Friday, July 27, 2007

Making new friends

Short Note:
Phew~ Two down, one more to go. Who would have thought that even teachers have assignment themselves.
And yippeee, some quality best friends + boyfriend time tomorrow~

P.S.L, too bad you'll be stuck on the plane or wherever you'll be that time and not makan with us. Remember to bring back some souvenirs for us. No gifts, no friend! =p


Received an email from a stranger couple of days ago...

And the thing that caught my eyes was the SUBJECT of the email...

nonnie manja?
What the heck?! I don't know you okay and don't you come and "nonnie manja" me as if we're some sort of couple. Idiot!

Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Be-mail? Hah, when I can understand and write Bahasa Brunei perhaps. And, it's not "buleh", it's suppose to be "boleh" lah...

I almost circle it in red and email back to him.


And so I thought to myself- Never mind. I'll just ignore it.
This is not worth my time replying.

* * *

And the next day, he emailed me again....


(majal = persistent)

Well, at least this time he seemed more polite. Instead of calling me as "manja" for the very first time, the subject looked more proper.

Still, what's with "buleh" and "bemail"? Can't he spell properly?
And, what is "bemail"?

I know he meant emailing. But even people like me with poor Malay knows that the proper imbuhan for it is "ber" and not "be".

Action taken: Ignore.

* * *

Few hours later... again!

He's not giving up is he?

And so, not to waste both his time and mine, I replied.
Short and simple.

And I thought this will put everything to an end.
I'm wrong.


I thought he asked if I wanted to "bemail" with him, so I assumed that means I had rights to accept or reject. Why is him being so unrelenting then?

I bet if I replied and say no again, he's going to call me a b*tch and say I "jual mahal". Back to tactic one - Ignore.


Honestly speaking, I'm bad in making new friends. And lazy too.

Different story when that new person happened to be my colleague of a friend's friend because I'll feel more secure knowing he/she does exist in the real world.

MIRC was never my cup of tea as I find it silly to chat with strangers who you don't even know whether it's a he/she behind the screen. I only chat with people who I know does exist in real life, and I find it hard to start a conversation with a total stranger in the internet.

Tell you guys something a lot might not know.

Once upon a time Long long time ago... there was this random guy who chatted with me in MIRC. I tried not to get out of the chatroom as it was the "in" thing at that time and so it'll be "uncool" if I have zero cyber-friend.

But I didn't feel safe having too much of my personal information exposed to this total stranger. Apart from my gender and age, I refused to answer the rest of his questions like which school I go to, what is my (real) name and stuffs like that. All that I said (or typed) were "Adaler...", "Dunno" and "Hahahaha" followed by asking him the same question.

It was a one-time thingie and we never chatted again. I know I was too boring and no fun at all compared to other sweet and young ladies with the nick "Angel ___" or "___ Gal" or "Kawaii___" greeting anyone who entered the chatroom "Kor-Kor" and "Jie-Jie", normally ending with a long string of ZzZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

(ZzZZzzzzz what ZzzzZZzzz? I don't get it pun)

Years later.... I talked about the old MIRC days with a guy and told him the nick I used. Guess what, he told me that he recalled that he ever chatted with me and said that I was one girl really hard to talk with.

Ha.Ha.Ha. That is so not true.. He loves me to bits now and tells me that I'm a funny girl who always make him laugh. Yes you guess right, that guy is none other than my gigi-besi. Hehehhehehee.

Old-fashion also must say one time..... Fate lah.

* * *

.... I'd drifted so far away from my topic.

Come back, come back.

[Take deep breathe and try hard to recall what I wanted to blog justnow]

If someone tells me that he/she wants to be my friend, first question that pops into my mind is..

"I don't know you. You don't know me. Why want to be my friend? You don't have your own friend meh?"

Followed by,

"I'm not pretty. I'm not rich. I'm not smart. I'm not popular. I'm not interesting. Why you want to be my friend?"

I know it sounds pretty bad but, making new friends is something I suck at. It's not that I'm cold or what, what I'm afraid of is Awkward Moments! You know those- I see you, you see me, but nothing to say kind of moment?

Have to ask a lot of (silly) questions like which schools he/she attended, work place and hobby hoping that there's something in common to feel familiar with and lengthen the chat time and also reduce tongue-tied moment if there's no where to escape.

Probably that is also the reason why I stock up a lot of jokes, gossips and interesting news I watched from TV so that it'll come in handy if the air is getting colder and quiet.

