Saturday, July 7, 2007

Steaming the Boat again


Good news: Meeting the girls tomorrow again! =D

Bad news: No bowling for us. =[

And woo woo! Mummies and daddies, aunties and uncles, kor-kor and jie-jie, good news for you all.


It's already a common practice for us to have a mini steamboat for no reason at all, we did it just because our tummy we felt like it.

And the malang (unlucky) me, was given a task of buying the ingredients and prepared them since I'm the only one who doesn't work on Friday.

Thank God S.L. took the risk to be fired (which I think he'll love it anyway...!) "catch-snake" (curi tulang) and volunteered to shop with me. Lucky he's there with me, because I have really little groceries shopping experience.

He pushed the trolley, he chose the food. All that I did is tell him what's on list and took 2 different brands and asked him which is better.

Sigh... he is a better housewife/househusband than me.
How can like that?

* * *

After 1.5 hrs of preparing the food single-handed, I'd successfully transformed all the food

Looks very presentable right?

What you're seeing above are:
  • Tang Hoon
  • Lobster balls
  • Cuttlefish balls
  • Crab balls
  • Crab sticks
  • The normal sausages + Cheese sausages
  • Prawn sticks
  • Needle mushrooms
  • Bacon
  • Chicken
  • "Pok"
  • Long cabbage

Theen prepared the fish, prawns and sotong. And all did she do was sliced them up and put ginger slices on top of it to "pik-sing".

And of course, her special sauce.. which Bobby and S.L. tapao-ed back!

Inedible Sashimi! =D

See! Not bad right my cutting skills? Finely sliced like sashimis!

They said I can kahwin already... I looked at them and said, "Now all I require is some cooking skills."

Not that I totally can't cook. But the number of dishes I can produced is very limited, and fried fish is definitely not on the list, yet!

* * *

The pot was with James and Theen, and they're late. Not blaming her since she's cooking a small pot of her specialty sauce and we all just had to shut-up. The whole point of having steamboat because of her sauce okay, main character ah. What fish balls, prawns and sotong... keh-leh-feh nya!

And so everyone just sat around the table, stared at the food yet we couldn't do anything. We gave us after 3 minutes and went into Kelly's room and watched some dramas.

Finally after 15 minutes, they arrived and...

My first round

Everyone's favorite!

Even though there were seven of us (with one who doesn't have a partner left early because he need to work at 4a.m. the next day), we still couldn't finish the food! 4 big-eating men and 3 ladies who always say want to lose weight yet can't resist eating.

The left-overs

Definitely enough for another 3 person.

Kelly & K.L. / Nonnie & Bobby
and the soon to be wedded, James & Theen

And it was very coincident that there were 3 of us wearing the same shirt! What an embarassing coincidence!

FYI, that tee was designed by our friend, Kai... and thus only the friends of his have it.

Size L, XXL, XL

I asked them posed as if I'm the slutty bitch who try to steal James away from Theen but that two seriously sucked in acting.

Thus the above boring shot, with James feeling ashamed and no eye see.

* * *

Me carrying the fat guy

Don't play play. I really can carry him and walk some baby steps, especially now when he's thinner. More than 10 seconds I think?

Call me Noncules!


LuUeE said...

hahhha.. Nonnie.. so so so many.. Shashimi and i was not there.. sad.. sad.. hai. din tapau for me.. your biggest food lover..
YIPEE.. YO.. Bobby.. is light.. lolxxx.

teddY said...

Woah steamboat! That's really some luxury for the weekend eh? Haha! Well for me I ain't really a big fan of steamboat because when you have so many people around scrambling to get their things cook you realised you'll get full just by eating the air while waiting. Haha! Normally steamboats are for fun only, since they're not really filling for me... and the cleanup of the aftermath is really messy too, so mom prefers to take my family out for steamboat instead of having it at home.

No more kangkung this time eh? Haha! I love those small cute mushrooms! They're my favourite! Mom usuaully cooks it with some other vegetables.

Anyway the tees you're wearing look so cool! Self-designed... woah that's pretty awesome!

cc said...

Yum! Steamboat, exactly what I need right now. With the cold weather and all.

Sha said...

Eh I thought curi tulang is "eat snake"? :P

Oohh I see prawns.. I likee!

