Friday, February 1, 2008

DIY - Crawling Ninja

Other than the usual teaching-and-learning lessons in school, we also have co-curriculum activities every Saturday starting of with aerobic. And students will go to their respective clubs and have another joyous 30 minutes of "yeah-no-class".

I don't want to be in charge of Computer Club because I'm already teaching that subject and I couldn't come up with more ideas and activities for me. Thus I told my colleagues that I want to take Handicraft as my co-curriculum's activity.

It's not hard for me as you all know that I enjoy D.I.Y. a lot. So last Saturday, this is what I taught the kids.

Crawling Ninja!

Actually, instead of ninja I drew a butterfly because it's way easier to draw compare to a ninja.
So basically it can be crawling-*insert anything you like*.

What you need is:-

  • Drawing paper
  • Scissor
  • Cellotape
  • Drinking Straw
  • Thread or string of any sort
  • Colour Pencils
  • Pencil
  • Marker Pen
Simple right?
These are the things you can easily get it at home, especially when you're a parent.

Step 1 - Draw your ninja/ butterfly/ rocket/ ladybug/ or anything you like that is most likely to crawl or fly on the piece of drawing paper.


I called it the butt-imbalance-ninja.

So anyway, like I mentioned justnow, you can basically draw other things you like such as:

I know, the butterfly looks like a moth and the rocket looks like an elephant wearing a tower-hat.

Told you I can only draw stick figures.

My students even drew Naruto, bicycle, UFO and airplane.

Oh ya, don't draw as big as the size of an whale okay. Just maybe limit it to 10cm (height). And also, you only need to draw one side of it. Belakang no need.

Step 2 :- Coloring

You don't need me to teach you how to color right?

My semi-finished product

Step 3 :- Cut your drawing out.

Step 4 :- Tape the straws

Cut the straws into two, roughly at the length of 2cm and tape it to the back of your drawing (the blank side) triangularly.

Make sure its not parallel to each other else your ninja won't be able to climb.

If you're drawing other things, just make sure the straws are stick in the middle and not "senget" to a side.

Step 5 :- Thread-in

As you can see from the below picture, you're suppose to put the thread in from one end then through another.

Hang up your ninja to any sort of hook (in my case, I used the door knob of my wardrobe) with the hoop created from the thread and you're ready to play!

Step 6 :- Have Fun!

Your ninja should start from the end of the thread and pull your string or threads up and done and you can see your ninja moving up slowly.

I hope you get what I mean lah.

Anyway, I'd attached a short clip (only 7 seconds) of my final product.

p/s: I learned this from a book and I just want to share with you all, especially to all parents out there. Why buy expensive toys when you can have fun making one yourself and I'm sure your kids will be amazed.

My students even had a crawling competition at the end of the lesson.


Princess Nashwa said...

Oh Nonnie.. you gotta make me one of those for my kids.. hehee

Hate that you make it look so simple, especially for me who can't stick a scotch tape neatly on a safety pin.. huhuuu

Like always.. you're still wearing the crown for being DIY Queen.. :P

Nonnie King said...

P. Nashwa : Caaaaaaaan. No problem. So what are you going to serve me then when I go your house?

It is that simple wah darling, who knows your kids have crafty hands too? Ask them to try out lah~

De Pianist said...

eh,creative can use this techinque to do for you v-day card.haha.

draw nonnie trapped in a rocket,and the other one is bobby as the astronaut with a big love behind to rescue you,then both fly up and eventually meet together at one point...

see?creative story right?kekee..=P..don't mind me,i'm just crapping.haha..

Princess Nashwa said...

Hehe No problem.. My doors are always open for you. My maid can serve you anytime.. hehe :P Remember I am not domestic.

ahlost said...

Wow.. That's amazing. *LOL* will try to do that when i've got the free time :P thanks for sharing :)

Kelly said...

HEy "De Pianist" idea is good ah no...can try can try something like that...

YOur "crawling ninja" attracts me, but i lazy to draw...hahahaha, i think i'll just cut out a photo instead!!! hahahah

teddY said...

Woah Nonnie you're super good at handicraft! LOL! I could still remember when I was in primary school, my art is so bad that I had to ask my mom to do the complicated stuff for me and I'll just finish the colouring XD haha!

I'm glad that you've chosen to take over the handicraft class! I think the kids are blessed to have you around :) you creative monster! Haah! :P

P.S. Reading de pianist's comment made me die laughing :D

Kenny Ng said...

Hmmm... I wanna do it for Spiderman! Kekeke

Bobby said...

Hmmm..makes me feel like doing a crawling nonnie haha. But its a great idea you got there. Or maybe I would do a crawling Spider King ;p

anakbrunei said...

What a great toy! I love it! My late grandma on the other hand would scream "siek pa kar eng ah!!!" Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Cool. Your diy skills rocks!