Friday, April 15, 2011

100 Day Project: Day 37 – A Picture of The People You Spend Most of Your Time With



My beloved colleagues! Really, I see them more than my mom, my buddies and way way way more than my boyfriend. Sometimes I think I’m really blessed because I have the coolest people around me. Sporting, equally random and really funny.

Above photos were taken last Wednesday. We’re having a Girls night out steamboat.


Bonus photo:

Hottie spotted! No male strippers but at least got one cute guy from the tv. And thanks to Astro’s PVR, we rewind back and forth just to get this perfect moment of him. Anything for Deedz, the forgetful.

p/s: Something for us to remember. Yesterday on our way back from Sheepy’s crib, I left my fingers on the car window looking at the sun visor because I thought I need one for my car too. Deedz just hit the button and rolled up the window and my fingers terkapit!

It was painful for a moment but I just kept laughing. The accident was so so so silly! Deedz, no need to feel bad ya.

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