Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bitzie Buzzing Bi

Sorry this is going to be a no-photo post. Yeah, not very "Spiritual Garden" .

I know I love hantam put photos in my post and write a toilet paper roll entry. And once in awhile when I had a short post, everyone will came up to me saying that they're so not used to it, I mean finished reading my post in less than 5 mins time.

You all are spoiled by me liao.

Anyway, just want to tell you all that I'm going to be busy for the whole week. Actually... it's kind of like a crazy week for me.

I'm forced to commute everyday, Seria - KB - BSB. That makes a total of minimum 250km per day okay.

Having a 3-day course in BSB from 1.30pm - 4.30pm (have to rush after my class ends, lucky I'm excuse to leave school a little earlier to eat), and on Thursday I have to go BSB again with colleague to find sponsors for our walkathon. And heard that on Saturday a few colleagues and me myself have to bring the kids to BSB and overnight so that they can participate in the dancing competition. Why? Because we're unmarried, so we don't have a husband or baby to feed.


As you can see, leaving home at 6.40am and arriving home at 6.00pm is no fun at all. After taking some rest, shower and dinner I'll have to continue do some school work at home. Again, don't you people out there dare to say teachers are all very free, got nothing to do one. I'll really give you a big slap if you do that.

And so.... anyone want to donate some money to my school?

Seriously, I should feel very shameful of myself because my donation card was a virgin till I asked my mum tolong help me to get some money ... I mean donations from her friends. And on the first day itself, she filled up 9 lines in my card giving me a total of $18.00. Not bad huh?

Not that I don't want to do it myself, but you know sometimes it's hard to do so.

Everytime I mentioned about it I'll get "Boooooo" by my stupid friends. They'll go like, "Hello? The government pay you salary right? You donate yourself lah. Why ask money from us?"

Heartless people.
I never said NO to any donations and why can't people do the same? Not that I'm asking for $100, just $1 that you can easily spent (more) on make up or bags and shoes, or the 4D money you can waste from betting. And only 1/3 from your cigarette money some more.

(Hey! Government school needs money to run also okay! At least we're not asking students to go door-to-door and forced asked those poor parents to donate. Or sell those bloody "tickets" at $50 per head in those what what dinner having students to perform traditional Chinese dancing or lion dance like most of the "Chungs" will do)

Sigh.. I just don't get some people. The annual school fees is only B$5.00 yet they have so much to complain about the donation....

Like Hanisah said, we're ungrateful.

Gah, I'm so frustrated at myself now. I left my bloody card reader, which is also my lauyah pen drive in the CIC lab and now I can't continue working on my school website. That's why I'm here ranting like a mad woman....

Oh ya, sorry if I had not been commenting much in your blog, I'll try my best to read your blog when I got the free time.


which kept me wondering,

Blogging = "TRADING GAME"?

I left comment in your blog, and so you'll read mine and comment too.
I linked you, you linked me back.
I left you a message in tagboard, you say hi back to me in my taggie.
I said your blog is nice, you'll say likewise.
I said you're one "hot chick" or "cute hunk", you'll say I'm cute too.

And so,
If I stop commenting in your blog, you also won't bother to read mine.
If I de-linked you, you'll do the same. (Unless the blog is no longer updated)
If I never say anything in your taggie, my taggie leave no trace of you too.
If I said you or your blog is boring, you'll return the favour 10 times meaner.
If I said you're ugly, you'll think I'm just jealous and continue showing off your undesirable unpleasant face/ body in your blog..

What you think?

[Initially, this was suppose to be a short post.. somehow it just get a little longer =p]


nureen said...

hi nonnie...i ilang lagi ah..wahahaha...doesnt mean i dont baca ur blog mah...anyway, happy busying week for u :P~~

Kelly said...

Miss king! we as your friends will be here to donate...come come *but* you must bring your card to us when you meet us? hahaha, i lazy 2 drive just for a donation...you think im donating few hundreds meh?

i'm not a blogger, but i always read your blog and leave comment - once in a blue moon...that's because i hate waiting for it to load to the comment page and then load to the publish page hahaha!

War186 said...

I live for commenting but I won't die if I don't get comments back haha. ;)

Have a good busy week Nonnie. :)

Amazing. No photos. :P Hehe.

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

no lah, juz dunno wat to say. very lazy comment. =p

i read blogs no matter wat.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Aiyah Nonnie!!Me not like this wan. I read ur post regarless. If u don't coment on my blog is is OK wan as some of my 'hor ny' entries some reader shy shy to coment. But I don't know how to do linking wan. So the only link u can see is baby j wan as she do the linking ( beside this she also set up the sites for me, me blur blur on blogging ).So I hope u understand. Have a nice day.

Effy said...

Wow. Reverse psychology! Now you see that everybody is going to drop you a comment.

De Pianist said...

Wrong nah Nonnie...

you didn't leave comment in my blog = i got comment in your blog

you didn't read my blog = i still continue to read your blog

you forgot my blog = i keep on read your blog (with a parang beside me.muahahaa!)

continue reading your blog = loyal supporter lo...

see?this is the exact equation ma..hahaha..=p!

Nonnie King said...

Oh my.... What have I done?

Now everyone thinks that I'm an ATTENTION WHORE liao.

But still.. I'm glad that most of you tell me that you still read my blog regardless what.

Happy Nonnie!

Iwan Sanchez said...


Life as a teacher is never easy lah.. thats like nealry 12 hrs of working bah...

which makes me wonder, do u mark ur students work at home???

if so, kesian neyer nonnie...


I love the last part..

which is so true lah..


But i love reading ur blog, and thats the truth..

have a good week ahead!!

Sha said...

Don't worry Nonnie, even when you don't comment, I still come to your site. It doesn't mean no comment = no visit right? :)