Friday, April 27, 2007

Random La Di Da

I had a really busy week. Meetings, courses and upcoming events hosted by my school this year, Kejohanan Senaman & Olahraga. (Exercise competition and track & field events, I think?)

I'm working 7days this week. And don't you bloody tell me, "Cheh, you work half day only."

Excuse me, we have to arrive school by 7am, leave school at 1pm (due to the traffic and tons of exercise and workbooks to mark, teachers rather stay a bit late in school. No such thing as leaving at chun-chun 12.30pm okay).

7.00am - 1.00pm, that's 6 hours FYI. Normal working hour is 8. BUT, (a big but here) the 8 hours that people works usually involved:

1. Chatting in MSN sharing gossips or bitching about others.

2. Surfing the internet (with MS Outlook minimized to get ready just in case the boss pass by, can pretend that you're checking emails mah.)

3. Have or pretend to have some business talks on the phone, and when others are not looking.. cover your mouth up and whisper gossips over the receiver.

4. Go to the bank or departments running errands. Then "soon-pien" go tapao pearl milk tea or polo-bao from the bakery. If times allow, can sneak into the boutique and do a little shopping lagi.

5. Chit-chat with colleagues over the intercom or when bumped into each other in the kitchen.

(I know it doesn't apply to everyone. But I believe at least 70% is)

* * *

The above mentioned... are kind of hard for teachers to implement. 30mins or 1 hour class means you stay in the room, teach, and take care of the children for that particular time. And during our free periods or time, it's either marking books or do the preparation of the next lesson. If there's any upcoming events, trust me.. there's no such thing as free time.

6 hours at school. If there's any meeting to attend. Additional 2 hrs minimum for that. And I haven't include the time we might spend at home with the continuation of book markings or preparing lesson plans. See, we work more than what you think.

I'm not siding teachers just because I am one myself. I just want to say that... it's not as easy and 'senang' as you think. We don't goyang-kaki in the staffroom and wait for our paychecks only.

Gosh, I can go on forever. I better stop it.

Wait, before I continue.. I just want to say, if there's any problems or things you (parents and others) are not satisfied with, talk to us, talk to the school. We're here to help. It's not like we will ignore the matter or what. But at least give us a chance to improve from the mistakes (if there's any) and defense ourselves by making everything clear to you if there's any misunderstandings.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Anyway, our school for 2nd place (for the girls team) and 3rd (for the boys team) for the KEJOHANAN SENAMAN DAERAH BELAIT! Yeah hay~

Congrats to my darling Vicky, Sofinah and Nyallau. All the efforts had been paid off well. =)

The Proud Ones

I took a lot of photos this morning, but.. they didn't turn out well. I don't like them. I'll just wait for Adam's one. Can someone buy me a DSLR?

[Random photo]
My darlings at school
Rohana, Vicky and Nonnie.
(Where's my Hjh Zu?)

I think that girl on the left is trying to tell you that her camera is good. LOL

The one in the middle always have the same gorgeous smile everytime she takes photos.

And lastly, the right one. She hates her big round pancake size face. Oh well, at least her boyfriend a.k.a gigi-besi loves it and likes to cubit (pinch) it. He even warned her that she can't gets thiner because that will hilang the roundness.

Gah. Tell me what kind of boyfriend is that?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lastly, before I continue with my work.... Here's a video to share.

It's so cool!

Everyone has been uploading the Kedayan param-pam-pam song, but I wanted to do a little different. Maybe not as funny as the mentioned one, but I like it. Because I'm born there!

Even an angmoh loves our place so much and wrote a song for it. My dear Bruneians, what good have you done for the years you stayed here? Apart for complaining and buying pirated DVDs....

*gulp* I feel so guilty now...

p/s: Do you think he'll get a yellow IC for it? Or maybe a red one?

p/p/s: This Sunday again, Sport days.... sure sunburn and super exhausted. GO, PSJ!


War186 said...

Haha saw the video already in Affy's blog. I guess the Ang Moh agrees with you about the noodles in KB. ;)

I want a DSLR camera too. But then nampak all my jerawat later 'cause too clear haha.

Being a teacher sure sounds stressful and teachers don't usually get the credit they deserve. Sigh. My turn will soon come. Erk. So not ready.

You've got yourself a sweet boyfriend lah Nonnie don't fret. It's okay lah some guys would rather have their girlfriends maintain their chubbiness just so they can pinch them cheeks lol. Shows that they're affectionate.

