Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Extraordinary Birthday Party


It all happened when Liza emailed and asked me to be her kuli-kang, I mean... a multi-purpose nanny for her son's birthday party and I thought, why not? Instead of stuffing myself at home whole day, I might as well go out and get some air and have few hours of worry-free moments escaping from all the haunting works.

Upon my arrival, the kids were already coloring and Liza greeted me with her smile pushing the bushy fake moustache upwards and really.. she has the potential to act as a "hamsap ah pek".

That's Liza and me.. Me looking normal before putting on the mister-potato thang. 1

And this.... After.


I think I'm more man than her lah.

If she's a man, she'll be those cheerful hamsap ah pek who always eat girl's tofu by putting the hand on the shoulder or hugging the waist type. Then as for me, I'm those cool cool pien tai ah pek.. Think Hentai.




Look at Aaron's paper. Nothing special?
Look again!

I was confused by the picture eh.

It's a bird, it's a plane... IT's... GARFIELD?
What the...

And so I asked Aaron,

Me: Aaron, this one is Garfield or Superman?

I wonder who so eng go and photoshop Garfield's head on to Superman's body. So jobless.. Must be a coloring book made in China. 

Imaginary conversation below.

Worker: Boss, so what should we print for our next batch of coloring books?
Boss: Ah! Garfield and Superman. Kids love them!
Worker: But boss... scare the piracy issue... you know...
Boss: Ah... Ah... Then just combine them!
Worker: Huh?
Boss: Combine Superman and Garfield together lah! This is CREATIVITY... you know 
Worker: What?
Boss: Now no one can sue me for using the copyright pictures and damn.. I'm smart!

Okay.. I'm being jobless here again.
Sue me.

Then I saw Superman... As in Liza's hubby.

I'm so used in typing "Superman" as his name instead of his real name and now.. I actually forgot what is his name! Teruk la. Anyway, he's Superman because Liza is Lois Lane. Geddit?


He's probably the second busiest man in Fratini (the first is Grinch's twin brother.. Jojo) taking his video cam and filming everyone with that funky modified party hat.

Okay, the deal was...

our women had to stick the hideous bushy moustache and all men wear that silly looking party hat with "green hairs" looking like a woman. Its like a sex-change party for adults I guess.

My dear Liza, you gotta cut that moustache idea of yours away  next time because it's sibeh-limpeh hot and my upper lip kept sweating, making it keep falling off. Get those glass-with-fake nose-and moustache next time ya.


And so.. while waiting for the kids to finish coloring, I was basically doing nothing but sitting, standing or walking trying to act as if I have a duty or something.. Actually, my only purpose for that day was to judge who color the best.


Fine, I know! I'm the only "judge" for the day so what's wrong with me calling myself "the prettiest judge" kan? Aiyah.. I had been feeling quite low lately and if I have the mood for being narcissist, you better let me be.





Can you see the white piece of thing stuck out from the moustache?
That's the double tape..

In case you're wondering where's mine... Hehehehe. I "accidentally" dropped it and couldn't find it anymore. smile_tongue

Finally after like 1.5 hrs later, it's Pizza-making time!

Actually hor, the activity was meant for Aaron's friends and the disabled kids.. but me being thick-skin as usual, I requested another piece of dough from the staffs and joined the crowd. Oh come on, when will you get a chance to make a pizza from scratch having all the ingredients nicely prepared and professionals to give guidance and later bake for you? Its a rare opportunity okay.

Well I'm not alone though. Ida (Liza's sister) and 3 other boys joined me later.
So our table sort of become the "Adult Group".




And.. trying to roll the dough into round and big is not an easy job okay! No matter how hard I tried, its still not "round" enough. So I really salute those pizza-sifu man.. How they roll so fast and become one big round piece?




After rolling the dough, the staffs gave us plates of cheese and also put the tomato sauce on to our dough.




And also we're given plates of pineapples, sausages and pepperonis, which was not enough because 1/3 of those given were popped into their mouths before making it. Hungry liao bah!

Instead of sprinkling the ingredients equally on to the dough.. I rajin-ly piece by piece lay them on it and created a 'pattern" out of it.


Nice leh?
Its (from outside) cheese - pepperonis - cheese - pineapples -pepperonis and chunks of cheese in the middle! If you fail to see what I was creating at the middle.. here, a bigger picture for your eyes and brain.


Flower okay! Don't play play I tell you.
Lao-niang lihai or not I ask you?
*blow air from nose*

And when Jojo saw my pizza, he immediately said I won the "Best Pizza Made" but sadly, no gifts.
But nevermind, at least everyone agreed that its the prettiest pizza made that day.


Look at ....



So cute kan? Mr. Smiley. Until she knew that after baking the pizza, we'll eating it ourselves. Looking at her pizza (version 1.1), there's definitely not enough ingredients and a good looking pizza no longer matters.

She used her charm and got herself more ingredients and even mushrooms! She's the only one who had mushrooms in the pizza. smile_thinking







Camwhoring with my pizza... I don't know, I didn't feel tired camwhoring last Sunday.



I was very peculiar when the Fratini's staff came to my table and wanted to shove my pizza and bake it in the oven... Cos  I takut the staff shoved too hard and spoiled my flowery creation bah. But they didn't, my pizza was still pretty and in one piece. 


Then I walked around and saw those pizzas made by the kindy kids... Seriously, you can't really tell if the pizza is made by an adult or 5 years old lah. When you campur all the ingredients and bake it, they just look all the same liao...





And when mine was almost ready, I stood by the counter and waited (im)patiently. When they took my pizza out and showed me, I requested the staffs not to cut my pizza into 8 pieces and I wanted it to be just one big piece.. so that I can take pictures.


Looked nice kan?

No, the black black thing in the middle is not "lalat" okay. Its the small piece of mushroom that I stole from Ida... Its the "Stigma" bah.





Me being jobless again wearing Aaron's classmate's hat....


Singing birthday song for the little man. Look at how satisfied he was.




After cutting cake, they gave away goodies bag to the disable kids and Mr. Arab Families also gave out duit raya to them. It's such a kind act from them lah. 


Instead of receiving birthday gifts only, Liza actually thought of making the small party a little more charitable and brought some fun and laughter to the special kids too. Of course, all this will be impossible without the help of Fratini.

Let me hear you say.. Awwwwww...


After all the kids were sent home, then came a mini cake-cutting session for the 3 adults.


So nice having family members who have birthday so close to one another kan? I bet the one who suffer most is Liza's mummy. All 3 beloved people birthday in the same month not easy kali ah.

Then while I was still munching (my second piece of) Yam cake, little Aaron requested that he wanted to open presents.

LOL. I totally know how he felt. Because I'm like that too.. I can't tahan the urge of having presents in front of me beautifully wrapped but I can't figure out what's inside. I'm the kid who will poke a hole just to peep and guess what's my Christmas present and make the hole bigger and bigger daily.. Until the Christmas day, for sure already know what's inside liao.

So I handed Aaron my birthday gift to him and permitted him to open that first.

Guess what I gave him!





A flaring eye mask!

Eh aunties-aunties and cheh-chehs, not those eye masks you use to put around your eyes for 15 minutes to get rid of fine lines, eye bags and dark eye circle okay. My flaring mask got lights one leh don't play play.

Other than a mask, I also gave him a pack of Ben 10 flash cards~


I know.. I'm such a cool auntie kan?

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