Thursday, October 16, 2008

Short update

..before my Har Mee is cooked and me getting prepare for class at 8am.
(WAVE's zooming now so I better be fast before it dies out again like past few days!)

I have
- 1 essay
- 1 assignment
- 1 report and presentation... (which I pray hard nothing goes wrong this time!)

...and a lot of unfamiliar things to memorize this week.

All because my best friend 48 is coming back next week.
Weee~~~ smile_party

And I bumped into an old friend yesterday in the most unexpected place! God, it just felt so nice and sweet seeing her still looking young and chic and I bet she was being nice not to tell me that I gained a few pounds on my face and waist.

Bobby's back from his super long trip. Bought me an umbrella and two Kindaichi comic books.
Ya, how thoughtful right? I couldn't help but interrogate him what else did he buy and he just wanna keep it secret for my birthday present.

But he gave me three stupid tips though. Let's see if you can guess it.

1) It's something both of us can use
2) It's more than $1
3) It's more than $3

I felt like slapping his head when he told me tip #3 after me pestering him to tell me more clue after tip #2. Nearly fell off my chair really. Stupid boyfriend.

Okay, so far I'd guessed a handful of stuffs but he's just not telling yet. Well... an LV or Chloe is definitely out of the plan since he can't use it (tip #1).

And yesterday I guessed Osim Uzap! Hahahhaaa.

Well... can I rant a little here? I'm so so so mad at some the irresponsible SeaLion! Lazy and annoying. Dumping us pile of incomplete work and using lame excuses for slaving us. smile_angry

Bah.. Class now. Bye peeps.

My life has been really dull so I don't have interesting stuffs to blog and also, I've lost my sense of humour... This post is so dead man.

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