Monday, April 11, 2011

Fried Pasta with scrambled eggs

Bobby has this… “creative” touch when it comes to cooking, in a bad way, which I would use the word “uncanny” for it. Really, uncanny combinations.

The very first time he volunteered to cook dinner for me was back in his uni days. Boiled pasta + Campbells Mushroom Soup. That’s one dish for you. Then, fried shredded potato with egg, super lightly salted…

Just last week, he argued with me that pak-choy can be grilled. Yes! PAKCHOY! He wanted to grill PAKCHOY!

I don’t know… I googled up Grilled Pakchoy… (or Bok Choy), there IS recipe for grilled pakchoy (sorry for my lack of knowledge, or lack of time viewing AFC) and here’s what I found.

Errr… does this look tempting to you?



Then we talked about when was the last time he cooked something for me (August 2010 btw, this is why you should keep a blog because… everything is there!) and he came up with various combinations again, crazy food combinations. “I want to try fried pasta with scrambled eggs”.

I had to tell him to keep to the basic, just follow the recipe, you’re no Jamie Oliver, and guess what he said, “Why you no supportive one? Ba ba ba, I cook carbonara lah… Boring.”

So last Sunday, we went to Soon Lee to get the ingredients for carbonara and Bobby said he’s going to do everything himself, without my help. (Meaning to say, when he’s cooking.. I keep my mouth shut)

I volunteered to cook Cream of Broccoli, to go with the pasta, you know.. balance diet.

An hour later, he asked… cried (to be exact) for help in front of the stove… (Oh, I left out the lizard-in-the-pot part, will tell you all later about that)

Apparently, his “suppose to be creamy carbonara sauce” …. kelaie (is that how you spell), the eggs and milk just don’t want to be friends. Ya, that bad.

He was really disappointed with his cooking and he said he’s going to blame it on the lizard.

(Here’s the story. After boiling the pasta, Bobby wanted to strain it and while wanting to pour it out, he saw one baby lizard in the pot… Dead… i-wanna-puke-now-just-by-thinking-back…. Super phobia. We had no idea how the lizard ended up in the pot, most likely, it fell off from the ceiling? I’m not going to use the pot anymore. Period)

Bah, here’s Bobby’s fail attempt on making spaghetti carbonara.


Those are clumpy scrambled egg btw…

When I saw it served on the plate, I said…

“Wow baby, you actually achieved your goal of cooking “Fried Pasta with Scrambled Egg”… How did you do it? Got vision eh you.”

(Okay.. the last sentence I baru add in one.. very kanasai I know)

I’m sorry I have to blog about this because, this is like the most exciting/funny thing that happened to me last weekend and I definitely would like to remember this for the rest of my life, telling my kids that their father used to be, or maybe still is, a keh-kiang cook.

Good thing must share share mah.

(Bah, you all don’t laugh at Bobby so much ah, later he doesn’t want to cook for me anymore)


Thanis said...

haha the grilled bak choy bit yes -- you can grill them but it's up to how you like your bak choy ..

As for scrambled eggs and fried pasta -- it's do-able too. He's very sweet to cook for you though -- appreciate the gesture :)

Nonnie King said...

Got appreciate, will repay him by cooking next time. Hehhehee