Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guess what

.. I made today!


1. In Fratini (KB)

2. In a 5 year old's birthday party!

3. With my own creativity~ smile_wink




Will update again. Got tons of work and packing to do for now.

Mmm.. Let's just say today I finally feel like a "blogger" again taking pictures with spirit and camwhored like no tomorrow.

I had fun today, after like.. few weeks of hell.


Princess Nashwa said...
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Princess Nashwa said...

Nice, but too bad your creativity is not rewarded considering the fact that you are in a 5 year old birthday party ...hahaha. Thank you so much babe for attending and judging the colouring contest.

I hope you had fun. At Least it takes your mind off problems and work... :P

In addition to that, hate you for having such creative hands!!!

Look out for my post of you with the moustache. hehe Thank you again for helping out and being such a sport!!