Sunday, October 31, 2010

A new shelf

Bobby and I had taken our SUNDIY (Sunday + DIY) to a whole new level. It started off with cooking, then crafting and now.. guess what, HOME IMPROVEMENT!

I saw the bookshelves that my cousin was selling and I really liked it. I turned to Bobby and gave him a challenging wink, asking..

“You think you can fix this?”

“Well… I can try?”

“And we’ll see how it turns out!”

And last Sunday, we went to Chemiland to get some wall plugs but because he started really late (4.30pm), he only managed to drill 2 lousy holes with lots of trial-and-error.

Urmm.. my boyfriend is not much of a “D.I.Y” person when it comes to hammer, screwdrivers and hand drills but hey, at least he tried. Debut okay. Must give chance one.


And, he left one metallic support (for the 2 holes he drilled) for one week until he retuned to his unfinished project today.

Buckets of sweats later……*tada* my new shelf!

With my Hotel Maya f.o.c moisturizer supporting it just in case. And yeah, we should probably install the L-shaped support.


There, Mr. Pui and my Hermes with his not-so-proud debut shelf.

I asked if I can get him to make me a stool next time. Or maybe a cabinet? Hhehehehe. I like my man 文武双全 like that can or not?


Kelly said...

The 2nd pic - the corner shelf/cabinet that you got looks familiar....haha, I gave mine away -_- & u got the same one! ;p

Nonnie King said...

Should have ask you time to time if you got anything want to throw. Give me mah~

Tho the shelf $20+ only.. I "cheapskate" one.

kelly said...

Cannot "cheapskate" ok...must splurge like a "spendthrift"! LOL

P.S. I didnt throw la, I gave to my ee i think.........
I "cheapskate" also ;D