Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Who's the idiot here?

My day went pretty well this morning. You know, birds chirping, sunny day, students greeting me with a big smile on their face and funny colleagues to talk crap with, and most important of all, I don't have any deadline to meet this week. Until..

After a class, I walked back to the staff room, poured myself a cup of hot teh-tarik and was about to enjoy my breakfast. Then my phone rang.

Me: Hello?

Man: Ahh... Ha..Halo. Sorry ah, tadi ku salah transfer credit. Boleh kita balikan credit tu?

Me: Huh? Oh.. Okay. (Still a bit blur) How much did you transfered?

Man: Empat ringgit. ($4.00)

Me: Okay, I'll transfer it back later.

Took a sip of my teh-tarik and looked at my phone. Wah... 3 missed calls and 2 unread messages. That fellow must had felt panicked. Lucky I was had a break else I bet there'll be 100+ missed calls!

And so I read those messages first...

Hmm... That man was quite polite.

Read second message.

But his wife is not!

Honestly I can't really understand those Malay SMS lingo, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't very friendly. Or I thought so.

I was so enraged at this sms! Just because I didn't get to answer the phone right away (because I was away teaching), and that made me a dishonest greedy pig who purposely wanted to cheat her BND4.00 credit?

$4.00 for God's sake!

Not $40 or $400 or $4000!

Want to report to DST some more?!

I could have just ignored it and whistle happily as if I won a lottery because it wasn't my fault if they transfered the credit wrongly.

It was their mistake, NOT MINE!

Maybe that $4.00 credit is very important to them, but still.. can't they just buy an Easi recharge card instead of transferring credit like that? I don't get it.

But I know my heart won't feel good if I just swallowed the credits. And so I transferred it back, angrily.

Bloody hell, cost me $0.50 for the service. And another $0.20 for picking up the call previously.

Yet my heart felt disturbed and I text the wife back,

Not something I normally do because I'm kind of those "Love & Peace" person.

If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. But if you're being rude and kurang-ajar to me, I'm pretty sure I'll return the same favor.

Somehow it kept me thinking, who's the bigger idiot here?

The man (for transferring the credit to the wrong person and expect the person to return it back)


Me (for being honest and wasted $0.70 while I could happily enjoy the 'bonus' $4 that God of Fortune had sent me =p) ?

Perhaps next time DST can improved their credit transferring service by...

Customer texting on the phone: *105*(phone no)*(amount)# - Send

DST reply: Are you sure you want to transfer (amount) to (phone no)?

For yes, type *105*yes# and send. For No, type *105*no# and send. If there is no reply within 30 mins, DST will take it as a YES and transfer your credit.

Customer: *105*yes#

DST reply: Are you sure? Very very sure? DST and the receiver will not be held responsible for any loss caused.

For yes, type *105*yesagain# and send. For No, type *105*no# and send. If there is no reply within 30 mins, DST will take it as a YES and transfer your credit.

Customer: *105*yesagain#

DST reply: One last time, are you sure? Very very very very sure? DST and the receiver will not be held responsible for any loss caused.

For yes, type *105*yesandtransfermycreditnow# and send. For No, type *105*no.igiveup# and send. If there is no reply within 30 mins, DST will take it as a YES and transfer your credit.

Customer throw phone against the wall because very pek-cek liao. =p

Above scenario is just my wild imagination, please do not take it seriously.. unless you're an idiot.


Iwan Sanchez said...

Yeah!!! The 1st one!!!

hmmmm.. i can understanf how u felt.. No lah, u are not an idiot...

Those morons are so f***** up over $4 dollars??!!!!!


Money ca neven cause an unpleasant dispute!!

And i cant understand that morons sms!!!

They are the ones that are the bloddy idiot!!!

Dun angry angry ok?

Can i see a smile now?

teddY said...

Yayyy second one! Muahahaha! Hmmm I'm not veyr sure about the whole credit thing but I think it is just plain rude for the guy to use such abusive and offensive language. I'm not pretty familiar to the malay slang in the SMS though, but I can roughly make up what he means. Urgh. So uncivilised la.

I've got weird SMSes and calls too! One unforgettable experience is being called by a supposedly gay person (I'm not against gay, but then it's not right for him to harrass me over the phone), asking me whether I want to go clubbing with him. I told him he probably called the wrong number since I'm a teenager and have never been to clubs, so I would have never met him. But he insisted that he called the right number and irritated the hell out of me until I threatened to file a police report then he finally stopped calling. Phew~

Life's like that =) take care Nonnie!

