Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Did you see what I saw?

Dear readers who reside in Brunei, have you ever been to this restaurant?

.. and saw this menu?

Not sure whether it's a sicking habit of teacher or what, I'm pretty allergic to wrong spelling and grammar mistakes, although I occasionally made some myself too.

It was Allen's girlfriend (who happened to be a teacher as well) that discovered the mistakes in the menu first. We got all excited, scanning page by page looking for more errors and faults in it.

And at this point, I felt like singing...

My fresh crab brings all people to my shop,
and they're like,
its sizzing than yours,
damn right its better than yours,
I can teach you,
but I have to charge

Mixing English and Malay in a menu is a big NO NO!

Imagine people who doesn't understand Malay, they wouldn't know what "Ikan" is anyway.

Angmoh: Em, hello. I'll like to ask what "Ee-Can" is? Is it some sort of limbless lizard?

Nothing special seeing a mistake in a food name. Make it two then.

*LOL* White Ling Mushroom! Bai-Ling's sister hia?
(White in Chinese is "Bai")

It's actually called the Abalone Mushroom, 鮑魚菇 lah.

Makes me wonder, didn't they (especially the supervisors, managers or boss) proofread before they printed it out and let all customers who walked in read it (and laughing like a joke)?

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[Random Photos]

Went up to BSB on Monday night to celebrate Ye's birthday in Excapade Gadong. Man, that place is so full! Even though they had extended the place, yet people can't get a seat without making earlier reservations.

Last year same day we did it in Pizza Hut Gadong. Last year today I was blogging about her 39th birthday celebration too.

The birthday auntie is the one in blue, second from the left (since Zhi's head is blocked by smelly Lau-Shu Ping pointing happily)

Damn, can't believe she's 40 already! We're mocking at her age whole night. Teasing her about the historical things she knew because she existed in the world longer than everyone of us. Like...

Where does the word "OMO" come from?
Why is detergent referred as "OMO"?

If you don't know the answer, good for you. Meaning that you're still young. Hheheeehehe.

* * *

To all eligible guys out there, every gorgeous ladies in the above picture is available, except for me (which I think I don't need to point out which one am I already), the 4o years old yeye and Mei-Yu, the one in purple beside her.

If you're interested in anyone of them, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'll be more than please to match make both of you. Send me your full resume together attached with your IC copy and certificates.


* * *

I made her a birthday card. They said it looks like those they sell in a shop. Just that the name "Eileen" on the cover gave it away since shops doesn't sell customized card like that.

I like Chau's shirt

Your sister is a great kisser!

but your mom is better in bed!

This ganas girl ever wore it to FT some more! Daring huh? Lucky most aunties there can't read English.


Iwan Sanchez said...

Yeah!! 1st reader again!!!

Hmmm.. btw, i am also like u, i cant tolerate bad spelling.. But i know my english is bad too!!

Btw, manggo is wrong meh? i mean, u circled the word manggo.. is it wrong spelling..

Correct me ya, cikgu Nonnie!!!

Good day!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

i mean, 1st commenter...

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : My dear..MANGO is spelled with only ONE 'G'.

Double 'G' is for Malay, MANGGA.

Merv Kwok said...

wahlao! that menu can die man! but i've seen my fair share of lousy engrish menus in kuching hehe

Anonymous said...

'Occasional' grammar mistakes? You're kidding right?

uglyfatchick said...


Kenny Ng said...

Teacher always is a teacher, such a small mistake also can see.

Nonnie King said...

Merv : But their business is still doing well despite of those mistakes.

Anonymous : I wouldn't mind if you can kindly point out the mistakes I made. I can learn. =)

Christina : BINGO!

Kenny : Small meh? It's hard to ignore when you can find them in almost every page I flipped.

LuUeE said...

hahaha.. Nonnie, Just wanted to say, that DIN CALL ME one.. Hai yo.. blerks.. Wow.. she's already 40. Yea, times goes really fast.. mwhaha.. Looks so delicous all the food.. And the steam boat in your last blog.. DROOLING.. ahha..

Sha said...

You should use your profession as a teacher, and teach the pple at the restaurant to spell! :)

Just a suggestion :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Chickgu Nonnie! My sites then full of mistake wan.All the tense all mix-up. What to do no study last time. BTW is the food nice?

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : You're in Miri, I'm in Brunei. How am I suppose to invite you leh? Plus, I wouldn't want to spoil your diet plan to build your perfect body. I'm just being considerate. =p

Sha : Erm... I'm afraid that I'll be blacklisted forever.

H.A.M : Chickgu? That's new~

The food is average, mai-hiam-eh-sai lah.

War186 said...

