Friday, October 10, 2008

Once a CIS, always a CIS

No, I'm not talking about CSI and I didn't spell it wrongly.
It's CIS, which stands for Computing & Information System. The department I belonged to back in my ITB days.


It was a random thought that SolyTheBatWoman and I decided to check ITB out, get her work done and catch up a little with our mates there. Teehee. It feels so weird having your (ex)classmates working in the institute you used to study la.


I bet Fuzzy and Hafiz felt even weirder on their first day of work. LOL. Our lecturers are now their colleagues. Instead of calling "Sir" and "Miss", it'll be their names to be addressed. 

I felt so attached to ITb, compared to UBD. Not sure bout others but at least Soly was feeling the same. We have a big multi-stories library with free internet access and we chose to visit the small wifi-less library. No offense Hafiz smile_tongue I know you're reading this now.


Awww.. It felt like home. I mean ITB. Really! The parking lot, the lobby, the usual hang-out area. Basically nothing much had changed, except that they now have fans at the lepak area. Like Soly said, even the trees hadn't grow an inch taller... Those trees still look very sick and macam dying soon but then.. its still there!


Wait.. Am I consider as a traitor now? For being a UBD student but loving ITB more? Ah whatever. I love ITB and nothing's gonna change that fact.

Every time I encounter someone whose from ITB as well, it seems common to ask questions like.. which intake and which department. Its so easy to answer! Our department's acronym followed by the intake number.

I'm a CIS18. And La-La and the rest of the guys somehow started a tradition of printing CIS t-shirts! Printed with our roll numbers and the nicks we used. And now I can see our juniors are following the tradition and gosh, I felt so old the other day when I saw a girl wearing a CIS-twenty something shirt! And it has been 4 years since I left ITB.


It felt so soothing just walking at the pathways and being camwhores like usual, we asked Fandi to help us take some photos. I had 2.5 years in ITB and I never felt so excited about taking pictures there. Hahahaa. Signs of old age kali, everything also macam nostalgic.

Us, the CIS. Soly, me and Fandi.

Funny. My (ex)classmates in ITB used to call me "King" and now ever since I blogged, I become "Nonnie" or "Nons" for short to them... smile_sarcastic And having the chance to be in the same class with some of them was really eye-opening for me. More updates on juicy gossips continued from our ITB days and get to know them better now. Well, I used to be a little anti-social (am still now sadly) and prefer to stay comfortably in my little circle. Socializing around like butterfly is never my thing.


And now ITB is finally going to have degree programs, I feel damn happy lah. Wonder if I'll ever step in ITB for studies again... Wah lao, they'd been telling us about this degree program when I first went in ITB for my foundation (early 2002) and now.. 6 years later baru really jadi.

Wait till neck also long and langsat seed also grow into a tree liao okay.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention about my lecturers. They totally rock! Well.. not all lah. They're some whom I... not say hate la, hate is such a strong word, should say.. um.. not-so-ok with?

... Wait. Now that I realized the lecturers that  I like are all CHINESE! Boh dui, racist ka like that?


For those whose still studying in ITB, enjoy your days now cos you'll miss it a lot after you graduate. So far, I have not encounter anyone who graduated from ITB and told me how much they hated it.. Semuanya will only say, "Aww.. I miss ITB lah".

Wonder if I'll feel the same to UBD a year later.

Weird to mention it here but.. I love ITB's washrooms. Hahahhaa! Its way bigger, nicer and somehow don't know why cleaner than UBD's. Maybe of the color combination?

White and Blue Rocks!!!


Anonymous said...

im a CIS20 hehe. i think its not me dat u saw hehe. ur intake was the first to start the tshirt printing. lawa eh. i still like. continue the legacy hehehe.

i wan to go back to itb hopefully to do the degree program if got chance. yeah...itb so peaceful tho not much variety like ubd, but u go anywhere u wil say "eh i noe her from dis dept dis intake lalallala" cool kn. seems like u noe anyone from itb. ez to remember faces :)

Tina said...

Siapakan tu yang CIS20 ah?

Hahaha, aku CIS20 jua! ;)

I heart ITB. Best school I've been to so far. Sigh. I miss ITB! Especially Ms. Sophiana.

Feezah said...

i lurrrrrrve itb!! i heart itb~~~ i miss itb~~~~ altho not a cis.. hehe... *sigh* i wana go bck der for degree.. if can.. hehehe.. cz i misssssss soooo~~~~ much..