Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blog Apocalypse : This is the END!!!

Blame it on my itchy hand in leaving CC the below comment....

She got tagged. I read. I commented. She read. She tagged me!

And here, I'm forced to write this entry as if I'm dying, or the blog is suffering from AIDS or cancer.

Anyway, if you want to know more about this tag, read here. It all started with this guy. Since he did it for charity, I see no reason not to do it then. =)

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Bye people, this blog will no longer be updated. Your supports and encouragement had meant a lot to me. Sadly, I just got to go.

I'm so tired of thinking of what to blog and waiting for comments pathetically.

I'm so sick knowing that everybody blogs know, the good and bad one.

I don't want to link lousy blogs up just because it's a "NICE" way to say thank you in return. I don't even want to read them. They suck. Especially those will loads of texts in short form and combination of caps and small letters, and blog about what they buy and where they go only. And also, what they eat.

(Post what you poo-poo next time also lah. Make it a series mah. Alang-alang)

I don't want this blog anymore.

Hhehhehehhee. And this reminds me of the MSN conversation Nisah and I had the other night. She blogged about something and had disabled the comment.

I said it's very smart of her to do so. She told me she's sicked of getting comments like,
"Awwww...Hugs" (which a lot of us always did!).

It's like they have nothing better to say but they still want to post a comment to get his/her blogs linked. *pppffttt*

Sometimes we all really do mean it about the "hug", hoping to give a little encouragement. But what do you actually expect the blogger to type in return. "Thanks for the hug" or "Hug back"?

That's so silly.

Just like people telling me, "Send my regards to so-and-so."

Normally in my mind I'll go like, "Well.. he/she is not dead yet. Why don't you give him/her a call or send a text message? Do you really mean it or you're just saying it proving that you know that person and you still do care? If really care, why don't you contact him/her yourself then??"

And.. usually I'll totally forget about it when I saw the person to-be-sent-regards-to.

Isn't it lame, "Hey... he/she sent regards to you."

Then the reply I'll get is normally, "Huh? Oh. Thanks. Send my regards back. *continue talking*"

Apalah? What am I?
Voice recorder or answering machine?

Gosh, I got carried away.

Back. This is the END. The end of Spiritual Garden. The garden which will be no longer be watered, fertilized and taken care by gardener.

And I'll go register myself a new blog using anonymous identity and write all I like there. I don't need to be a coward anymore afraid of getting hate comments and hurt feelings of others. I talk what I want, I blog what I like.

Bye bye.


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So how was it? My (fake) last entry.

And you judge yourself which part that I said is true, and which are those I purposely said to make the whole thing spicier.

Yes, I didn't mean what I wrote in the above. Don't take it too seriously. It's just a silly joke.

I'm really tired and stress-out for all that had happened, and the upcoming events in my school. I guess I just need a place to let it all out.

Love me still will you?

Sigh...I'm so lame.

I need a holiday!


cc said...

Oh, thanks for doing the tag! huggzzzzz... please send regards to...

Kenny Ng said...

U should put the tag notice in the end of the post ma, like that more suspend to others. Kekeke

YPI said...

awww... hugzzz... so cute!!! Hehe!!

uglyfatchick said...

If we weren't tagged can we still post the entry? Sounds like a lot of fun! :P

Nonnie King said...

CC : HHAHAHHAHAHAHAA!!! Okay, I'll send regards to.......

Kenny : If I do like that I'll take your title as "potong stim" away bor.

I still prefer you to be the "Potong Stim King".

YPI : Cute kan? =p

Christina : I'll tag you then so you can do the tag.

Sha said...

Hahahaha! I froze for a moment when I saw the picture. Then I was able to let out my breath when I read on. LOL.

De Pianist said...

AHH!The LAST entry?!OH NO!!It's the end of the world!!!please send my regards to my parents,cousins,relatives,aunty uncle,ah gong ah ma,ancestors,close friends,good friends,not so close friends,not really friend friends,near to enemy friends,etc...

Give you lots of HUGZ before i can run and hide!

siao jor liao..=P.

Nonnie King said...

Sha : Good that you still insist to continue reading it.

Pauline : Kanasai also this girl. Purposely 'kek' me there. Hahhaa. Pig pig!

Iwan Sanchez said...

Wah Nonnie,
Some of the sentence that u said seems quite true lei....

But i leave comments in ur blog sincelry one...

Dun misinterpret my intentions ok..


Anneesa said...



Sai ah you!! I read and go EH? CLOSE SHOP?? Why didn't she tell me online kua?


EH, you mentioned my name so many times already. I paiseh one leh. Hahahahahah.

Don't close shop ah.

P.s Send my regards to Bobby.


uglyfatchick said...

but hor, I'm guilty of most of the stuffs you said leh..

Like blog about what I buy and where I go. Especially what I eat! tee hee..

& sometimes I will be tempted to post comments to get my blog linked. Whenever I want to do that, I normally try to think of witty stuffs to comment, but then I'll give up commenting cause i dun have witty stuffs to write. -.-

and now I'm crapping on your comment box.. and wasting a lot of space while trying to get more links.. Don't you so hate me?

War186 said...

Haha I agree with Kenny Ng you should've posted the tag at the end..more suspense like that. But then I would've been really shocked to read what you wrote before knowing what is really going in-that it is actually fake. Lol. :P

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : And I believe you meant what you comment, because you're a nice guy.

Nisah : Hug your head. Send regards my foot. Kanasai.

Christina : But hor, I like to read what you blog wor. Maybe I think you're down to earth kua?

LOL. I don't hate you lah. You bought me those sushi erasers! How can I hate you????

Wardah : I give warning first mah. Else you guys terus exit with a broken heart without reading it further.

Anonymous said...

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