Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yes yes yes! I know I know! Its a celebration and I shouldn't be complaining but it seriously annoyed the heck out of me!

I don't mind those normal fire crackers with gives out nice firework visual effects but I MIND, DAMN LOT about those that gives out a loud bang and shocking! If I'm not wrong, its called "Crazy bang" right?

I don't know what's the fun of lighting up a fire cracker that gives out a loud bang and that's it... Nothing else but a loud bang. No beautiful fireworks, no "shooooooo" to the sky and explode, no nothing... Just BANG!!!! Tell me what's so fun about it? I don't get it.

It's illegal! You have any idea why is it banned? Why is everyone buying and playing it as if the ban never existed? I have so many questions in my mind yet I feel forbid to voice any of them out now.


I'm so annoyed by these two particular "kids" who live near to me.
(kids.... who are old enough to drive!)

For the past few days I'd been hearing loud bang every 15 minutes and it irked me even more when my mother who was sound asleep got shocked from the noise and woke up. Once my mum was cooking and when she heard the loud bang, she instantly let go of the spatula on her hand and screamed. You think its funny? Its not.

What about the old nanny who lives next to me? She's already reaching 80 and why should she suffer from insomnia?

Do you know that after age 40, sleep becomes lighter and it is easier to wake up?

No, I'm okay with them playing with fire crackers because its a festive season, a time for everyone to be happy and celebrate. What irks me most is...

They are not playing in front of their house, instead... they walk further down and play in the open area which is nearer to my house and far away from theirs!!!!!!!!!

That, is what I feel is unforgivable!



I went out my room and stood still in my living room seeing them from the window...
I seriously hope they get the hint. I don't wanna spoil anyone's happy mood.

Want to play? Play in front of your house... Stay away from mine. Please.
And make sure no other people are effected.


Jewelle said...

What I truly think should be banned is the air bomb. I see no reason for this at all - no colourful lights (fire works) and not even any sparks (fire crackers).

Just one sudden loud bang enough to give anyone heart attack!

Nonnie King said...

Jewelle : Exactly my point!

Okay, it's raining now and doubt it they can play fire crackers already.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... I'm reading this post with a smile on my face.

Wonder if you would write about this again when Chinese New Year comes.

Anyway, enjoy the long weekend.

Nonnie King said...

Anonymous : I normally spend my cny in Sibu and just by standing at the balcony made me feel like watching an expensive fireworks show already.

Meaning.. fire works/ crackers more teruk there.

And... I think playing with fireworks/ crackers is a waste of money. :p

Enjoy your weekend too

Second Anonymous said...

Isn't this a case of 'people living in a glass house should not throw stones at other people's house'?

The Chinese New Year and Chap Goh Mei fireworks and firecrackers are usually even grander than that during Hari Raya. It's just a matter of tolerating each other.

Enjoy your long weekend. Hope you don't get too stressed with firecrackers!

Nonnie King said...

Yes, I agree that this is just a matter of tolerating.

But I also have to stress that I'm not into fire crackers and fireworks and will not play it in front of someone else's house.

Anonymous said...

During CNY,crazy robots and crazy bang are not the type of firecrackers being played. Enough said!

Nonnie King said...

Thanks Anonymous. That pretty much sum things up.

kelly said...

Ohh..i was late on the comment, but I just happen to see.......I thought you already phrase that you don like ppl playing firecrackers "in front of your house" AND not "playing firecrackers during raya"??? LOL, ah no...nvm la..maybe some ppl don understand english...kekekke

Nonnie King said...

A lah! Already write till so clear they still wanna "comment" as if I'm the soi one...


Shanon said...

Make it this way, fireworks which gives off beautiful sparkles is a big yes yes. It's my money and i love to burn. Fire crackers which gives out a loud bang without notice is a big no no. Damn Scary. Be it during Raya or CNY i think the same still applies. The other day while driving down the road and all the sudden BANG! Really scared the skin out of me. Nearly drove into the drain la. But i still enjoy the beautiful fireworks which lights up the sky. Such a beauty.

Nonnie King said...

Shanon : A lo!

Beautiful fireworks nice nice and more lasting... But those with loud bang and scare the poo-poo out of people really not good.

Hidney said...

i hate em too... hate em... hate it...

selamat aidilfitri to you. cool blog. i'll come back for more...