Friday, May 25, 2007

Loyalty Funtasia Roadshow

Short Note:
Sorry for not updating much lately. I spoke too soon.

A day after I blogged and said I didn't have a deadline to meet, immediately the next day I was given a new task....

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My gigi-besi finally finished all his assignments and tests (temporary) and came to see me yesterday. In fact, he's still in Brunei now because I manja-ed him to send and pick me up from work today...

As usual, when you don't know how to drive, you dream of driving you and your friends around and you don't need to ask for anyone's approval and help. All those freedom~ BUT! When you get your license and have your own car, you get so sicked of driving... One of my biggest wish is to hire a chauffeur 24/7 standby to bring me here and there, just wake me up when we arrived the destination.

Back to the topic, I went to DST Loyalty Funtasia Day . God, it was so hot and crowded. And I had to park so far because it's impossible to get a parking near the venue.

A lot of people, a lot of noises... but no cute hunkies to cuci-mata... =(

We felt so lost because we had no idea where to start exploring. We saw people everywhere doing their own things like filling up forms or talking to the staffs there.

And there's a flower decoration competition on going on the 'stage'... So hard to squeeze in just to take this (below) shot.

While still feeling lost and had no idea where to begin, I stumble across who else but our infamous Mr. Rano. Actually, I kind of had a feeling that I'm pretty sure I'll see him there. Still as nice and friendly as ever.

And so we just blindly followed whatever people is doing, take some lucky draw forms, answered them and we had to get all 6 stamps from all booth to be entitled for the lucky draw.

It's good to be a girl, because guys love being a hero and help them out. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, some nice uncle koko actually gave us all the answers so we saved time from asking booth by booth.

Just go there and minta the chop only.

And this is...

The staffs there are nice, they have really nice gifts (Bloom White Tote that cost $562!!!) to give away and... I saw my blog there!

Basically every Brunei bloggers' blogs lar..... Can you see me in action in the above pic?

Because of all the blogging nation, I get to know there's a lot of other Brunei bloggers out there. And I absolutely live the fact that they're hosting blogging competition for us to win an ipod nano. Wheeee~ (But they extended the deadline... >.<)

Other than that, they were also having the SurfKad Guess & Win competition! Me like. What that you need to do is to guess the number of cards inside and sent your answer via SMS, at zero cost! So meaning you can guess as many times as you want. I like competition like that, easy, straight forward and free to participate.

And Kristal Astro booth was having a dart throwing competition. The gift was a thermo mug. Not interested. Next.

Other than that, Fascom and Incomm booth were just having some phone displays and posters hanging... Have no idea what's there to see anyway. Just get the chop and jalan.

Something I felt like voicing out here.

Erm.... There were a couple of female staffs who weren't that friendly and helpful that really made Vicky and I quite pissed.

Maybe it's the hot weather or the crowd I don't know..But, please lar... we're not that desperate for the lucky draw. Don't act as if we're dying to win something like that and give us that impatient look when we asked something.

Vicky and I
(Felt like a big fat monster standing beside this petite lady)

A very nice and friendly (quite cute too) DST male staff helped us to take this picture. And he used took another shot using his own camera and said it was for the website.

And so I casually asked him why did they want to extend the deadline for the competition. He explained that it's because they're waiting for more participating entries. I smiled and told him that I'm one of the participants, he asked,
"Nonnie?". I nodded.

Vicky turned to me and said,
"Wah.. didn't know you're so famous."

Paiseh eh... But still, I don't think that I'm "famous" or what. Famous = minimum 10,000 hits per day, 100+ comments every entry and walk out also got people say,
"Hey you're that blogger right? I read your blog!". That... is what famous means.

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Just a question,

Do you think the below guy looks better smiling or not smiling in photo?

Me: Eh, I take a picture of you ah..

Him: Oh. *smile and look at my camera*

Me: Eeeeeee.. not nice lar. Try you don't smile and just look at your french toast can?

Him: *follow what the girlfriend asked him to do*

Me: Hhhahahahah! So emo!

I know... I'm a very bad girlfriend. =p


I felt so guilty and bad not being able to join the Walk for Life. Damn! Lousy friends decided to sleep in on a Sunday morning instead of doing something more meaningful.

Note to self - Next time don't be lazy and drive own car to go BSB so that I don't need to beg people to bring me there.

The more I read about it, the more dulan I felt.

And I'll also like to convey my deepest condolences to our dear friend Tina for the lost of her beloved father. I know it's a bit late, but just want to say that we're all here for you if you need any help.


Effy said...

You've changed your layout again? Hehe. Anyways, you so rajin go events one ah? If me i go sleep ady lah since the weather is so hot. Keke. I only want to go under the hot sun for sun tanning and i have to be on the beach.

Effy said...

First one? Heheh. First time on being the first one. I am so proud!

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

nvm, i'm the 2nd one. long time no comment. =p

don't worry, i've been updating way less than you.

ur gigi besi very kelian, cuz i noe braces never look nice in photos. that's why no pics of me. =p

i was there that day. waiting inside, from 10+ to 12. just to do something with a sim card. didn't really bother what the whole thing was all about. unfortunately...

i feel like joining the competition. i WANT a nano ipod. but i don't have car lah! post about what?

teddY said...

