Wednesday, April 20, 2011

100 Day Project: Day 42 – A Picture of Your Dream House


I can’t think of anything when I see the title.. but, I do remember when was the last time I  got excited seeing something I like and took picture of it.

When I stayed in Tiara Labuan Hotel last December, just across our room, I saw beautiful detached houses and a swimming pool in the middle. I was telling Bobby it will be a perfect neighbourhood if I can have my friends staying near me like that. You know, easier to get some salt and soy sauce in case anything run out in the house. Easy to find lami/mahjong kaki also. And just opposite these houses, there’s a beach.

(Though, I don’t know if it’s still a good idea ever since tsunami keeps attacking the shores)

Well, actually… any house with sweet loving family members and enough spaces for everything will be my dream house.

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