Saturday, April 23, 2011

100 Day Project: Day 45 – A Picture of Your Room


You’re seeing the corner of my room where I spend most of my time at, which… is pretty obvious why.

My cluttered table with all the neccessities, I know. And, I somehow spent like 2 minutes to sort of organize it already. The wall shelf that Bobby drilled it up last October 2010. I bought the black 3-tiers shelf from Millimewah and it’s only $9.90! Because my mom hates it when I leave my bag on the floor so I have to find a place for it.

… which, speaking of which, that I need to replace it soon.


And there’s a 19” Dell monitor which I’ve not used since 2008.
It’s working. So… any takers? Give me a price.

I need new bed sheets!


Anonymous said...

thats the bag we bought together kah? sayang eh. i love that bag!

Nonnie King said...

Not that one. Bought this from KL last Dec 2009. But still.. ani lawa jua.

Just didn't expect so fast buruk.

-dee- said...

invest in one/ or two proper tahan leather bag =)

Nonnie King said...

Yes m'am!