Monday, July 2, 2007

Movie at Empire/ Abu's hat/ Prank

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Finally, I'm updating my blog. Miss me?

I watched Transformer already, last Saturday!!! It's so good!!! Bloody good! I'm not quite a fans of the cartoon but this movie is definitely worth watching, even when I know nothing about those auto bots.

Don't worry, no movie spoiler ahead.
I'm kind what, remember? =p

I met up with Bobby at Empire Cinema after the course (yes, another one! Forcing me to commute up and down BSB every Wednesday and Saturday) and that fat guy (yes.. he's gaining the weight back. *happy happy*) asked me to hop in his car first.

And... presented me this.

My Third Anniversary Card from Him

He made it into a "card holder" (the purple part), with cartoon version of us wearing wedding suit and gown. And a separate heart shape greeting card that fits in perfectly on our hands.



And I don't have central parted hair lah!

Gah.. He can draw a rose faultlessly but not a cartoon me. Funny. Or... I do look like that in his eyes...


Damn it!

* * *

Apart from the card, this is what he gave me.

Tetrazzini maybe?
He cooked one *sweet*

Instead of white meat, he used sausage instead. And pardon the not-so-mouth-watering appearance of it (looks like pig food I know.. Wait, I AM a pig! *oink oink*) , it actually tasted good!

But I know it's very fattening because he told me he put a lot of cheese to make the sauce thick. And before eating that, I actually ate a small plate of fried noodles during my course, you know.. Brunei style, whatever function it is, sure got food and beverages one.

I really should reduce my gluttonous.

Taken while waiting for the show

He looks fatter right?

Good news for me. Muahahahhahahahaa! Yes, we're one odd couple who prefers the other half to be fat rather than thin. We even set a weight limit, must maintained within that number. Cannot be too thin, nor too fat because it's unhealthy.

* * *

We went into the cinema earlier, because we're already bored while waiting at the lobby. SO we rather get seated and watched trailers first.

Guess what? This is the chair which Bobby should be seated...

I seriously don't know whether it's someone's dried-up vomit or milk, but.. it's very sickening!

Aren't they suppose to check their seats after every show? Some more this is Empire that we're talking about, the cinema which charged more than any average movie theaters in Brunei.

Lucky we went in early with the lights bright enough for us to check the seats before we sit.

Remember people, cinema 2. Don't say I don't tell and warn you guys ya.

* * *

And last Sunday, yesterday that is.. I attended my colleague's wedding.

I don't know you but I find the "hat" that those waiters wore very amusing.

Me: Why are they wearing buckets on their head?

Rohana: -_-" Those are not buckets, it's their HATS okay.

Me: But it looks like bucket what. It looks funny.. and a little too big to look like a hat.

I think it's suppose to look like those the hat Abu (Aladdin's pet monkey) wears.

* * *

I did a little harmless prank to Kelly.

She passed her external hard disk to me and asked me copy the TVB series that I illegally downloaded obtained from unknown source.

And, I created 10 sub folders to annoy her.

Yeah, I know the above picture is a blur..

Here, the folder names -

  1. Abalone series
  2. Have you finished doing all your housework
  3. Are you sure
  4. Very very sure
  5. Are you feeling excited
  6. or annoyed
  7. and cursing like a truck driver now
  8. Please dont
  9. else you'll have a lot of wrinkles
  10. Sh*t..cannot play liao. MS don't allow
Open 10 folders before she can view those videos! Hehehheeee. But it's okay la.. at least this will not hurt her, only increase her blood pressure nya.

And because I can't create anymore folders, I wrote a "Read First" note for her.

Pardon the broken English mixed with cacat translated Mandarin. This is how I chat in MSN to my closer friends btw, rojak language + improper spellings and grammars.

At least I tried my best to blog using appropriate English.

And this is what she said to me after finding out...

Kelly: you ah..made the folder name damn long till got error when i wana copy the movie

Me: u no skill ma

Kelly: u know the part u put error cannot play wat..cxbxi
i have to shorten into – SHIT

then only it allows can copy

Me: really?

Kelly: cannot la..i copy over..become ki lik ka lak..error cannot read

Me: I din know folder name too long will make it cannot be copy.

Hmm.. I learn something new again

Kelly: then got error saying folder name too long

i was like ta ma der..need me drive in to copy again..since corrupt liao

sekali i shorten to folder name - SHIT and it works fine

Me: LOL!

Kelly: chi kut..

Erm.. Sorry for the S-word and some not-so-nice Chinese slangs.

See, I learned new things from doing a prank!

1. You can only create 10 sub folders the most
2. You can't copy files if the folder name is too long.

Must do more next time. Kekekkekekekee

Oopps, must hide my tail and horns.


0_o said...

OMG im FIrst!!! BNuahahaha

Just wana say love your blog!

I'm Choonie. said...

Glad to see your bobby is getting fatter.. hahahha.. you guys really weird lar... but a lovey one. When is the B.I.G time? I will fly to Brunei!!! Never been there.

War186 said...

Transformers was bloody excellent, wasn't it? No need to be a die-hard fan can already appreciate the coolness of the movie huhu.

Finally, you get your 3rd anniversary card from Bobby ah. Touching meh the concept. Hehe. The groom looks quite like Bobby lah. I can't say much for the bride. For sure you look better than that lah. But excellent effort from Bobby's part yeah. *thumbs up* Gf can DIY, bf can also DIY. Nice. ;)

And he cooked some more. Wow. :) I like a lot of cheese in my pasta huhu.

The waiters look silly. I've never come across them in Bandar though. Those hats do look like Abu's hat haha. Arabian style catering business, perhaps?