Haha so you've become a spelling inspector now ey?

I usually feel like correcting spellings and grammar but then I know people will find it snobbish so I've learnt to keep quiet (not saying mine is perfect-far from it!). The only person I tagur is Boon and he gets annoyed sometimes but I just can't help it. Hehe. But as long as I don't do it in front of other people ok lah. I usually make mistakes too and Boon will backlash. He'll always go, English teacher inda tau/salah! Which is really an inside joke 'cause I'm not even a teacher (yet!). Heheh. He always wins when it comes to vocabulary though. That guy can come up with anything for everything in a second (which would make me then look like a bimbo).

Hmm didn't realize this was supposed to be an 'English lesson' post. Lol.

Anonymous said...

If I were to point out your mistakes, that would be a lot. But here are just a few:

"Dear readers who resides in Brunei"

should have been:

"Dear readers who reside in Brunei"

"It was Allen's girlfriend (who happens to be a teacher as well) that discovered the mistakes in the menu first."

should have been:

"It was Allen's girlfriend (who happened to be a teacher as well) who first discovered the mistakes in the menu."

"And at this point, I feel like singing..."

should have been:

"And at this point, I felt like singing..."

Those are just the very few of your mistakes.

I hope you won't get offended.

Anonymous said...

*those are just very few of the many mistakes you made.

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : I 'tagur' more on Mandarin my friends spoke, because that's my mother tongue and I feel more confident in it.

Well, we all make mistakes. Just got to learn from it.

Anonymous : Gosh, I didn't even realized I made that much mistakes in a single post. Thanks for pointing it out. Appreciate it.

In fact... I felt quite happy knowing that someone read what I wrote so thoroughly and pointed out the errors I made.


I'll try to be careful next time.

De Pianist said...

lolz..many english errors alright...far more than one restaurant in my town..the one i can remember till now is the word "Lamp Chop"

imagine we're eating lamps for dinner..who knows when you rub it,there's a genie coming out from the lamp..

ok,i'm talking craps here...lolz..=p

Iwan Sanchez said...


Sorrry Nonnie..
I was so confused....


sorry ya!!

At nite, i keep on thinking about the mango spelling, until i cant sleep u know...


metallichick said...

goodness, how many mistakes could one find in a menu? hehe!

but yeah, because i make a living out of editing stuff, when i blog, i couldnt care less. it is tedious to check my own writing. lol!

Yen Fen said...

Hi Nonnie..i m new here..came across ur blog..and had lots of fun reading it..oh ya..i used to live in brunei...and u know house used to say OMO for detergent too!!! am i tat ancient? haha..anyway..thanks for reminding me such a word... :)

Lisa said...

Hello Nonnie, I am from Hong Kong, your blog is funny ne! Keep it on~
I wanna know more about Brunei!!

Effy said...

I don't think anybody can escape from making grammatical errors. I don't even remember those English lessons anymore. If it sounds right then I’ll continue writing. As long as you can get your idea across (of course try to minimize the mistakes) then I guess its ok. Writing is a skill that you need to hone and I’m doing Mass Com but my writing is still crap compared to the rest. Don’t worry lah, cincai only lah! I still like reading your blog regardless. Yeza!!!

Effy said...

And more updates on K.B. ok? Miss that place so much. Sniff. Every time i go back i love to pick up the mails from the PO Box. Can't wait to go back this hols!! TO PICK UP THE MAILS. Bwahahaha..

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : Hahahahaa. You and your wild imagination!

Perhaps the 'lamp' is filled with mint sauce mah. That's why call "Lamp Chop" lor.

Iwan : Wah lao! Think till can't sleep so serious ah?

Metallichick : After an hour of typing in front of the monitor, I find it malas also to double check my spelling and grammar too. I'll only read it again after publishing and edit it later.

Nonnie King said...

Yen Fen : Hi there! Thanks for reading my blog and leaving me comments =)

Aiyah, my mum still call it "OMO" also. This thing cannot change one liao lah~

Lisa : Wow. A reader from HongKong. Hello there.

I can provide you information about Brunei, but maybe not your idol WuZun.

Effy : You're so weird. Is it the post office smell you like? I never heard of anyone who loves picking mails from PO box.

Yeah~ Cincai only lah. I don't want to give myself too much pressure in making everything perfect too.

Effy said...

I like the part where i had to run my fingers across and try to identify which one belongs to me. It's so old you can't even make out the numbers anymore. Then comes the best part where i will insert the key and open it up. I'll get all tingling inside, knowing that there are letters waiting for me. Or i always imagine there will be some magical creature waiting for me at the other side. Like a fairy or a gnome. Muahahaha.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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