Wednesday, February 20, 2008

(Long overdue) CNY post

Tomorrow will be the last day of CNY and I have to wait for another year for munching goodies at the buddies place, long lami session with only 10c bet and angpao collecting (which is depressing because people tend to ask, "When are you getting married oh?". Aiyaaaa.. save your $2 lah my fellow aunties if you so kan-bu-kai. If forcing me to give you an actual date or making my life difficult by admitting we're poor couple who can only afford handmade cards for important dates berbaloi for that $2, you can keep it la my dear. I belanja you tea).

I'm not quite over my depressed mode yet to be honest. If you happened to see me lately and I'm not smiling, please do not have the thought that I'm kambang or mean or anything like that.

So far the only person who managed to make me really laugh out is none other than the boyfriend, with his silly jokes and his creative but illogical theories.

And to you darlings whom I'm meeting up this Friday, get some cotton buds ready. I'm going to have a loooooooooooooooooong rant. Uncle Shim, I'm counting on you for the sambal kueh tiaw. Thank you. Lois or Mama Jewelle, lemon ping for me can?

So here, I'd posted up photos taken during my last trip to Sibu.



A bunch of irrelevant people to have CNY eve dinner with.

I was pretty pissed at them because they're mocking at my mum for being a vegetarian.

"So stupid one be a vegetarian. This cannot eat that cannot eat. So silly can die."

Yes, that is what they freaking said about my mum when seeing her pathetic plate. Excuse me you frogs under the well, no money to study and get knowledge also spend some money buy newspaper or television to gain some knowledge!

I don't know narrow minded people like them still exist in this world. Why do people tend to think that Vegetarian = unhealthy = skinny monkey = STUPID?

I personally know a dozen of vegetarians who's healthy like a bull and buff like kingkong.

Yes, that was all what my mum ate. Fruits and cakes. And right after the stupid dinner, we went to my auntie place and finally get to eat some decent meal. Still, its just rice + eggs + vegetables.

As long as she's happy and full, I couldn't care less.

The buruk car

Saw this car parking at my uncle's place. I have no idea how this car managed to get its roadtax though. Don't they check the conditions of the car? Don't the traffic police stop it on the road and inspect the car?

The car is imbalance for God's sake!

Mum feeding my grandma

It's really sad to see my grandma in this state.

She can't really see and is too weak to walk. I'm really happy that I managed to spend CNY with her this year.

That's me helping out with the last minute decoration

Oh, we're staying in the kampong. Have to cross the teh-c-ping Rejang river to get to the city, or town I'm not sure. Typical wooden house with chickens and ducks quacking at the back yard. Air con just pasang-ed few years back. Only TV1,2,3 with the help on antenna and of course, no internet.

My uncle doing his stunts...

Dangerous kan? We all asked him to get down but he insisted on hanging the fake singing fire cracker there. Oh well, his house.

My first meal for CNY
Real Foochows eat and love that

Yeap, no meat. Only egg and vegetarian wheat meat. But still very delicious. Oh ya, I don't add rice wine into it too.

My new shoes

My one and only CNY outfit

My mum and I
Don't tell me that we look more like "sisters". Not funny.

My auntie (mum's eldest sister) and her classic kampong type kitchen

I don't know why but I got really fascinated by the kitchen, old but very tahan. It's all wooden and self made. A wave of nostalgic.

The classic wooden cupboard

That's me blogging in my cousin's room, with on-screen keyboard.

The beautiful but not over the top chandelier


My younger cousin and I

Apparently, some blind people thought that I was his girlfriend when I was helping at my auntie place serving the guests.

I'm 5 years older than him okay!

The only explanation to this absurd comment was, I look 17. Hehhehehheee.
(Don't you dare puking in front of the monitor I warn you.)


The kiddy fire crackers that I dare to play
(because my younger cousins were too timid to light it..)

Table cloth burned after eating...

Don't ask me how did it happen. I as not sitting at that table and my uncles who was sitting there had no idea the cloth caught fire until we showed him this.

Ridiculous I know.

Eat till burn a hole... Steady leh?


Before its too late,

Happy Birthday Xiang!
(Better known as Jamilla)


Jan Shim said...

Uncle Shim, I'm counting on you for the sambal kueh tiaw. Thank you. Lois or Mama Jewelle, lemon ping for me can?

Living up to my promise of a great day, here's a sneak peek of the delicious Soi Hing Kway Teow. Have I said it's also delicious?

Jewelle, not just lemon ping. ICED lemon ping KAO!

Nonnie King said...

Sempat advertise lagi this uncle.

Can I charge you for posting links?

Jewelle said...

Nonnie, you must definitely charge him for posting links! Simply hor??

What lemon ping business, I thought we're drinking water only :-p

I know what you mean about being what some people said about being vegetarian - don't they know it's so much healthier!

Is Mien Sien foo chow's? I think we eat that at home too.

p/s No need cotton bud, am bringing my MP3

Jan Shim said...

One sambal kway teow = 25 link credits OK Nonnie? At the (turtle) rate I'm going, there's plenty credits left. :)

Oh that reminds me, my Nokia E51 has FM RADIO and also great MP3 player. Much cooler than cotton buds. Oops, another credit used up.

Nonnie King said...

-____- !!!

What the Fish

JaMiLLa said...

Xie Xie ah king!!!

I am one more year older but I feel happy about ittt yeahoooooo!!! I enjoyed celebration. The adding of my age did not turn me down because I am not counting how old im this year but counting on the blessingssss

Sha said...

That chandelier is lovely, and love your shoes :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the second instalment on your travel to Sibu. That burnt tablecloth was amazing! I like your reference to "frog in the well" proverb, which actually has an ancient origin:
井底之蛙(坐井觀天) - 井底的蛙只能看到井口那么大的一塊天。比喻見識狹窄的人(先秦庄周《庄子秋水》:“井蛙不可以語于海者,拘于虛也。)
On your recent disappointment, just remember that once your goals are achieved, there's plenty of time for tears.
Distant Hermit

Nonnie King said...

Jamilla : Yes, I'm 24, coming 25.. and have nothing to hide.

Sha : Thanks darl.

Distant Hermit : Oh well, I kind of "get over it" already.

I'm not going to feel defeated by the fact, but instead.. I'll strive harder to achieve my goals.

I just need more time, and money now. =p