War186 said...

Iwan again. Hehe. Ah well. I don't really know what to comment. But that SMS was funny. Made you mad but it was funny to me hehe sorry. If I got texted something like that I would've laughed at her/him. Maybe you were in a bad mood huh Nonnie?

Kenny Ng said...

Some people are like that, just small amount also make it big. It's their mistake, u got nothing to worry about. Cheers!

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Kanasai, used back what I said to you to tegur me balik =p
Yeah lar, only $4 want to bising bising there. Like very big the money.

Teddy : Ewwww! So desperate kah that guy? But it's good that you threatened him else he'll keep bugging you. Sigh, what's wrong with those people nowadays?

Wardah : Funny? Maybe because I only get half of it and I find it pretty offensive.
No, I wasn't in a bad mood, that stupid SMS cause my bad mood because I don't like the way she minta-minta like that.

Kenny : Yeah! Cheers~

uglyfatchick said...

What's the min for transfer?
They should have a min like $10 then people will be more careful. :p

Anonymous said...

once i read the massage,I laugh,I read again,I laugh again.funny SMS

I thought $4k or $4m haha..

actually they are idiot,main antam saja takan key pad without looking it...

If me,sorry lah kan bagi balik hehe

2nd SMS...I dont like "very rude"

she think ia ada share with DST.sanang2 kan minta Nama org? itz very confidential.

no reason to complain if her/his fault.unless ada problem with dst system hehe

Yep about dst,they need to upgrade the transfer service hehe..need to bring up in the meeting :)

for your info nonnie...Itz happen to me 2 time...

I receive free transfer credit last 3 days,so lucky,no one call me.

1st I received $2 than 2nd $1 ,so my credit back to $10 hehe ,I feel guilty..but I don't want to transfer it back :)

anyway itz not my fault ,consider i'm lucky ok,

To you nonnie,don't take it seriously,itz not your fault anyway.

if me I will charge her $1 dollar,so just transfer $3 ,Y? coz you have to transfer it back,50cent charge by dst due to transfer,20cent coz u pick up the phone,30cent kira sedekahlah hehe

I'm just kidding to make you cheer you.

Aidah (Seria Town)

p/s : for your info I'm not working with BSP or under BSP :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Cheer up!! The birds is still singing & the day is still good. So I wish u a nice day.

Anneesa said...

The auntie is such a typical malay.

If I were you I would reply

"Excuse me, I demand an apology before I return the credit to you. And in the process of returning I will deduct *this* much for answering your husband's call and for replying to this message. If not, then you can say good bye to your credit. Which, I have to say Thank you then.

But that would me on a bad day.

On a good day, I would say the same thing, but in Malay "EH DANG, BERADAB DIH SIKIT."


Eh, my parents are inviting to our BBQ this saturday. I confirm again ah?

War186 said...

I'm sorry Nonnie! Reading it again it wasn't so funny after all. But wah I'd say that's a nice comeback from Nisah hehe. The second one sounded a bit harsh though haha. And that's on a good day haha. Funny lah that girl. ;)

De Pianist said...

read the sms for so many times,but still don't get what that person say..different malay writing bah..hmm...

wasai...like that also wanna bising ar..aiyerr...so stingy d those people..$4 hor...you should reply them back this..

"want $4( empat= si (chinese) = mati ) hor..can can..give you lo...go mati lah you.."

then send them virus over to them.then their HP rosak semua...

eh,they want SI d ma..=p

i'm soooooo evil...ngekngekngek.

allydee said...

wah, so rude lah the 2nd SMS. And what's up with her ending each sentence with a question mark?

it's good u msged her back.. but ur msg is too nice.. it should've been more bitchier.. something like "eh dang baik sdh ku memblikkan ni.. agatah k dst mencari aku di mana"


Nonnie King said...

Christina : Minimum $1.00. If they raise the minimum value sure a lot people kua-kua-jiao one.

Aidah : Ia tah! Some people think that they're everything! Idiots!

Lucky you, those idiots know that they're idiotic and malu to ask back the credit.

This particular idiot just have no shame at all.

(Eh..wait... am I too harsh?)

I never transferred credit actually, so I had no idea that it's going to charge me $0.50. Else I'm really going to return back $3.00 only!

Hhehhhehhee! It's good to know that my readers are all smart people who back me up.

H.A.M : Yeap~ Gotta maintain good mood as always. =D

Nonnie King said...

