Saturday, April 7, 2007


I'd just signed up myself for Advertlets. Why? Because I want to earn money, or at least something out of blogging.

are giving away RM50 each to 300 Malaysian Adverlets Blogger for reviewing them, and I certainly hope they don't mind me being a Bruneian signing up their program. Anyway, I don't see any restriction about that too. (Please... kindly give me that RM50. Pleaseeeeeeeee!)

Why I signed up with Advertlets?

I was blog-hopping and saw a blogger reviewing Advertlets. I got attracted. So I click on the link, and fall in love with the website immediately. I don't know for you but, I just like how it is designed.

Plus they're featuring Joyce Wong a.k.a KinkyBlueFairy. I like her. I thought she's cool.

And by the way, the other famous blog advertising networks does not allow me to register. They're limited to Malaysia only. So, Advertlets are more considerate at this point. (Provided they pay me that RM50 :p)

Why do I like Advertlets?

I like their polling system. No lagging, no waiting and it slides! And how generous are them in giving away money just like that. At least they did say how much they pay right? I did saw the blogger got that RM50 once he reviewed Advertlets. So, I think I can put my faith in it.

What I Hope to Get From Advertlets?

Other than cash, freebies of course. Maybe free samples to test and reviews or vouchers of any sorts. And who knows I might even get free domain hosting?

Comparing with other online advertising services
, as mentioned earlier.. I had no problems in signing up with them and they do state the benefits clearly. They have more features in the website and it's way more user friendly than the rest.


Give this money earning opportunity not only to Malaysian, but also neighboring countries, like Brunei!

I wish Brunei has something like this too. Giving bloggers a chance to earn money.


Andrew Ho said...

please do not hate me when u read my blog, i wrote something quite against advertlets.......hehehe, ilove brunei, i really do.....lolz, hav a great day, nice blog

Nonnie King said...

Why would I hate you for sharing your personal thought towards it?

Anyway, it's just an experiment. I doubt they'll pay me.