Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Seria Library

Isn't there anyone out there who miss my entries? Anyway, I was having a minor blogger's block.. not knowing what to write about.

There are a few things that happened in my school but I wasn't sure if it is alright to blog about. Nothing good anyway, it was a rather pathetic news actually.

Bah, here's what I want to blog today...

Introducing you....

The Seria Library

I know, the exterior appearance of it doesn't seem very attracting. In fact, it is obvious that this particular building is super lack of maintenance.

Just see how shabby is it?

I bet if I didn't say that it is a library (that is still operating), some of you might even guess it's some haunted mansion.


The paint has gone off.
The roof gives me a feeling that it might drop a plank of wood anytime.
You can see plant growing out from the cracks on the wall..

THEN (15 years ago... I think?)

That's my cousin by the way.. And during the flood in 2001, most of my photos were soaked in the water and thus you can see the cacat border.

I lost 100+ precious memories during that stupid flood.

* * * * *

Due to its strategic location, it is really convenient for me to go there. Only walking distance away from my place.. And when I say "walking distance", I really mean by walking for less than ___ steps.. I think? I never counted.

Okay, too much information.

(Friends, please do not expose where I stay!)

When I was young, in my primaries I mean... I used to go to the library quite often. Not to read, but to play...

No, don't get me wrong. Not inside the library and make noise very kurang-ajar-ly like a spoil brat.

I loved to sneak in by either climbing over the gate or squeezed myself through underneath the little gap below the gate. I was like a monkey.

I ride my little purple bicycle up and down the "hill" at the entrance of it. I hide myself in the dry longkangs. I love to catch little tadpoles and frogs in those wet longkangs.

Those were the days... Young, and care free. I think my tan skin got developed at that period of my life, imagine playing outdoor from 3pm ~ 6pm.. till my mum shouted my name through the windows and demanded me to get myself showered right away.

I was like a boy. What to do? My childhood playmates used to be 2 young ko-ko (elder brother) who refused to play barbie doll with me.

* * * * *

The Children's Section (Age 12 and below)

This wall reminds me of children ward in hospital

On the ground floor, it belongs to the children's section. Age 12 and below. Still my favorite corner of all. Don't you think children's books are still the best? Easy to read, lots and lots of pictures, fascinating stories with fairies, pixies, goblins, magic swords and dragons...

...which reminds me of a conversation I had with Bobby the other day.

Me: I'm not going to allow our kids to bring their toys into their room next time.

Him: Baby, by that time there's already PS5 - 10, who would still want to play with toys?

Me: No. I'm not gonna let them play with those TV games, it's going to spoil their eyes. I'm going to buy books for them to read so they can have wild imaginations like their mum?

Him: Huh?

Me: Don't you imagine yourself being one of those role inside, having all those adventures? Like, you threw a seed out from my window and the very next day you get to see a giant bean stalk?

Him: I study Science dear.

Me: &%$@^%$(*%!!!

(And I really thought there's ninja turtles who lived underneath the sewage!
Oh well, it's good to imagine and dream isn't it?)

* * * * *

And during every school holiday, the library will organized a few activities such as coloring contest, handicrafts and language competition.

I wouldn't missed any of those activities, unless I overslept or had tuition class. And won myself some colour pencils, pencil case and books. (Somehow, it really seems easy to win as there weren't much kids joining.)

* * * * *

1st Floor (For age 12 and above)

Mmm... personally, I think this is a rather boring section. Serious and super quiet that will make you automatically tip-toed everywhere you go.

I used to do my revisions there, to avoid seduction such as TV and radio (no computer, internet and Astro at that time). It was freezing there and I usually couldn't stand staying there for more than 2hrs.

Me, pretending to read (some biology book)

I saw this on a table. Harry Potter, the Goblet of Fire.. MALAY VERSION!


I casually flipped the book and read two random lines out of it. Catch no ball..

"S-P-E-W!", mempelak Hermoinne. <- What does that mean?

Of course, English version is also available there,
and also some cook books.

Bobby found this book absolutely enthralling!

I walked downstair, went to the counter and asked for the form to fill to be a member. Walked out the door and had some flashbacks of my childhood.

This is me, with the big concrete signboard of the library.
Sadly, the words are no longer there...

