Sunday, April 10, 2011

100 Day Project: Day 32 – A Picture of A Crazy Night

Dee, Atul, Tina, Nonnie and Mau

Not exactly a crazy night.. but super adventurous.
*nudge Maurina*

We agreed to meet up in Serusop mosque and waited 30mins for Atul. Text her, called her, checked twitter and everything, still no sign so we’re actually quite worried because she’s not the type who will turn up late and just disappear like that.

Then, we decided to check out the ambuyat place in… what’s that area again… Kelabau?

The area so was dark and dodgy with like, a zillion potholes on the road. And you know what, the place was closed.

So, we had to think of another place to eat and Maurina suggested Jade Crystal, in Madang….

And…… she brought us to holland (Chinese slang for.. lost).

Not exactly lost but, overshoot with the road / cannot find entrance / need to do one big u-turn / conclusion: stupid route…. Lastly, we ended up in Sg. Tilong, Villa Mauri.

Where’s Atul? That girl overslept. Shifty
She joined us at about 8.30pm. We’re suppose to meet up at 7pm.

The above photo was taken in Kiulap, because that’s where I parked my car.
Can go for treasure hunt liao kan? Oh ya hor, girls… next time we participate treasure hunt together okay?


Tina said...

Re: Treasure Hunt


Nonnie King said...

Bah! On for whatever the next treasure hunt is. Hehehhee