Woah! Thanks for sharing your experience at the Loyalty Funtasia Roadshow! The photos are absolutely amazing! Haha! Anyway surprisingly you made an almost identical remark like what my mother did... she was so tired of driving my brother and I around all the place for tuition and other stuff when we were in primary school, and she whined that she wanted a chauffeur as a birthday gift. LOL!

Anyway it's so nice of them to link up all the Brunein blogger's blog! It is sort of cool because you get that extra publicity for free!

Haha and the guys at the booths are funny! They are so gentlemen... by giving you all the answers! Means that you are beautiful la. Haha!!!

Looks like you did have a great weekend! I'm happy to know that!

P.S. To Tina, my prayers are up for your did. Here is a big hugggg for you. Take care!

teddY said...

Sorry spelling error. For the P.S.... it should be "dad" not "did". My bad.

Nonnie King said...

Effy : Just the header nya. Sicked of the current blogskin but have not found one I like to replace this yet. =D

Hahhaa. If I don't go where got things to blog leh? Hehhehee

Jason : You can blog about MD what. Hahhahaha.

Well, one of the reason why he wanted to wear braces is because he had always dream of having a million dollar smile. If you noticed, he never show his gigi in any of the pics I'd uploaded.

You mean you went to KB DST branch to do your sim card?

Teddy : My photos aren't as good as yours, neither is my photo editing skill. I like yours better =)

Your mum can just wait for another 2 years till you're old enough to get driving license and it'll be your turn to drive her around. (And understand how tiring it is to drive especially when you're alone)

Yeah, it's really nice to them but as you can see, the number of Brunei bloggers is still nothing compare to M'sia and Singapore.

(Thanks for the compliment)

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

i was going to miri to 'lock' my braces, so, as i came back, my mum needed to go to dst anyway. so we just went there.

De Pianist said...

actually,what's the purpose of the event geh?cuz i still blur blur leh..hehe..paiseh..brain can't work properly liao..haha..

since your gigi besi can't really smile due to his braces,ask him to act cool then..set his hairstyle also..then can attract you more ma...magnet ma..muahahaha..=p

War186 said...

I feel so unlucky that I missed out on the walkathon earlier too. If I knew it'd end that soon I would've gone but then I might get too tired for my friend's wedding so I didn't go. Heh. I heard there's going to be a Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon next, hopefully I can make it to that one.

Evil lah Nonnie you tell your bf better he pose without looking and without smiling hehe. I think no difference lah he smile or not. I don't really know actually haha.

Bah go join the blogging competition Nonnie I support you. Maybe you can do another piece on OGDC? Haha. Then it'll be your 3rd time posting about it this year hehe. ;P

Kenny Ng said...

So happening the Funtasia... reminds me of stupid Akedemi Fantasia here... nothing can compare to ur Funtasia.

Nonnie King said...

Jason : Did you see me? Did you see me? Heheheehee.

Pauline : Dunno wor. To reward loyal customer kua?
He already pan-cool and face black most of the time liao, like people owe him money like that. And his hair.. too soft hard to gel up like spiky one.
Teach me how lar

Wardah : We should do another blogger meet for this upcoming school holiday, so we have another alasan to meet up and eat!

No difference? Maybe he's having some smiling disorder =p

Kenny : Happening but sibeh hot!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

See u r famous already.

teddY said...

Haha now I should thank you for the compliment =) Serious what you've replied to my comment is an overstatement because I'm sure that there are many good photobloggers and photoshoppers out there! Anyway do you know that I draw inspirations from your photos too? Because they are interesting and have that Nonnie's personal touch in it ;)

Iwan Sanchez said...


The challenge on who is is gonna be ur 1st commentator is fun lah..

hmmm, sorry for the late comemnts cos i am feeling sad lately cos i failed my papers..

hmmm.. so good hor ur blog is featured!!! see, i told u liao, u are indeed a famous blogger!!! lolz!!!

ok lah, ur gigi besi looks nicer if he dun smile..


Bobby said...

My dream is to have my girlfriend drive me everywhere and let me feed her with food and ice-cream. I can be your driver 24/7 and you can pay me by allowing me to tickle you 2 second a day he he.

Everytime when going to those event, the hot atmosphere where it is very hot turns me off so I don't usually go this event unless it's in the Brunei mall which got aircon.

Sigh...sad, now you are making my million dollar dream smile into a 5cent smile reality. You are difinitely a evil girlfriend, but i still love you.

Merv Kwok said...

I say the smiling pic hehe

Nonnie King said...

H.A.M. : Nope. You're more famous~

Teddy : Hahhahaa. And I got some of my dead of photo editting from you too! And also curi skill from other bloggers.

Iwan : Hmm.. perhaps I should start to note down who's always the first commentor and buy him/her a gift. What you think?

Gambate Iwan, all the best for your upcoming sup papers.

Nonnie King said...

Bi : DREAM ON! =p

You're one big putera lilin, girlfriend doesn't complain hot and the boyfriend bising liao. Teruk eh.

Your smile worth a lot to me lar... for sure more than 5 cents, but haven't sampai one million lar. Still, I love you. Hhehehee

Merv : Good, he always think he looks ugly smiling. Now that you tell him I certainly hope he's more confident with his smile now.