Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Being gracefully cheap is a time tested art





Choices and honesty are two different things but often one forgets to choose a better option and simply invades for the sake of "honesty". You've never walked in my shoes, and vice versa, I'm not ashamed of myself, and how I spend my money. My life is good, and the people around me are awesome.

Thank you for making time to actually think about how I live my life, that's very much appreciated, coming from a person I truly don't know.

p/s: I make a choice not to spell out every single items on my spend list, how much I give my parents, the utility bills I paid, the gifts I gave my friends or how much I donate to the charity. You only know me (and made assumptions) through my blog, calling me names and ended your line with a “No harm meant”. Seriously, you think so?

Once again, thank you for spending your precious time creating multiple names to agree and support yourself in my blog. Cheers.



Syahirah Yakob said...

LOL! kena patan jua IP address nya sama. the person should go and get a life lah, rather than trying to make a fight.

Effy said...

haha. thats what happened when you attack a 'focus' student. sigh them younger days...

Nonnie King said...

Eraa: *wink*

Effy: Those were the days. 9 years ago man!!! Yikes!