De Pianist said...

weehee!this time i don't have to get jealous of you having to eat steamboat..cuz i'm back at my sweet lil home now..ngahahaha!!=p!steamboatsteamboatteabboat~~

btw,you and bobby that picture..feel like bobby wanna kill you nia..ngehehehe...=p

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : That is pork Sashimi, inedible when it's raw one lah.

Tapao for you, you got time to eat or not oh? Who knows busy doing something leh?

Teddy : Luxury? Luxury will be eating in some high class fusion restaurant waiting to be served and not sweating around the table. Hehhee. But, very enjoyable lah.

I think the whole point of steamboat is get everyone sit down together, chit-chatting and fighting for food! That's why we all like it.

I wonder how come yours was not filling, because we all eat till cannot walk liao. But true la, very mafan to clean up later and luckily since I prepared the food, I was excused not to wash the plates! Kekekkee

This time no mushroom, warning liao mah~

Yeah..our friend is one very cool designer.

Nonnie King said...

CC : Yes yes! Sitting around the pot and warm both body and tummy up. Damn syok.
But not in Brunei now lor..

Sha : Eh.. we always call it "catch snake". Hehhee

Pau-Lene : Know you happy happy go back M'sia lah~ No need so kanasai there.

Bobby andang looks very evil. Hehhee

Effy said...

Food! Makes me hungry looking at the pix minus the pork lah. Haha. Though i can't tell which is which lah. Hungry hungry hungry

I'm Choonie. said...

Memang sudah boleh kahwin lar... I dun know how to cook but I kahwin oredi! I dun even know how to handle the knife well.. what more to say to slice the meat like what you did. You really can think about kahwin liao! Then, we both can talk about making baby. LOL

Nonnie King said...

Effy : Pork has darker shade of red compare to chicken.

Hehehe. I know it's rather bad of me to show the picture of it, but.. I just want to show my cutting skills.

Choonie : You so xing-fu! No need learn how to cook your husband no complain.
Bobby demand me to cook him breakfast every morning after we get married, you say die or not?

Making baby no need learn one, human nature isn't it?

Kenny Ng said...

Woah!!! What a great steamboat! I was having it with groups of bloggers last week too.

Iwan Sanchez said...

i AM supposed to be the 3rd one cos after teddy was me.. i saw it! when i checked again,. my comment wasnt there... sigh..

i wrote: wah, it seems like a buffet is synonym with Nonnie..

hahahaha!! Mesti ada buffet...

one day, i wanna try the speciality sauce that u mentioned..


and i think u are a neat person by judgin you arranging the food..

and like teddy said, the Tshirt is NICE..


hope my comments will appear..

War186 said...

Wah Noncules ah! No way can I piggyback Boon hahaha. :P

And wah how come you three accidentally wore the same shirts ah? Hehe.

Don't worry you'll get your cooking skills-if you work for it. :) Cutting skills already good mah. ;)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ball & sausage!! Look very yummy!!!How I wish I live next door to u! Any food acnnot finished, just call me! Have a nice day.

jessie said...


Steamboat again??

Been a long time since i really hang out wif my frens and hav steamboat...


r&al said...

i was just talking to "someone" about those mushrooms.. where did you get them from?

Nonnie King said...

Kenny : Aw... I never have steamboat with bloggers. I certainly wish I'll have the chance to meet you all and makan together.

Iwan : Eh? Blogger was too hungry and makan your comment maybe.

That sauce is so good that Bobby and the other friend want to tapao back!

I'm a neat person? Yah.. only when I'm hardworking actually. =p

You want that T-shirt? I got extra here. hehheee

And congrats, your comment did appear this time!

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : But Boon seems thin to me! Sure you can. Maybe little by little, start from lifting his legs. Hahahhaaa

I don't know! I asked if they wear that as a couple shirt together and they said NO. Its pure concidence!

Can cut cannot cook... ask Bobby eat sashimi everyday kah?
Even sayur also sashimi tia..

H.A.M : Balls and sausages..everyone's favorite!

Hahhahaa. If you got leftover will you give me too?

Nonnie King said...

Jessie : Yes! We love steamboats!

Just go plan one... even there's no reason at all.
We did it just because.

Rebbe : I can tell *someone* where to get it though. Ask *someone* talk to me first, don't keep all to yourself.

uglyfatchick (Christina) said...

I am hungry, I am hungry.
Food post! argh...
Did I mention I'm hungry?

Nonnie King said...

Christina : Go eat Go eat! I love seeing my friends eat~