Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nonnie, a murderer?

Okay, those who read my Twitter should know that I... ran over a monkey yesterday.

Damn guilty can die.... *sob*


Not to say that I'm kind or what, but I do believe in karma and try my best not to kill... even the most irritating mosquitoes.

So you can imagine how bad I felt after that incident...

* * * * *

It happened yesterday at around 6+pm, when I was on way back home. As usual, I'll choose the highway than the main road because it has less cars and less "simpangs" for people to turn in. I swear, I wasn't driving very fast... at least for me. I thought it was average to drive at 100km/hr. No?

And so while driving, the monkey dashed out from no where running as fast as it could and crossed the road. Maybe it's rushing back home for it's wife/ husband or babies.. or maybe it's suicidal I don't know..

It just happened so sudden and I tried my best to brake and quickly shifted my wheel to the right to avoid it but there was a car coming from the opposite lane so I couldn't twist too much else I'll have a head on collision. And the next thing I know is.. I heard a sound and I felt that my tyre ran over something...

I looked at my rear view mirror to check on the monkey. I saw a little movement from the monkey albeit it was still lying on the road... I panicked, cried a little, keep praying to Buddha hoping that the monkey will stay alive and asked for forgiveness, pulled over and SMS-ed Bobby telling him what just happened and how I felt.

I thought, "What if the monkey is rushing home for his babies and wife? I'd separated them forever. I'm a sinner!"

Of course, he told me that it wasn't intentional so it's not my fault, and tried to cheer me up by saying, "Who knows the monkey is a bad bad monkey? A thief or a maybe pervert?" .But still... I felt that I'm a killer.

I arrived home and checked my car. No blood splash, no rotten brain, no nothing... just a small crack at the bottom of my bumper and a minor dent that can be missed. And also a small black plastic thing came off.

Well.. I took that as my punishment. It was my fault.

* * *

And today while on my way to work... (I used the same road everyday), I wanted to check if the monkey's body is still lying on the middle of the road and kana cars flattened until intestines also come out liao. But it wasn't there!

I felt relieved!

I guess the monkey did survived after all.. =)

If you don't live in Brunei and you're thinking that probably the public cleaners or something like that had clean up the road, sorry ah.... But my experience tells me that we're not that efficient yet.

It was no surprise to see dead bodies along the road. 1 day, 2 days, 3 days... it's still there. Sometimes even sampai it got all decomposed and get all stuck on don't know who's car tyres.

Happy Happy!

My chantings and prayers to God do work!

p/s: Iwan, we don't get penalized for running over animals here. Singapore ada kah?

* * *

I went to a workshop and get the black plastic thingie fixed back in. The mechanic, who happens to be sort of my friend.. (or my mum's because they more "kawan") teased me and asked why didn't I 英雄救美 (Hero save beauty) and save the monkey? Said that I was ruthless and so on.


And so I answered him, "Apalah... You expect me 美女救嗎騮 (ma-lau = monkey) and crashed myself to the car from the opposite? Or braked as hard as I could and later my car's butt kana kissed by the car from behind?" - Hehhee, I dare to joke back because I know I didn't kill it.

(美女救嗎騮 - beauty save monkey)

I told him that I think I didn't kill the monkey since it wasn't there anymore. Sekali he said probably someone might had picked it up and had the scrumptious fresh monkey brain on the table ready to serve.



jessie said...


I actually knocked into a cat once..
N the cat....very long life wan~~
It spinned with my wheels...
Can basically hear it spinning along...

But after passing it, i looked at my rear view window..
It jz shaked its head and move along... like ntg happen...
Cats have 9 lives wat~~

But ur case, slightly different..
Hate knocking or killing innocent animals~~
Ntg much u can do...but hope u din kill it~~!! =)

Princess Nashwa said...

Similar incident happened to me once across SupaSave Panaga. Luckily the wild monkey survived, I assumed with broken leg or hand. I reacted the same way u did cuz I was pregnant, extra sensitive and very concern about karma too.. My hubby consoled me nevertheless. What was more painful is that the monkey stopped in the middle of the road after I ran into it, I presume it was trying to bear the pain. I was so devastated.. I stopped my car and when I was about to get out the monkey ran limping. Well i am just relieved that it survived. Anyway when my hubby checked the front bumper of my car, we spotted monkey furs still stuck there.. hehee Try checking yours!

Jason h said...

Hey! i'm going to cali this sunday.. gonna be there for a week, this is the site i was talking about where i made the extra cash. later!

Nonnie King said...

Jessie : Wah lao... Unbelievable. Spinned and still survived!

I sure hope the monkey survived too... Sigh, there goes my good record of driving.

Princess Nashwa : I checked already, no fur, no blood, just some dirt! But I think I broke its leg or hand or something too.

At least you're pretty sure the monkey survived. Mine is just 50/50.

Jason : Huh?

Iwan Sanchez said...

to nonnie,
yeah lah, in singapore sure kena one if u hit an animal..

wah.. i tink i can fathom how u felt at that point of time.. if it was me, i sure panicked and gan chiong one.. hehehe!!

dun worry too much and think too much about it.. its not ur fault and i know deep down inside u are feeling guilty..

with regards abt decomposed bodies lying on the the road for a few days kinda put me off...

wah.. so jialat one ar..


I'm Choonie. said...

Thank God! I hope you are feeling better now. I am feeling better too. :)

cc said...

Oh, glad to hear that nothing really bad happened. It's a terrible thing to knock down any animals. I would have been very sad and worried too.

De Pianist said...

my friend is worse than you le..he told me before that..he knocked down a crow when he was cycling,later he squash a frog when he ride motorcycle,then months ago he ran over a chicken when he was in driving training..then being in the same driving school,i saw the dead body of that chicken when i drove pass..=.="!

so you should really feel relieved le..if you're a murderer,my friend can become assassin liao lor..=)!

p.s : after 2 weeks of break,i'm finally back ! (to kacau you,of course.wahahaha!)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Its is either u or the monkey! Ur choice! Me I will of couse go throught wan unless no car behind then of couse brake. But nomally I drive like ahpek wan so most chicken ( mostly chicken but sometime got pig & dog plus duck also got ) can escape my car! So feel better now hah! Have a nice week end!

War186 said...

I know how you feel but for me I accidentally killed cats and a bird. Heh. :S

Maybe true what the mechanic said. Someone must have picked it up. Then eat the monkey brain haha. Sorry I dare laugh still because I've never ran down a monkey before hehe.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Wow.. lucky I stay in Brunei then. If not sure kana saman.

I felt better liao. Thanks for your concern oh.

Choonie : Thanks dear. Hugs.

CC : It is. All I can do now is pray.

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : Kick also your friend. I salute him.. He pass his driving test?

H.A.M : I guess that's what I can tell myself to make me feel better.

Yes yes, I will have a nice weekend!

Wardah : Kanasai~ Next time I'll pick it up and belanja you. Hahahhahaaa

Atul said...

Actually, I heard my sister once told me, that a friend of hers, actually has a shovel and big black rubbish bags in his trunk. Said, if he finds any dead animals on his way, he'll try his best to put them away.. what a good samaritan..