Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What if your friend's other half is a jerk/virago ?

I bet you people had already seen my new poll and please answer ya. I'm really curious with the stats. And the reason why I put the poll up is because...

My classmate, which I don't think is appropriate to put her name here, told us angrily the story of her friend to rant all her fuss out.

Poor Guy (not his real name obviously) has been dating Sassy Girl for 6 years already and lately they had a huge fight over a SMS. Okay, maybe not a huge fight since it's more like a one-way thing. Sassy girl had been outrageously mad at Poor Guy for a SMS.

Not a suspicious sms from another girl with hints nor a sms from his friends asking him out for meet-up (with I think its no big deal because everyone has their own lives). It's.. an... SMS ... from ... his.... M.O.T.H.E.R !!!

Emak. Ibu. Mama. Mu-Ching. Lao Bu !!!!

Poor Guy went to Sassy Girl's place after the Friday prayers to keep her company. His phone rang upon receiving text message and she instantly threw tantrum on him thinking that its his friends asking him out. She hates his friends. And just because of that text message, she got mad at him for the whole day.

The. Whole. Day.

No matter how hard he tried to explain to her that its just his mother and furthermore, he's still there at her place with keeping her company and pujuk her. He even opened up the message and showed her just to prove its really from his mother and guess what she said, 



So yeah, she stayed angry at him for the whole day. And didn't even feed him.. from 2pm until 9pm. Well, she did have her dinner at home and when the Poor Guy tried to pull the chair out wishing to sit next to her, Sassy Girl just grabbed the soft drink next to her and threw it at the boyfriend.

At this point, I hope Mr. Ah Pui Lim is reading because he should feel lucky that I only diam-diam when marah. I don't even bite or hit.

You have no idea how many times my classmates and I gasped in astonishment, the bad one though. "OMG! How could she! What's your friend thinking? My Goodness! Palau eh! Can't he find someone else? She really loves him kan?"

Okay okay. To add in more of this, Sassy Girl had cheated on Poor Guy couple of times and he forgave her and just keep quiet. Maybe that's why she sort of climbs over his head liao?

Anyway, it puzzled me.
How can she be so heartless to a person she loves... or he's just nothing but an accessory or ATM card to her? Sad huh?

Don't you just hate it when a nice person ends up with a bad one?

Argh... Don't go tell me what 男人不坏女人不爱 or 女人不坏男人不爱 
(The verse saying - People tend to love a bad person than a good one. Or, direct translating it will be "Men not naughty/bad, women don't love. Women not naughty/bad, men don't love")

So yeah, my friend encouraged Poor Guy to leave that girl and go for a better one.

And I thought, what if this happen to me and my close friend? Will I do the same or just "close-one-eye" and let them continue their 冤孽 ...

Well.. don't we all faced that kind of situation before? Your innocent and sweet girl friend fall in love with a scum bag or your goody ol pal fall in love with a devil from hell. And worse will be, your friend loves being "tortured" in the relationship and would just give in every single times. 

If like that, really puke blood puke till can feed the entire kampong of mosquitoes.

For Chinese, there's a saying 宁教人打仔,莫教人分妻.

Meaning, teaching others to hit their kids rather than teaching others to separate from their spouses. So its very yam-kung to teach people to break up one and its a sinful thing to do. But, does that mean that even if that person was being abused by their husband/wife also ignore ka? Must wait till that person sedar-diri? Is that even possible?

I do feel a little disturbed every time I saw my friend bringing her "other half" to our gatherings though. I just couldn't agree with his actions and words, interrupting our girly conversations, making personal attacks and nasty remarks (on us! My goodness, do you trash your other half's friends in front of them? No right?) , turning them into a joke and thought that it's funny.

Gah! Feel like stuffing char siew bao into his mouth every time he separates that annoying thick lips of his! (I think I can sense some of my stupid friends snickering now) 

So how I ask you all? We can't possibly go tell our friends straight forward saying, "Hey girl.. know what? Can you please don't bring your other half to our gathering next time? He's rude and annoying and honestly, we don't like him."

Cannot right?
Damn hurt if she hears that kan?
Later I hilang one friend how?

(Not like I have many and since I'm kinda anti-social....) 

And I'm surprised with the stats in the poll. Seems like my readers bring some sanity into this situation. When creating this poll, I was thinking to add in "Bring my friend to see bomoh see got kana kang-kang or not". Hahhahaaa.

Nevermind, I'm lame I know.

I wonder what others will do if faced the same situation. Gimme some comments okay?


McChickey said...

If me, i'll talk to him and ask him to think again whether he still want the relationship or not. And what's the good and bad being with her. We have to be honest even if it'll hurt him. Cuz im sure, even if he avoid us cuz of this, he'll be thankful someday. And i think, that girl is over reacting you know. Pfft.

nytowl said...

after reading ur post, i seriously thought to myself & came to d conclusion, i wudn't say anything but jz support him in watever decision he made. But if he were to ask me directly then i wud come clean & say exactly wat i felt. Hope this helps.

CLEO said...

kalao buat bini menderita hidup tu eh hehe..

Jamy said...

I have same thought with nytowl.

Support whatever decision that he/she makes. Wish he/she can get a happy ending in the relationship.

Remember you told me that my ex is not suitable for me. I felt hurt hearing that but I believe you said it for my own good. It's what you feel. I appreciate your care.

It takes some time for one to realise whether this person is suitable for him/her. They need courage to make the right decision in the right time.

Just like mine, I took alot of courage to make that decision in the right time...the time I realise something that is really important and I am very clear of what kind of spouse I wanna live with. So I just did it without second thought.

We are just waiting for the right time to come. Wish him/her all the best.

Hungryduo said...

i know how you feel *tsk tsk tsk* i would still let my friend knows how i feel towards his/her partners but not the whole thing though cause i'm really scared that i would hurt his/her feelings. *sighs* and some times you do get angry when you have really stubborn friends. already know that guy/girl not good but still insist wanna stay with him/her. really no eyes see. SIGHS!

- Hunnie <3

@lex said...

on a comical note .. i'll say bring to see 'bomoh' ..
on a serious note... i actually encourage him to re-think the relationship.. if still persist .. well ... even though it'll be a long time.. but i just we both know the outcome sooner or later... we don know someone like that ....

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

I know so many!!! lols.
But most of them not close to me so I don't say anything loh. If it's my close friend in such a relationship, I can only advise her just once. Then on I probably don't wanna say anything else. Damn sian when their eyes only have their lover and friends like nothing in their eyes. Most of the time I'll end up slowly drifting away from the friend..

By the way did you receive anything thru mail?

Anonymous said...

I think it's more like an addiction than Love. This guy stay with her for 6 years.

Prove that he can't be without her..

I'm sure he knows he's been treated poorly without you telling him.. but still go on with it. So.. he knows that the 'gf' is such a jerk.

One thing for sure he is wasting his time. How can he possibly to be committed to this person.. Well some people just so blind.

J said...

how awfully sad to be sassy girl - to be so incredibly self obsessed that you dont even see how anyone else other than you deserves a tiny bit of respect. bad parenting?

its silly isnt it? other couples who are truly in love break up for minor misunderstandings, but this girl can abuse her boyfriend like hell and still have him wait on her hand and foot.

i know its kinda harsh to say this, but people like that honestly dont really deserve to be loved by anyone other than their family.

J said...

also, people who constantly put themselves in that situation (to be repeatedly abused by their other halves who they choose to be with) do not deserve sympathy.. they are basically asking for it!

Thanis said...

Insecurity makes you tolerate punishment. Nuff said.