Friday, May 4, 2007

Na Na Na NaaaaaaFi!

Short Note:

In case you blind...wait, blind people couldn't possibly read this slow and blur.. I'd changed my header. And the cute cartoon in it is called Guu. My friends said that I look like her, and also our characters. Hahhahahaha. Well, with that round face and small eyes, of course I look like her. Maybe I should dye my hair pink. =p

Good luck to my school kids who's going to participate in the Inforama competition tomorrow.

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Know this shop?

I love shopping in this shop ^.^

It's located about 5 mins driving time away from Seria town, hidden in the Garrison area. Bet a lot of you don't even know about this little kedai.

It has almost everything that you needed. From the usual and basic stuffs like groceries and sundries, to electrical appliances and electronic products.

See for yourself.

My friends told me that those perfumes actually cost cheaper than those that were brought back from Dubai. Surprising huh? Perhaps you people can start visiting Seria/ KB more often since we have good food here and also great bargains.

(I'm not a frequent perfume user. All my perfumes were given as a gift thus I know nothing about the prices)

Liquors and Beers

... which I'm not so sure if anyone can just buy from there or it's only for those who works in the Garrison.

Oh, I forgot to mention. This shop is full of non-halal products. Therefore, shop at your own risk ya my dear Muslim readers.

There are lots and lots of candies, chocolates and snacks all imported from UK too. Rebbe, want me to buy you some?

And also their magazines,

If you passed by this glass cabinet displaying sunnies, take an extra look.

At first I thought it was those $12.90 fake glasses that they sell in some shop at the Mall. Take a closer look.. FUAH! Gucci leh. $255.00.


But then.... the way they present it really have not much of a difference than those at the stalls at pasar malam.

Branded Watches

The price tags on these cup noodles make my eyes nearly popped out and had to push my lower jaw back to its position.

B$ 4.80 for cup noodle?!!! With that money, I can eat Thien Thien chicken rice and a can of 100+. Some more can order one extra bowl of rice.

Got abalone or shark fin inside meh so expensive?

* * *

Oh well, at least their Easi recharge cards are cheaper than outside.

* * *

And these are what I'd bought from Naafi, apart from some usual keropok like Twisties and Lays.

(Yeah.. it is that time of the month which I feel the urge to pamper my stomach with junk foods)

Pepperoni stick and Cheese & Ham instant cheesy noodles!

I bought this chocolate bar just because of those words and that very sexist logo.

I thought, "What NOT FOR GIRLS? I don't care. I am going to buy you and eat you up!"

And so I paid for it at the counter (together with other things), reached home and opened up the wrapper, broke a piece of chocolate from the bar and took a bite.

*munch munch*
* munch munch munch*

Huh? What so special about it? It's just chocolate! Why is it NOT FOR GIRLS then?

I took a second read on the wrappers and found the possible reason..


If it's not for the calories, I seriously don't know what would be other reasons that make this chocolate so sexist.

* * *

Next, I'm going to introduce you this very special snack/ food which I couldn't resist. I heard it telling me "Buy me..... Buy me.... I'm delicious. You'll love me" from the warming cabinet.


It looked like popiah (spring roll) from the outside. But it's actually a sausage (which DOES NOT taste like any ordinary Ayamas) breaded with my favorite POTATO! How clever!

To show you how much I love it, please allow me to gila camwhore to express my feelings toward it.


Humph~ I'm going to try making it myself. You see and wait lah!


Bobby said...

First of all, that character guu really resembles you. I can't tell any difference except the hair colour and it looks great on your blog. Adds some touch to it.

It's been so long since I went with you to nafi, but I got bad experience last time when I bought the nocotine sweet i think which taste very bad. Also the kerupok which was made of p_rk skin was very salty but fattening.

The chocolate looks delicious for cake making. Also the potato I want to try, or we can try make ourself ya. But nafi got many other food there that I want to try. Looking for a chance to go there with you. I miss you Nonnie.

Kenny Ng said...

I'm impressed with the beers! LOL, nice shop.

Effy said...

Naafi is very sacred. Only KBians should know about the existence of this shop. Aiyo.. no.. no.. please don't sapu the perfumes... it's always outta stock one!! Die die.. sniff sniff..

Nonnie King said...

Gigi Besi : So... You want me to dye my hair pink? *tsk tsk*

Aiyah.... you got bad luck in choosing food mah. Next time just give me the money and I'll buy for you~

Kenny : Ho ho ho! It's Saturday and you can get pissed drunk tonight!

Effy : I'm going to compare the price with Paloma and see if it's really cheaper. If it is, I'm going to get DKNY Be delicious~ Nyam nyam

De Pianist said...

that Guu really looks like you o..must add more chubbiness then lagi similiar to you..muahahahha...then you can officially become Nonnie Guu!!muahaha...=p!

lolz...i love the logo a lot...haha...not for gals for its calories..told you to read it before you eat liao ar..aiyo..really can become Guu..ngekngekngek...

(keep one for me har..haha..=P!)

War186 said...

Wow that is one interesting shop. And I thought beers were illegal here or am I just naive? Heh.