Iwan Sanchez said...


Work is never easy lah Nonnie..
ppl alaways have the impression that teacher works lesser hours and earn big bucks..

i tink that perception is not right..

but i kinda agree with ur comments on ppl msn, gossip and stuffs while working....

so real...


NVM lah, chubbiness good mah... can pinch pinch...


Take care and have a good rest ok...

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : KB Noodles rock!!!

Hahahaa. If nampak jerawat, photoshop ja. =p

Isn't it cool to have so many teachers bloggers in Brunei. We share the same feelings and stuffs.

Iwan : Bah, you gain weight so I can pinch pinch you too. Okay? =p

Effy said...

I'm going back to KayBee baby,
That's where i wanna be,
Where the teapot sits on the round about
And the donkey nods at me
Bandar Seri Begawan is not a place for everyone
Because i love.. thats right..
I love Kuala Belait.


LuUeE said...

WAH LAU.. sat.. the Ang Moh. I think he is gonna be a faMOUS singer in brunei soon. Mwhaha.. And yipee.. Nonnie, finally the hard work paid off.. mwhaha.. the hours of intense work .. finally over.. Well done, a good job.

teddY said...

What you said is so true because in my school teachers go around telling students about how being a teach isn't an easy thing. There is this general misconception that teachers work less hours and get more money in return, and since they work for the government they get public servant benefits.

Teachers get a lot of headache because they not only have to deal with naughty rebellious students and they also have to mark tonnes of homework and assignments everyday! As the students are enjoyed the post-exam bliss teachers have to struggle to finish marking their scripts before the deadline... woah life is so hard!

Take care Nonnie!

De Pianist said...

haiz..can't see the video at much "thanks" to my connection in my hostel..==..

wei,must keep your chubbiness ya..then if i can visit you in brunei,i also wanna pinch pinch you..hahaha...

Nonnie King said...

Effy : It's so true isn't it? WE LOVE KUALA BELAIT!

Luuee : Not over yet. A teacher's job never ends.
And the angmoh, I think he deserves something from the tourism board. =p

Teddy : If only everyone can think like you. Not even a 30+ ~ 40yrs old parents can figure that out. If their children has bad grades, they will only blame it on the teacher.

I really don't know what's wrong with them. With annual school fees of B$5.00 (YES! You read right, it's only bloody $5.00 a year, with packet drinks and breakfast everyday!), and teachers from UBD professional trained, what more can they ask for?

Pauline : "Thanks" bloody connection of Pauline, now she won't know how nice my KB town is :p

You pinch me? I pinch you back ar! See who's face more thick lah.

distant hermit said...

Don't over stress yourself Nonnie, take a break some time. I enjoyed he KB song very much. Sure makes me feel home sick again. Best regrards.

De Pianist said...

Nonnie,how nice of your town ar..then i don't wanna see liao..really thanks to my connection then...muahahahha....see who can pinch who first lor..sure yours is chuuubbbbyyyyy~~~~..muahhaha

Kelly said...

i just realize i would prefer to read blogs with many photos in it~ hahaha, more entertaining~~ and more feel~~

DSLR camera? mmm...let's say we go Sui Heng and you need to take a photo of one of the food...errr, you took out your humongous DSLR and "chi chak, chi chak" on it???!!!! i wonder what will the boss think? copying sui heng's food or i'm on newspaper??!!! hahahhaa....*imagine*

i think i ask you before and you never tell me isit? How did you get that youtube video on your blog? i wana send to alex they all to watch and might just tell me it's their friend! hahahah...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

A teacher life easy or busy like a donkey depend on which school u teach in & also on the headmaster. If the school is famous with good exame result or if the headmaster in that school wan face hence enter into every any competition he/she can find for the school, then the teacher in that school will work like a donkey!!! Have a nice day.

Nonnie King said...

Distant Hermit : Awww... KB welcomes you always.

Pauline : Cilaka one this girl. Indirectly say me si-ai-bin very thick skin is it? =p I go take ruler and poke your face measure then you know.

Kelly : Lazy reader. See photos nya.

Really leh, if I take DSLR out, sure people will take me seriously and respect me. Hhahahaa
I told you Kelvin Chen give me the link liao Lim Lui Lui!
You just copy paste the link in the email lah sa-poh.

HORNY ANGMOH : Hahhahhhaaaa. Nice one H.A.M!