Saturday, April 2, 2011

100 Day Project - Day 24 A Picture of something you wish could change

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The Cause of Environmental Destruction: Human Ignorance Out of Control

It annoys me to no end that:

- litter bugs said that they are doing the community good because they provide jobs to those rubbish collector / street sweepers.

- ignorant people thinks, “It’s just one small plastic bag, why so serious?”

- people still choose to switch on the air conditioner when it’s already cool/cold enough.

- people goes for sungkai buffet, piles up food on their plates but only takes one bite off each food. Actually, wasting food itself already irks me.

I wish I could change their mindset.


اتول said...

I know right! The first one tah! I heard that first hand dulu. And I was like... EEEEWWW gross mindset!

Why not do crimes then, that's what jail, lawyers, punishment is for kan? It just builds up a lot of .. why not do more stupid things.. since got people to fix for you.

Nonnie King said...

Sometimes I will balas,

"The money the government can save from employing the janitors can be used for better stuffs. It's because of all these litter bugs like you that we cannot have better infrastructure. Really, no thanks to you."

اتول said...

True true!