Monday, February 11, 2008

To the guy...

To the guy whom I had known for 7 years 1 month and 25 days...
(Yes, I made no mistake here because 16th January 2001 was the first time I saw you. It was your first day of school whereas I'm your senior by 15 days old.)

To the guy whom I thought was very "kanasai" because he only managed to wave thanks when I lent them (his buddies and him) my answer sheet for the assignment...

To the guy who tricked me into opening a porn site in the school c.c. when he was sitting few meters away from me by saying, "Hey, I can't access into that page. Can you check for me if you can?"...

(The stupider thing was, I lost count the number of times that I had fall for that dopey old trick. Sigh.)

To the guy who gave me ride home when I had no transport and got stuck in school for hours.

(As a matter of fact, I was the first girl who sat in his car when he just got his driving license =D I'm so brave right? Dare to sit in a noob's car with his few days old license. Hahhahahaa. )

To the guy whom I talked for hours on the phone complaining and whining about my (now ex-) boyfriend and him sighing about his (now also long-time ex-) girlfriend.

(Back in the days, we had already secretly thought that,
"How wonderful will it be if he/she 's the one I'm dating. But neh... impossible lah.")

To the guy who also happened to be a lousy group mate for the very important assignment because I ended up doing everything whereas he sobbed whole month long for his piteous break-up.

To the guy who failed to be the hero rescuing me from my (ex)boyfriend when he threatened me not to leave because I wanted a split. It was my 19th birthday and that silly boy went to get me a birthday cake and got stuck in the traffic instead of hurrying to meet me.

To the guy who knows all my past history and likewise for me too...

(It's true. Things get easier when you started off as "friends" instead of plunging into the love sea and survive the big storm as "boy/girlfriend" all of the sudden.)

To the guy who would cook porridge or boil soup for me when I fell sick, and prepare an umbrella always whenever the thick clouds gather regardless of how people will look at him when he had an ella-ella-eh-eh in a shopping mall.

To the guy who can tahan my bad temper and have the patience to calm me down when I ticked off by some really small things.

To the guy who thinks that I'm the prettiest girl and call my tiny eyes, flat nose and pancake face cute when its obviously hideous and unpopular according to most standards.

To the guy who called me "Smelly", pinched my 3-layers-fat and thinks that it's cute when I jaling at him till my eyes also juling already.

To the guy who always answer me, "No, you look great. Where got fat?" followed by a warm hug when I asked the question that all men in this world had to answer average 2.5times daily and yet still need to entertain with a smile, "Do I look fat?".

To the guy who would spend hours and days for making cards and gifts for me and not getting a good night sleep after having a study marathon because my birthday fell in the middle of his finals every year without a fail. And still get somewhat good grades instead of flunking it.

To the guy whom will be graduating soon and I pray for him to get a good job so that things will go easier for him.

To the guy who has an unique sense of humour that will only show when he get familiar with the people. This guy can drive you nuts sometimes with his silly logics and absurd but creative explanations...

To the guy whom I had dated for almost four years and still don't get sick of...

To the guy who is turning 24 today,

Hey Baby,
Happy Birthday.

I Love You.


Atul said...

Awww.. Happy belated birthday Nonnie's guy. =)

Nonnie King said...

Where got belated? Its today mah, 11th Feb.

I can accept birthday angpows on behalf.

Atul said...

Iatawah. I just checked the date of the post. LOL

Happy Birthday!

Oh, it's my dad's birthday today too. =D

Ah, I can accept angpows also. Hahaha. Inda paham.

BaBy JeE said...


Happy Birthday Bobby!!

Princess Nashwa said...

Aww... I am touched. You both deserved each other, besides the porn thou.. hahaaa

Hungryduo said...

Happy Birthday Bobby :D

- Hunnie & Hubby

Anonymous said...

waaa.. so shweet.. happy birthday to ur guy. :)

Thanis said...

Oh gosh~~ Uber Sweet post~~~ there goes my diet!!!


jessie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Nonnie's guy~~!!

Many more happy days to come!!

JaMiLLa said...

Oh My Goodness!!!

A list of moments between Bobby and Nonnie! Its all about how Bobby treat Nonnie for all the day long and the position of Nonnie placed Bobby in her heart.

Im looking forward of how sweet do Nonnie treat this caring Bobby. Will Bobby create a blog and writing how he feel about Nonnie? HEHE! It would be nice. Tetapi kinda not possible.

Happy Belated Birthday BoBbY who I know for 7 years too!!!!

Ah King, I would like to invite you to join my first ever contest "Share Your Happy Moments With Jamy" for my birthday celebration. I bet you got alot of funny and touching moment to share with me!!! Will you?