Sunday, May 20, 2007

My squishy key pouch

It's Sunday today! ..... (I think I heard people saying a loud "Duh...")
I decided to give myself a break despite of the pile of works that kept me suffocated by doing something productive.

Well technically I had a fruitful week with all those bengkels and meeting filling up my time, but still.. I felt that time passed so fast that I couldn't recalled any productive thing.

And so... I decided to make something today!
Yeap, a key pouch for my car key!

I like to use bigger bags because I can hantam put ojipala stuffs in it. Smaller bags, neh.... all you can keep inside are:

1. Mobile phone
2. Keys
3. Wallet

IF you're lucky, you might be able to slip in your lip gloss or mascara too. But the chances are pretty low.

Thus, I always have problems searching for my car key in my bag. My house keys are kept separately using the meow-meow key pouch (remember?) because I thought it's more convenient to separate them.

I sat on my bed and start thinking how would I want it to be. Meaning, it's 100% Nonnie's idea, skills and creativity! Copyright eh.

I wanted it to be all fluffy and squishy so that it's easy to find in my bag (without looking in to the bag) and cute... and girly too, to satisfy my needs for making me feel young and kawaii *vomit*

The extra rectangular part on the right is for making a hole to stuff my key in and on the left, it's just a reminder for myself not to stitch everything up. Must remember to leave a small gap to stuff in the cotton.

Then you can draw it on the piece of cloth and estimate the size.

and stitch...stitch...and stitch. Lastly, stuff some cotton in to make it kembang. =p

What you think? Nice? At least for me it is, since I came up with the idea and made it all by myself.

If you asked why the letter "K", because K stands for King, and also Key. Simple.

I also added in an extra 'ear' for it so that I can hang it on the key holder.

But it's not perfect. Right after I'd finished it I realized a few places that I can improved. least Bobby will get a nicer one because for sure he'll bug me in making him one too. He's demanding.

It looks pretty matching with the thingie I hanged on my rear view mirror in my car though. Of course lah, from the same piece of cloth and also same colour theme, white + pink.

As you can see, it's quite big compare to other usual leather and rectangular key pouch which is so boring. Again, the main point of making this key 'bag' is for my convenience in searching my car key in my bag, and so I made it big and squishy.

Nice to see, nice to touch and it comes in pretty handy. Can use it as a little pillow too~

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just a little piece of my mind....

You know you're getting older when

- scientific calculator is no use to you because you no longer need those the sin, cos, tan buttons.

And you prefer those big-ass calculator with big buttons.

Sigh.. seeing the picture above just reminded me to get back to work on those bloody reports.


War186 said...

Wow Nonnie that is so pretty!! :D I want to make one too eh but then I don't have the creative and sewing(?) of stitching skills. Heh. I think I need one 'cause I always lose my keys inside my handbag one. If I do get around to making one you'll know about it and of course I'll give you credit also lah hehe. ;)

Oh and true lah we're old that we don't need those scientific calculators anymore. Hehe.

War186 said...

Ooh I'm first! Hehehe. ;P

Iwan Sanchez said...

eh!! i am supposed to be the 1st one!!! i sent in at 11.18pm but stupid blogger said error.. see, now war186 is the 1st one!!!

i said that the pouch damn cute nya!!!! it looks professionaly done!! Can do for me too? hahahaha!!!

Nonnie ni memang creative lah!!

errr... i STILL need my scientific calculator.. does that mean i am still young?


Nonnie King said...

:D Since when people start fighting to be the first commentor in my blog? I'm very happy knowing about it though.

Wardah : Thanks! Actually I hantam sew one also, it's not perfect as I can still see some of the threads coming out :p

Iwan : Kasian... Next time after I blogged I tell you ah, so you can be the first.

You sure you want it? It's not really that nice...still my colleagues asked me to do for them too.

Perhaps for your birthday?

You andang young lah, young at heart, and look so young.


Sha said...

I love your keyring thingyy!! Pink and white, I like! Too bad I'm hopeless when it comes to needlework lol.

nureen said...

nonnie, for me nada kah?? i want butterfly shape...boh!! hahaha

my calculator more bigger than u. hehehe...everytime my fren want to borrow, they always go like, "daleng, pinjam 'KAUNTER' mu." erkkk..'kaunter' they said..huhu~~

War186 said...