So please get the wrong idea of me being "sombong" or what when I say I don't like making new friends, it's just the discomfited moment I fear more during the get-to-know-more stage.

p/s: Still, I don't feel like "bemail" with that fellow mister who don't understand the word "NO".

And by the way, he used his company email to email me. Probably thinking that I'll be impressed when seeing the domain name, i.e. the company he's working for. Well, not interested in someone who used his working hour and pick out a random girl hoping to "cerita2" or "bual2" with her thru emailing.

Hello mister, if you're reading this,
corporate email account is for company use, not for you to mengurat!

(Mengurat = flirt/ court)


Tina said...

HAHAHA, that is unbelievable! I never knew people were starting to use e-mail now to urat ("get to know") people! LOL.

Oh, I met the boyfriend seven years ago in mIRC also. Fate bah. :D


amyheidi said...

Hehe, somehow a lot of my married aunties also met their love ones in mIRC, perhaps I should go there to find a boyfriend, LOL.

Effy said...

In bahasa Brunei you spell it like how it is. So BOLEH is actually spelled BULEH though it is not taught in any Bahasa Melayu lessons. But most importantly, MIHIR JUA THAT GUY! Hahahahaha.

Bobby said...

Its time to bring out the chains and handcuffs to secure you on me. It seems how time flies when MIRC were a very hot and cool thing to do to chat away the hours while making friends and courting girls.

But the increasing uncertainty of sex offenders on the net where they get to know the person and ask them out and then..u know what happen next. But I love the way how you response back, and yes i am jealous.

Nonnie King said...

Tina : Is that the new "in" thing?

Of course it's FATE. So we better ask people chat in miRC to find their Mr/ Miss Right. Just that, there're so many horny people there now.. hard to find which one is normal =p

Amy : Just be careful if you really do so. There're lots of bad guys out there. LOL

Effy : I know that darling, just that I'm finding reason for myself not to layan this fellow.

Ya lah.. that guy is damn jobless. Not to mention he actually work for Sh___.

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : Ah Bi ah... Chains and handcuffs sound very wrong ah.. Like ham-sap.

Jealous for? I didn't layan him bor...

And you! What are you doing online at 2.13AM ha? No wonder your dark eye circles never go away. Humphhhh!

Iwan Sanchez said...

hello nonnie,
that was so absurd.. hahaha!!

with all the broken malay, he tot he can impress a teacher like u? hahaha!!

nice try there..

maybe u and bobbie are match from heaven..
all the best to u guys!!

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

I'm terrible at making new friends. I'm even worse at keeping friends. :(

Tina said...

Haha, I stopped logging on to mIRC after I adapted well with MSN, which means I can only talk to people who actually know my e-mail.

Never knew there are so many horny people now on mIRC, haha. Back then, people wanted to genuinely make friends. Well, I had that intention anyway.

I am now no longer in contact with most of the friends I made on mIRC except the boyfriend! Should go on Ripley's, that!


jessie said...

Good reply!! =)

I guess thats what u call FATE!!
Good luck to u n bobby~~~

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Good reply. I will also use this sort of reply next time! Have a nice day!

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Well honestly, that is Brunei's Malay. It's just that I don't like it because I prefer standard Malay that I learned from school.

And his way of approaching is way too absurd.

Thanks, I need all the lucks.

Christina : I only keep those I want to keep. The rest I just couldn't bother more.

Tina : Hmm, anyone with Ripley's number here? LOL.

I logged in miRC just to pass time and see what's going on. And if I'm really really bored, I used a different identity as a young boy and chatted with little girls. I know.. very bad of me.

Nonnie King said...

Jessie : Thanks dear. I need all the luck.

H.A.M : Ee seh~ Got people want to have horn* business with you kah?

War186 said...

Haha Bobby jealous! Eh no need lah Bobby, Nonnie didn't really layan the guy heh. Disgusting lah that guy heh.

De Pianist said... really memang fated with Bobby hoh...this King really got power lei..kekekee...=p..

sei lor..hamsap malay guy mau urat you..nevermind,if he comes to disturb you again,Bobby will come to the rescue geh..(since he jealous so much..can give him chance to prove he loves you so much..=p!)

aiya..don't say you,i also quite terrible in making new friends..all my pals say i look very cool when first knowing me..=_="

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : A wah, not like I'm flirting with him. I don't know why he wanna get jealous for.

Pau Lene : Ofu Cosi :p

Aiyah, good that it happen also. Let him know I still got market mah. Must treat me better.

I always wonder why some people loves making friends so much.