And it got me thinking,


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[Random Photos]

13.04.2007 - A date with Bobby in Swenson

Man, I was so lady-like isn't it?

Went to the PC fair and paid a visit to my ex-colleagues. Didn't get to snap any photos though. The sales weren't that good as compare to the previous years.. And I saw a PINK MSI notebook that looks 90% similar to Sony VAIO.

Talking about piracy, those things never ends huh?

15.04.2007 - My latest wacky idea

That is a piece of Styrofoam board that I'd bought from Hua Ho for $1.60. Plan to use it a notice board in my lab.

And for the time being, that's Bobby and my posing tool.


Merv Kwok said...

I wish I could say I missed your entries but I can't because I haven't been here for a while. But I do miss being able to read your blog regularly! =P

Nonnie King said...

Merv : That's one hell of surprising comment you wrote here!

You give face and comment I already feel very happy liao.


De Pianist said...

wow..that library sure looks really old hometown,even though it's well maintained(from the outside),but i hate their service.once i got scolded badly by one of the guards there just because i brought a document folder into the library.

well,at least they should speak nicely to me wut..

other than that,my place geh library is more like a pasar malam than a library that's why i kinda have this anti-library in me..

blueheeler said...

U mean that old looking building is still open???

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : No wonder you hated library. Maybe because the library of my humble little town has less visitors that's why the librarian there gets extra nicer and well-mannered. Not stress at all also mah.

But I do hope they can do a little re-painting and roof repairing.

Danny : Yes it is. It just looks not so welcoming from the appearance, but it's actually ok from the inside.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Everyday I pay a visit (except when I am not working, home is 56K) to ur sites mah. So feel happy already??

Mimi Psycho said...

Did you know that they now open on Sundays too?

Nonnie King said...

hor ny ang moh : Happy happy.

Mimi : Yeap, I know that already.

Sha said...

Libraries are awesome places to be when you have little cash and a lot of time. I can spend the entire day in the library just browing for books and reading the occasional comic book.

P/s: Yes you may take that white dog picture.. lol. I was thinking of you and Bobby when I saw it :)

Iwan Sanchez said...

Yeah, been waiting for ur new entry lah...

Refresh and refresh but no new entry,.. hahaha!!

Woow, the library really need a serious makeover!! It looks so run down...

I only go to the library during the exam period only.. hahaha!!

Btw, who took the pic of u while both of u are posing with the white styrofoams?

Oh dear, that white styrofoams reminds me of my youngers days doin school projects.. hahahaha!!

Nonnie King said...

Sha : You wouldn't believe how ridiculously near is my place and the library. Hehehe.

I wish I can stay there the whole afternoon, but I can't concentrate on someting for that long.

Iwan : You also mah. No update too~

I set my camera on timer mode. The photo is taken without anyone's help.

Just that my neighbour suddenly appear and we both got shy and thus that expression on our face.

bookworm said...

Hey i got an idea.. May be you guys can organise a comunity project or something to repaint the whole building. Ask the library people to somehow get permissions to paint or ask money from the autorities just to get the paint materials. Then maybe nonniee can advertise on your blogs.. then other bloggers post on their blogs... and get everyone to help. That be one cool sunday well spent.

Nonnie King said...

Bookworm : Quite a good idea. But, I think there'll be problem in finding people for the committee.

* * *

Anyone wanna help?

lunaticgal said...

look at you nonnie! >.<
laugh til so happy... with the board
i think the whole thing is u force bobby to do then u sendiri happy gila macam ni :P

nureen said...

use to go to there (seria library) everyday...tolak friday n sunday saja...b4 ugama i owez visit the library..miss the old days...*sigh*

surely the building looks scary sudah...

Jewelle said...

Sad how the government neglects the library right..tsk-tsk

Nonnie King said...

Lu Nee : HAHHAHHHAHAH! Where got 'force'? He volunteer one ler.

Nureen : You go there everyday? Perhaps we ever met :p

Jewelle : Maybe it's non-profit thus the neglect.

war186 said...

Wah you look so pretty for your date lah Nonnie. Hehe. ;)

So you're going to bring the styrofoam board everywhere you go until it becomes a noticeboard huh? Haha. You and your creative ideas Nonnie! Amazing. Hehe.