Monday, October 11, 2010

Perfect Ten


Bobby and I smiled with each other when we knew we’re going to see each other on 101010. I have no idea since when dates like that become something significant in our lives. Maybe we just need a reason to celebrate out of nothing, you know.. more logical. Hahahahahaa.

So, on last Saturday, to reward/ motivate my boyfriend who drove all the way from BSB to Seria after work, I offered to cook him a meal. I don’t know, maybe because he’s always happy to eat whatever I cook, it really kind of motivates me hence whenever I’m free, I’ll try to come up with something.

And that bugger ever asked me to make Martabak, from scratch! Like hello, saya tidak pandai flip the dough and throw them in the air okay. Karang stuck at the ceiling how? Plus, I’m not into baking… it’s just out of my league. Sorry dear, I’m afraid I have to stop you from watching too much Yakitate!! Japan. Fake one bi, fake one. Where got bread so yummy one? Fake one fake one. Where got people cry eating bread? Unless he/she 7 days 7 nights don’t eat lah.


So there, simple home-cooked dishes that every mother is capable of making.

Steam egg (the top layer is a bit too “old” but the inside is smooth like tofu!)
Sweet and Sour Pork, which.. I a bit salah the ration. Too much pineapples and cucumbers. Err.. no capsicum because like Crayon Shinchan, I don’t like bell peppers!
And lastly, fry… don’t know what green leafy vegetables.

Just one day, one day imma memorize all the vegetable names!
And act very pandai and start educating others. Hahhahahahaaha.

My breakfast the next morning.

Found a new favorite in Soi Heng! Woots!!!

Their pan mee is the bomb! The ikan bilis so so crunchy, the noodles no tipu one (unlike some restaurants) and mani-cai… one of those rare green leafy vege I like!

I always order either kolomee or fried kueh tiaw in Soi Heng, or maybe laksa, dumplings, big pao, lomaikai and siu mai… now I got a new favorite!

Hahahhahaa. Eat there for 20+ years liao baru got new favorite. Say also kana people laugh out loud.

Lunched at Bombay Palace.

P1130405 P1130404 
The chalie chubbie.

Actually, we went to Times Square before that. Know what, I really thought I was in Miri when inside Times Square. Maybe with Super Save, or is it Super Saver and Giant.. it really feels like Miri Bukit Bintang, the old building there plang.

And.. bought nothing there. Seems like I’m forever on a shopping diet.
Sigh, such is life.

Sweet Lassi and papadams! Yums!

Our lunch.. stuffed naan, mutton kurma and chicken something something.


I still have a long list of restaurants that I’ve not been there though… Axtivo, Jade Crystal, Taty burger, Topaz, even Saffron! Then Hadpa, Mulaut BBQ, Hamberly and cough.. Radisson. Aiyoyo, mei-you-qian ah!

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