Wednesday, April 6, 2011

100 Day Project: Day 28 – A Picture of Something You’re Afraid of

(And I have to find the cutest non-threatening cartoon snake so that I won’t scare myself when I open my blog. Will be better if there’s no fangs.)

I have Ophidiophobia. Like super super super duper afraid of snakes.
Any snake, including super tiny baby snakes that I initially thought it’s worm until I saw it crawling away so fast and freaked myself out.
And… also… even rubber snakes.

If got like rope or belt in the middle of the road and I thought it’s snake, I’ll lift my legs up automatically and shut my eyes tight for a second.

And really, I will be angry, super mad, if you throw rubber snake at me. I’m not daring you.
Unless, you want me to turn your table upside down and have my stinky feet on your face thank you very much.


Hungryduo said...

SAME HERE!!!!! I got kacau-ed by my friends using the rubber snakes and I almost cried out loud =.=

Nonnie King said...

Really will fan-lian one don't play play!