Monday, May 7, 2007

Funny Apple

I felt like this funny cylindrical apple with that expression I drew on it.

I bet it taste sour despite of its sweet-looking appearance.

But I'm not going to eat it. Maybe someone should take a bite and tell me how it taste actually.

Perhaps I should have put a smile on it.

(I had no idea what I'm talking about)

* * *

Anyway, my Sunday was fun. I had it all filled up.

I went to OGDC with Hanisah in the morning... (Yes, again! This is my nth time going there and I'm still not bored of it), followed by a tummy-exploding lunch at Excapade. Macha ice cream made me happy.

Later on, I went to Rohana's engagement thingie with Vicky.

It was ironic though.

On the very same day, we had a colleague who passed away in the morning. And later in the afternoon, we went to another colleague's engagement function.

I didn't went to the funeral. I was informed late. Malays did their burial really fast not like Chinese who'll wait till the next morning (that's the fastest), even up to a week waiting for everyone in the family to turn up.

The funny thing was, Rohana herself went to the funeral in the morning and it was her engagement in the afternoon.

Perhaps Malays don't have that much pantang like Chinese.

I'm pretty sure Chinese elders will shout, "CHOI! TAI KAT LAI SHI MEH? RED MATTER AND WHITE MATTER CANNOT CRASH ONE AH!"

And I'm a pantang Chinese.

One down, 2 more to go
And next is Vicky's turn I'm pretty sure.
She's just waiting for that big fat diamond ring from Darren.

Showing off her rings

And don't go bloody ask me when is my turn. I'm so sicked of answering the same thing over and over again.

You'll know it when I let you know. If you don't know, that means it's not happening any soon or it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

SO, stop pestering me for an answer! It's not funny. And don't bloody tell me you asked because you care for me. I'm not buying that you busybody kaypoh.

* * *

Played lami with Theen & S.Leong till 10.30pm. Made myself real tired and straight away plunged into my warm bed after washing my face.

Well... I should have silent the phone for a good night sleep.


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

So when is yours turn to show us ur finger??? Ha! Ha! R u very angry now. Have a nice day.

Iwan Sanchez said...

Yeah lah, Nonnie,
u sounded very angry...

Cheer up ok.. We can never shut ppl mouth mah...

Relax ok...

btw, nice baju...


U have a nice day ok..

Anonymous said...

what is iami? btw from your previous post, the pot noodle from naafi is the bnest in the world! haha.. although, in the uk its only about a pound, so tukar duit about B$3..

uglyfatchick said...

Nonnie Nonnie.. you sound like you don't have enough sleep.

I wouldn't go awww.. *hugs*.
instead, I want to tell you hor..
That apple is very sweet and crunchy, but you didn't get to taste it. bleah xP

Sha said...

I hope you feel better soon.. *hugs*

I think its ironic that two of the biggest events in life happened in your friends' life on the same day.

It makes you think alot. But.. I just hope you cheer up soon, kay? :)

cc said...

Nonnie........................WHEN IS YOUR TURN HUH?! WHEN? WHEN? WHEN?!!!!!

wahaha.... :P