Wah potato and sausage costs $3.10? Maybe I should sell my bread and sausage for $2. It's not like the ones sold at bakeries though. I'll post how it looks like some other time hehe.

teddY said...

Woah the shop looks pretty inconspicuous from the outside but thanks for showing us all the photos about the interior! Now it looks more like a gem rather than just a shop to me! It's like a shrunk hypermarket with almost everything from magazines to... ahem, beer XD

And you should seriously ask the company whose products you've advertised to pay you! Haha! I bet they'll get more sales because of your promotion and advertising.

That price is pretty expensive for a cup noodle. Considering that the currency in Brunie is on-par with that in Singapore, I can just buy a nice pack of pre-cooked spaghetti from 7-11 convenience shop for a mere $2!

lex said...

not going to stress on what been said.. but i can say .. i have eaten tons of those ' NOT FOR GIRLS ' chocolate and there are damn tasty ... caution to those weight-watchers ...

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : Ish. Nonnie Guu sounds like Nonnie-cow.

Oh well, I only ate a piece of that not-for-girls chocolate, then put in the fridge liao. I will slow slow eat one. Cannot let your evil plot of pinching my face come true mah.

Wardah : Erm... I guess that's the only legal shop that sells beers.
Yeah yeah, Wardah's secret cooking recipe expose soon. Looking forward~

Teddy : Nah... I'm no Xiaxue or Kennysia. Who would pay such a small kaki for advertising? Although I secretly wish they're reading it and will give me unlimited supply of potato dogs!

Speaking of 7-11, do you know that Brunei does not have any of that?

Lex : The problem is that, NOT FOR GIRLS chocolate taste way better than those "MADE FOR GIRLS ONE".

Seems like I can never show off my tummy.

Iwan Sanchez said...

alamak, nice header lah.. hehhe!!
But teacher can dye hair one ke??


and looks like u really love that potato sausage by looking athe expressions while eating that sausage...


Maybe the choc is not suitabnle for gakls cos maybe they are aphrosidiac ke?

Sometink that can make guys horny ke??
oops!! sorry...

Anonymous said...

Heya Nonnie,

I used to stay in Berakas Camp and in my younger days, I went to Naafi at least once a week. I remember my mum used to stock up those "Queen Anne" silverware which came direct from U.K. I also bought a branded watch there and apparently the price was at least $100 cheaper than the ones sold in departmental stores.

Effy said...

Hey anonymous, my mom used to collect Queen Anne’s too. It was from Naafi as well. Nonnie trust me the perfume is way cheaper than Paloma. Anyways Paloma has limited choices and they don't have new range of perfumes. It’s always the same. However Naafi is also the same case and even if they have new range, got people sapu already.

Sha said...

That chocolate is not for girls coz guys suffer from PMS too. Don't you hate it when guys get PMS-y? :P

Jewelle Tan said...

I know of this shop but thought it's only for those who works at the Garrison. Going over one of these days for those magazines!!

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Erm.. Can. But not obvious bright colours lah. Well, at least I saw quite a number of teachers do that.

Hhahahhaa! So you want me to get those chocolates for you?

Anonymous & Effy : Naafi Rocks!!! There's no other place to get cheap branded stuffs other than Naafi. Somemore it's the only legal place selling liquors and beers too. Am I right? Just wondering are those liquors for people who works in Garrison only?

Sha : I know! Guys suffering PMS are way scarier than girls! Too bad Bobby can't eat them now with the braces.

Jewelle : Everyone is welcome to Naafi~ I think you'll be surprised by the range of products they sell there.

Mimi Psycho said...

Aeros mint choc's at Naafi are the BEST !!!

uglyfatchick said...

you would need tail and cute furry ears too. :P

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

Make me feels like driving all the way to Seria to check out those chocolates =x

Apparently, not many Bandar people know about this place except for KBians...

I had being told by my friend that the alcohol is only sell to the people in Garrison only.

Well, i never bought Perfume from Paloma before cause Winmark is more cheaper.

Next time help me check the Issey Miyake perfume how much le.

Iwan Sanchez said...

no need lah..
eat that choc but no gf lah..


Nonnie King said...

Mimi Psycho : Will try thatnext time I go there.

Christina : Hheheheee. Someone please sponsor me the monkey ears and tail!

Sing Yin : Bah, I'll check for you. Do I get commision from helping you buying it? Maybe 2 takoyaki balls?

Iwan : Hahahhahha! Oh well, you have your hands isn't it?

Kelly said...

Ah king, i ate that black cup mee before given by Alex which he bought so many!!! It taste so weird as it got TOMATO SAUCE to flavour your whole mee sour in it....i don like it at all la..i still like my POP MEE costing $0.45 cent nya! hahaha..

and for the liquors, i don think even ppl who work in Garrison can buy, bcoz KL's sister need the Gurkhians to buy for her that time leh~~~

Thanis said...

Walau - make me really want to drive down to Seria/Kb and go to this Nafi place. How come bandar don't have Nafi one ah?

Nonnie - I come KB you bring me there - ho ho ho .. I wanna buy some stuff there also.