That's two things I just learnt from reading your blog too. I never knew before this there's a minumum of 10 sub-folders and you can't copy if they've long folder names. All that you found out from doing a prank. Heh. They're not so useless after all. ;P

Nonnie King said...

0_o :

Hi One big eye-one small eye.. If you don't mind me calling you this =p

Thank you for telling me you love my blog. It really makes my day.

Choonie :

Weird meh? Chubby nice to hug and can be used as pillow mah~

Fly to Brunei? I scare you'll want to go back after the first night here bor.

Wardah :

Good that you said that I look better than Bobby's cartoon version of me. Else I go bang my head against the wall. Can say that I always force the artsy genes out of my boyfriends by insisting them to give me a hand-made card, because those you can get from the store are "cold" and not original.

He used to cook breakfast to surprised me when we first get together. But as time goes by.. jarang already. So I complained to him and he got the signal.

Arabian style? But we're only eating nasi putih, nasi goreng, rendang and curry. What so Arabic out of it? Kekekekee

See, must read my blog to gain knowledge. =D

jessie said...

Been a silent reader all the while...
Started reading ur blog since few months back actually~~

Never fail to make me laugh~~
Am seriously hooked to your page!!
Nice blog~~!! :)

Lurve it~~!!!!

Sha said...

That's a very sweet card from Bobby :)Transformers is gooood!! :(

teddY said...

I have not watched Transformer yet, but by judging from the euphoria my friends had after watching the movie I bet it's a brilliant one, considering it is made with a tight movie budget of apporximately US$145 million only... other movies that are packed with equally fantastic actions scenes cost about twice more than Transformers! That's impressive.

Anyway Bobby is the sweetest guy I've ever seen! Really! I mean, how many guys on earth will actually remember anniversaries, and at the same time hand-make gifts and cards to his soulmate? Bobby is a really rare breed of modern boyfriends, so Nonnie you better get a good hold of him! Such guys are so extinct nowdays! Haha! Considering yourself stumbling upon the biggest walking pot of gold on earth :)

Bobby's food might look a little watery in the photo but I'm sure that it's packed with love! No wonder you said it was tasty :D haha!

Anonymous said...

oooh ooh ooh!Bobby did draw right!he drew the chubbyness in you ma..ngahahahahaha!chubby chubby Nonnie~~ =p!

oklah,you look prettier than the drawing of course..(i have to say this before i kena belasah from Chubby Nonnie..ngahahaha)

you're so lucky to have this chubby Bobby..still cook for you somemore...(and no chao huey ta at all..wakakakaka..=p ) then make cards for you somemore..don't know got this kind of guy somemore outside bo since they're like near to extinction liao..lolz..=p..

De Pianist said...

btw,that no name person is me.paiseh.=p

Iwan Sanchez said...

To Nonnie,
The card loooks cute lei.. the eyes looks like u !!


BTw, the stained cinema seats looks os gross!!

i hope its a milk and not the guy secretion..


LuUeE said...

ahha.. Nonnie, yet another nice nice card that you have made that is so so impressive.. mwhaha. And i think those are bucket hats.. can use as buckets and can be used as hats.. lol,xxx..

r&al said...

bloody hell, bobby! thats pretty awesome concept.. hmmmmm...

cc said...

I have voted!! I have voted!!!

You'd be lucky if that's just milk or even vomit, not something else...

Kenny Ng said...

I sure vote for u geh...
The hat they wear reminds me Buckethead, one of great guitarist.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Congratulation!!!3 years!! Woah already see transformer! Have a nice day.

Nonnie King said...

Jessie :

Awwwww.... so sweeet!
Thanks for telling me that. It put a big smile on my face when I was reading it.
And..I'm still smiling now.

Sha :

Why :( when you said Transformer is good?


Teddy :

Walking pot of gold? Too bad it can't be melted so that I can be rich (and he can be thiner). Hahhahaaa

Nonnie King said...

Pau-Lene :

Just when I was thinking who is this "anonymous", so naughty and daring call me chubby lagi.

Oiks! I said 654651 times already, it's only dark brown.. not black.. meaning not chau-tar. Say some more then I'll force you to eat it next time.

And.. don't praise him.. later he over-syok and sombong.

Iwan :

Too much for secretion I think?

Luuee :

Excuse me uncle. Read properly lah.. The card is made by Bobby, not me.

Nonnie King said...

Rebbe :

Bah, you make one lah.

CC :

Thanks for the vote. Somehow I feel like I'm forcing you all to vote lah.

And I certainly hope that the stain wasn't that "something else"!

Kenny :

Toh-cheh-pong-chiong! And... the guitarist has one very cool name.

H.A.M :

3 year and 2 mths liao. Hehheee

Must watch Trasnformer, very very good!

Anonymous said...

10 subfolder! well not really that surprise but . the fact that when she need to rename .. she just just S%^T .. i would just simply type anything short .. even jumble letter..

Effy said...

Just got back! Heh! Can i be the last one to comment? Your board looks great la and i like the wipe board bits. Learnt another thing again. No need to buy white board just laminate nia. Hehe.

IngSiang said...

voted. =)

Nice card there, so creative. xD

Nonnie King said...

Anonymous : Hahah! I know. Silly right? She could have rename it to something else since she's already editing it.

Effy : Yup yup! Cheap cheap!

Ing Siang : Thanks for the vote.

Btw.. Bobby still thinks that his cards lose to mine.

Jewelle said...

Why everyone made such fuss about spoilers?! I LOVE spoilers! But no worries, I've watched Transformers too.