My partner in hell : Eh dang, you know I actually wanted to say your first line, but I was afraid that it's too offensive. So so so happy that you voiced it out for me =p

If only you're beside me that time, sure the whole thing will turn out a lot more 'interesting'. But still, malas to layan this kind of idiots. They never listen and understand, see nothing but themselves only.

BBQ where where? BSB or Seria?

Wardah : Aiayh, no need to say sorry lah. No biggie ;)

Ya lah, you should really meet us in person to see how funny we are. Kekkekkekeee.

IngSiang said...

IMO, you did the right thing. The guy was being polite, he's the one who did the wrong move, and if he didn't get the $$ back, he might be depress for the day or so (let's don't look at the amount yet). The wife is very rude, but yet she's not the one who's doing the wrong thing and she don't understand. It's like your student did something wrong, his friend was being rude but your student was really sorry about what he did, you're not going to blame him because his friend is rude, aren't you? Ok, I know it's a crappy comparison, but I guess you get what I mean. =)

Well, Brunei isn't as rich as what others thought it is, 4 dollars can mean a lot to certain family (many families in brunei need some serious financial consultant, man...), I heard a lot from mom (who's a car dealer). Hmmm...

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : Neither do I. How can people just SMS using their own syok-sendiri language and expect people to understand ah? Again I have to say, IDIOTS!

Hhahahaha! Wah lao, so ganas eh you, ask people go 4. Later they find people take parang find me ah. Hahhahaa

Allydee : I don't know and I really hate those people who always end with ??? and !!!. I guess that's why I'm so annoyed about it.

My message too nice? Wah seh, I thought I was being rude liao, sekali you all more ganas than me!

Nonnie King said...

IngSiang : 大家都知道“他們”大部份都是理財白痴﹐ 錢都拿去充面子還貸款了﹐ 所以連這點小錢也要斤斤計較。

正如Hanisah說的﹐ “典型的馬來人”﹗

Anneesa said...

Allydee, dang, atu ganas! Hahahah calie jua!

"Bah, cari tah aku kalau dapat, aku bagi kita FREE CREDIT!"

But in reality you're just returning the wrongly transferred credit. Hahahahahaha. Classic!!

Eh, partner-in-hell, why you type in chinese? I cannot understand. I see my name though. Lol.

It will at Seria house. Whoo Hoo. Par-tay! YAAM SENNNGG! Hahahahah no lah. Gila.

Ing Siang, if the wife is rude then it reflects on the husband as well.

Nonnie scolded the wife, NOT the husband. If she had scolded both, then she is in wrong. But she only taught the wife a little lesson in manners. There is no harm in that.

Yes, $4.00 is alot especially at the end of the month. When involving money matters, especially when the other party has the upper hand, it is better to act accordingly.

If I give you a blank cheque by mistake, I have two options of asking you to return the cheque:

1) Threaten to burn your house and your kitten

2) Invite you out to kopitiam and discuss the said mistake,

Which would you opt for?

I don't think I would want to burn any kittens. I rather spend a few extra dollars in getting that blank cheque nicely rather then a life time in jail.

uglyfatchick said...

min $1? hmm.. How much does it cost to send 1 sms?

Sha said...

Some pple are just ridiculous tsk tsk.

Wangs said...

not to say who's idiot here BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE TRANSFERRED $3.30 INSTEAD OF $4!!

teddY said...

Hi Nonnie! Thanks for replying the comment I've posted above :) it's just so nice of you. Anyway I realised that you've changed your blog header - the new one is so glam and nice! I love the dots in the end which spells out the abbreviation of your blog name ;) what an interesting concept! Great work!

Effy said...

Wah lau! Alot of people comment ady. Anyways i think i would replied like this, "Bulieh kita tranfer $0.70 pasal DST charge aku for transferring credit balik. Kalau kita inda transfer arah aku, aku cari nama kita arah DST and report polis. Macam mana?" Anyhoo i still go for post-paid :) prepaid is damn menyusahkan.

Nonnie King said...

Partner, I lurveeeee yew! Tell you what it means when I see you online.

Christina : $0.05

Sha : And idiotic!

Nonnie King said...

WangEe : I sibeh regret liao lar.. I didn't know that it's going to charge me $0.50 for that bloody transfer.

Teddy : Thanks! It feels good kana compliment by someone who's good in photography and editing such as you.

Effy : I still stick with Easi because my monthly expenses on phone bill never exceed $30 mah. And I wish I have more guts like you all who give really ganas sample replies.

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

I won't return cause beh song the msg very rude

I would let them try report me =x

If DST ppl really call, i will show them the sms and said i don't understand malay languages =p