoring...


Vance: You didn't bring your camera?

Me: Er.. I did.. *took out my camera from my bag* This is my camera, the one and only...

Vance: Oh! I always thought that you have a DSLR!

Me: Unfortunately NO. Can't afford it yet so I'll stick with my compact Lumix.

LOL. The above conversation either shows that I have good photography skills or good photoshop skills or my 5.0MP camera still kick-ass. But still, feel malu when everyone was walking around with their black-kingkongs where as mine is like a little lamb.. Some more the paint had come off and I had to use double-tape to stick some part to hold it together.

Damn throw face.


I'm still single, so I got duit raya *breathe air from nose*. But the woman beside me "confiscate" her children's one. See, all mothers same same one.. They took your angpao money and told you, "Mommy will keep for you and put in the bank", but then it remains a mystery case where the money had gone to and you don't see any increase in the bank book. Kan?


Bobby will not do such thing without me asking him and moreover, his photography skill is near to non-existence.

Fooling around in AF's crib.


Paiseh. I was so curious if those treasure cases got things inside or not, so I go opened it up...
(without permission from the owner)


Next Stop:  Gembo's big-big house.


Sigh.. visiting houses like that really got me wondering when can I own one myself?
With my own money that is...

And it was a pleasant surprise to bump into CQ in Gembo's place. Liza and I were just talking in AF's thinking if we'll ever meet CQ but Mr. Shaikh Khalid said she left earlier... It was totally unexpected.

And she looks so young!
For someone who has a upper-secondary daughter... she definitely doesn't look like a mum to me. Gotta pass me your beauty secrets ya CQ.

Group Photo10

Standing (L-R) : Nonnie, Vance, CQ and Liza
Sitting: Anonymous Boy whose with Iskandar (I'm sorry... smile_sad) and Iskandar himself.


The Famous-Gembos was really really good! Also the coffee which Liza and Iskandar couldn't stop asking where he got them and we're shocked to see that there's Cadbury's Chocolate Milk instant powder on the table.

Of course we made a complaint jokingly saying that Gembo was trying to poison us. Hahhaa. And he claimed, "No, I was trying to poison Liza only.."


But being a nice host he was, he immediately took the packets away and again, we accused him of using the cocoa powder to make cake and later poison others again. I wonder who's being evil here... Hmmmm....

And ya, we met Safarul too, who lost so much weight from the last time I saw him.

Okay, at this moment... I would like to make a request for you all to scroll back up and look at Vance's face and remember it one more time.

... Ready?


"You Chinese kah? Banar-banar bah.. You Chinese kah?"

I couldn't help but answered him...
"Obviously! Look at his eyes (and my eyes!)... Which part of him doesn't look Chinese to you?"


But somehow.. Vance kind of reminds me of Ing Siang. For me lah.
They look a bit alike and sama-sama into photography?

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