Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Apple Mint Darlie



This is like.. THEBOMB!!!!

Bough this from my Taiwan trip and just tried it yesterday. It’s so so so so so very the naiseeeeeeee. Seriously, like Kodomo Lion for adults. If there’s a drink made of this, I think I’ll love it to bits too and make sure it must be sparkling ya.

Apparently, Darlie SG has that. It also has Lime Mint too and Mineral Salt, like how is Mineral Salt suppose to taste like? Anyone cares to enlighten me here? For a toothpaste?

Now, can we have it in Brunei already?


Azra said...

Nonnie, the Lime Mint and Mineral Salt variations are already being sold in Brunei.

I have tried the lime mint version, it is really nice especially on a hot day or as a wake-me-up in the morning. :)

Nonnie King said...

Thanks for telling me Azra. I'll get the Lime Mint when finish my Apple mint.

Still hoping there's apple mint here tho. Really love it