Haha I didn't realize I'd make Iwan angry. ;P Should've known that I would if I took the coveted first comment in your blog. 'Cause it's usually him who goes, I'm first again! Or something like that. Hehe.

Hehe sorry Iwan. Can't believe you even spoke of your displeasure at another blog haha. JK! :D

Nonnie King said...

Sha : But you're good in making flowers! That's something I can't do.

Nureen : Butterfly shape payah. I'm only a beginner cannot request too much yet. Hehheheee

I love borrowing my colleague's big big calculator, syok to tekan bah.

"Kaunter"? Then you're the receptionist then.

Wardah : I'm sure he's just kidding. And also, it's good to have people who talk straight from their mind and not keep things inside kan?

I'm lucky to have friends like you all.

Iwan Sanchez said...

hello War 186 and Nonnie,
i m not angry lah..


of cos laH, we are in a famous blog mah like Nonnie's, so must compete who is the 1st one!!


Thanis said...

I love using those huge calculators too but nowadays I just use my mobile fon.

-Princess Shin- said...

Wow.. you're good! =) What cloth you use? I also wanna make one lidat! So do you still put it in your bag after that?

I miss my scientific calculator! =(

War186 said...

Haha I know lah Iwan. Just playing with you lah. So from now on I'll be forever competing with you leh. Haha. ;)

Bobby said...

I'm beginning to think that you can make anything. The key pouch looks very attractive, and of course i will bug you and want one too but I want the one that you've just made. You could start a business in stuff toys too. A very creative mind, even the cards you made for me are very nice. I have to learn from you now to be creative.

I do remember those scientifict calculators but I tend not to use it while studying in Uni now because it tends to make me lazy even calculating small digits I will use. But it's pretty frustrating when you have big fingers because I always seems to press the button wrongly and ended up frustrated. Big calculator with big button more convenience.

But I've seen the financial calculators that people used in bank.

De Pianist said...

wasai...Nonnie expert liao leh..can do love shape liao time can make a love shape with an arrow and got Bobby name on it kuk tim..hahahaha....=p!

oh oh...then you can upgrade from key pouch to iPod pouch..oh oh oh...can make handphone pouch too liao..wasaiii...waiting for that liao lor...don't forget my birthday present and also Christmas present and also New Year present ya..muahahaha...

i didn't touch my scientific calculator liao leh..didn't use that kind of calculator as i'm consider as half half?or too young liao?hehehehe...=p!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Like I say before u r very good with DIY. Have a nice day.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : My blog famous? Where got....
Famous blog = 10,000 hits per day.
Mine only 100+. Still long long way to go la.

Thanis : Same! If I don't have any calculaor to use, my mobile phone will be the subsitute.

Princess Shin : Paiseh~
Erm.. I don't know what cloth is that but I bought it from those kain shop. Just buy 1m you can make a lot of things already.
Ya, I still put in my bag and it's so much easier to locate them now!

Wardah : Suddenly I felt like my blog is a battle field. Hahahhaa :D

Nonnie King said...

My Gigi Besi : The only thing I want to make always is make you smile =)

Start business? Only know how to make few things make business liao, sure tutup pintu very fast one.

Sir, your big fingers are for holding my hand and warming them. Pressing calculator is only their part time job okay~ Next time I press calculator for you since my hand small small.

Pauline : Love shape easy mah. Nureen reply butterfly shape somemore lagi. I think those ipod pouch or mobile pouch is easy to make cos it's rectangular mah. You want ah? Hehehhee

You ah? I think you're at the transition period to become an adult? (ching chai say say one =p)

H.A.M : Yeah~ As long as the word DIY don't mean different to you then I'm good at it. Hhahaha

LuUeE said...

HAAHAAHA.. Nonnie.. that's a really cool creative design.. Where do i get an order for such a cool new key pouch.. mwhaha..

I am willing to pay big bucks for it.hahahaha..

Atul said...

Hahaha. This means, I'll always be young,if I do become a maths teacher. Cause, when you become a maths teacher, you always use scientific calculators to teach! MWAHAHA

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : How much you want to pay for it?

Atul : Hahahah! That's something that I didn't think about. Good point!

Intaniz said...

Love the Calculator post! Struck my funny bone today - can't stop laughing.

Man - I AM getting older.