Sunday, October 3, 2010



Feeling a bit bored, I opened up my blog and read my archives… Know what? Those people whom I ranted anonymously.. I have no idea who they are already!

And my blog get more and more boring. Probably because, I don’t really dare to blog my private thoughts anymore. That’s why when I traveled, I compensate with my long posts to fill up the space because, I sure that won’t offend anyone.

I lost interest in editing my photos, putting cute captions, beautiful floral swirls and so on. I have not checked my blog stats for quite some time (years) and couldn’t care less about the hits.

One word, unmotivated.

When I just started blogging, first thing was, turned on the computer and checked if there’s any comments or messages in my blog. Then later checked for my “blogger friends” updates in theirs and left comments (whether or not I had things to say). It was fun and merry! I visit you, you visit me.

Then came facebook, twitter, tumblr and so on. There’s more and more platform in the Internet world telling you what your friends are doing now and hence, isolating their blogs because there’s no need for that. I can tell you what I’m doing now, where am I, how I feel, what I read, listen and watch.. so, tell me what’s there left to blog?

It takes much persistency to maintain a blog. I’ve come across too many blogs which started off real good and months later…. no more updates. And the links I have on the side bar, I bet there’s more than 10 who don’t update anymore, or change their links or privatized their blogs.

Oh well, life goes on.

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