Sunday, April 17, 2011

100 Day Project: Day 39 – A Picture of Your Favourite Movie

I just love this movie… Yes, I’m in to chick flicks and admit it, you secretly love them too don’t you! I will not watch any horror movie, not very into action, can’t take war movies, so…. ya, I’m left with comedy, chick flicks and cartoons.

20 years ago, it was this…

I watched this more than 20 times when I was a kid! I learned my do-re-mi from this too.


If HK movies… I can watch these over and over again…


No matter how many times I watch “Fly me to Polaris” and “My left eye sees ghosts”, sure cry till fi-li-fe-leh. I know “My left eye sees ghosts” is a comedy but.. but.. I find it really touching when I knew, that naughty ghost was actually her husband who passed away trying to find her happiness. And when Sammi Cheng knew it, it was already too late. Cry till…

And, “Love Undercover”… hehehe, I still remember all the silly jokes inside.
”Fong-Chung-Sir”, “GO! GO! GO!”

Okay, nevermind.. no one is laughing.

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