Sunday, November 7, 2010

17 Again. end with multiple bangs


Sorry, this post is not about how cute Zac Efron is nor about a guy whose life didn't quite turn out how he wanted it to and wishes he could go back to high school and change it. It’s about MY BIRTHDAY!

So, hmm… I’m now 17 (okay you can go and add 5.. or maybe a 10 because I’m obviously faking the number) and I do still kind of feel like a loser not able to achieve what I lined out when I was 7. Anyways, it was one great birthday this year, a memorable one, a heart-warming one, one that I had all my love ones singing birthday song to me while in my heart, I was feeling guilty for not having more (cold) drinks prepared for them.

Sorry folks, I’m seriously a n00b when it comes to hosting a party. Will do better next time, if you all are still willing to cramp in my laoyah garage feeding the mozzies. Disappointed smile

My birthday celebration for this year started on the 4th, a date night with Bobby.


Guess where we went? GUESS GUESS GUESS!


Initially, he picked Tasek Brasserie because of the menu (and no, I’m seriously not up for buffet dinner for my birthday, I just want to sit down and being served all night instead of stand up, pick food, sit down, chomp-chomp, stand up, pick food, sit down chomp-chomp) but I immediately gave him a sour face because.. the environment was so not what I was looking for! With kids running around and infants bawling, parents giving full attention on the food instead of tegur-ing their kids, sorry dear… me no like.

Bobby asked for two different sets of menu, one from Tasek Brasserie and another one from Deals, and I’m siding Deals more, moreover…


Dimly-lit room equals Romantic atmosphere. No kids, just adults indulging with their partners.

03 04 05 06

Complimentary breads, Bobby loves bread.

Another complimentary dish, Spinach and Mushroom Quiche.
Nom Nomsss!

Mushroom soup! It has a fancier name, Soup of I-can’t-what-name.

It was a totally wise decision to share that soup because it was such a huge bowl!

Our drinks, Peppermint tea and Vanilla shake.
Bobby said my peppermint tea tasted like coughing syrup. Confused smile

My Sirloin steak, served with pan-fried potatoes, boiled vegetables and chunky mushroom sauce.
One of the best I’d tasted! Especially with that sauce which I could still chew on some mushroom bits and pieces.

Bobby’s Surf & Turf.
I have no idea what came into Bobby ordering this dish because he’s so not a prawn person.
The beef underneath was really good though.

After that hearty main courses, both of us had no more room for desserts.

The price we… I mean, Bobby paid was totally worth the service and food we had.

Us, with mismatching outfits. I love the contrast anyway.
That bag on the floor, is my birthday gift from him. More about the adventure in buying that for my Taiwan posts later ya. It was one hell of experience and it involved a lot of running to the gate.


The waitress who helped us in taking the above photos said those photos were perfect to upload in facebook. LOL.

And when we walked back to our car, we saw plenty of photo opportunities and fished my camera out from my roomy bag (I love big bags!) and off with the self-timer!

Okay, this one was actually taken by Bobby.



This blurry photo has a little story of its own.

While I was getting all ready posing for the camera, Bobby suddenly said, “Okay.. let me have some practice” and before I could say anything, he knelt down!


I immediately pulled/dragged/shake him up with a continuous chants of,
“No! No! No! No! No! You don’t do this to me! No! No! No! No! Don’t! No! No!”

Yes! I was really frighten that time and even though I knew he’s not proposing, but I just couldn’t handle the situation. I gave my calms away and quickly fled off the scene, to my car.

Then he walked up and said, “So.. this is the reaction you’re going to give when I propose?”

Oh crap.

It was scary okay. I wonder if girls will be ever ready for marriage proposal.

I had no idea how the session ended because I totally blanked-out but we did have our last photo before we left the place.


In the car, after I cooled down a bit, I asked why he did that and he said he need a little practice and of course he’s not going to try it on just any girl, what’s better than having a mock exam with the examiner herself? FML, and FHL for my reaction to that.

Crap. He was just kneeling down, with no flowers and ring, and I already freaked out like that.
And, I hope I didn’t hurt his feeling or ego lah.
Sorry baby, no one ever did that to me but I guess I can react better next time.
When are you going to do it again? Give me some short notice ya.



And I forced him to play PvZ. Hahahha.
Yeah, mine is Chinese version.

Oh ya, Bobby gave me these when I asked for my birthday card.

Before that, he was telling me that he’s struggling with my card and it’s not going to be nice. And I told him as long as it’s not an A4 paper with greetings on it, then it should be okay. Sekali when I opened the envelope…


Steady or not my boyfriend?
I mean the Marketing Officer / Designer / Customer Service Manager / PR Officer / Delivery Boy / JANITOR / Owner / Birthday Girl Boyfriend.

As for the 2 vouchers…. it cracked me up even more!


He loves tickling me and I love plucking his goatees, whenever we bet on something (silly usually), the prize is always what we enjoy doing.

But that “No tickle for 5 min voucher” tipu one! Can only be used once and knowing Bobby, he’ll probably put the reward as tickle for 10mins, deducting from the voucher, I still have to let him tickle 5 minutes. Like hello, where got people tickle for 5 minutes one, sure the victim laughs till out of breathe what!



At first I felt all dizzy, as if I having double vision or dyslexia.. then when I got used to it, it was fantastic!

THE MOVIE WAS GREAT!!! Probably the best animated movie I’ve seen this year. Yes, better than How to train your dragon, Shrek 4, Despicable Me and Toy Story! For me lah.

I mean, I’ve always thought that villains are way more interesting than super heroes (plahhhh, overrated. Tell me which super hero is exciting and full of characters? I guess that’s why I like Tony Stark, he’s cocky, sarcastic and fun! Despite of that sissy take-off). Megamind is such an original movie, it’s so funny and this villain has such a twisted/complicated mind.

And oh oh oh, I laughed the hardest when Minion asked if Megamind was wearing Jean-Paul Gaultier? I don’t know why, but Minion reminds me of Kamarul.

Off for our late lunch, at Pizza Hut (Mall) and witnessed another drama.

While we’re busy thinking what to order, came a loud voice at the cashier and immediately everyone turned their heads there. There was this man in his 50s, wearing Friday praying outfit and a white hat, shouting and pushing the waiter, spitting everywhere and continued with more pushing (angrily with both hands). Some customers fled the scene, others like us, stayed but watched. There was one lady who asked the waitress to call the security. It was really dramatic.

Then, after that man took his tapao-ed food, the waiter whom he pushed ran after him.. we guessed, maybe the man didn’t pay for the food. Then came some policeman and security guards and clueless customers like us waiting for someone to take our orders and serve the food.

Mexian spring rolls, not so great.

Bobby’s peppery pasta. He said it’s just carbonara sauce + loads of black pepper.

Mine, forgot the name but the pasta was too sweet for my liking. The deep-fried breaded fish fillet was good though.

And when Bobby asked for the bill, he couldn’t resist but asked what actually happened.

According to the waitress, it all started because of a bottle of mineral water. That man ordered some food along with the bottled water and the guy who served him told him that he had to wait for it. And, the next thing, it involved a lot of slapping, pushing, spitting and cursing. But a smart waitress did took her mobile phone out and filmed the whole thing, using it as evidence to later explain to policemen and security guards.

All for a bottle of water huh?
Way too much drama for our little country lately.


Then we went for some grocery shopping at Supa Save then ICC for the Tech Expo. Went in the “Tomorrow Land” and once we stepped in, Bobby laughed and said, “Seriously, we never learn our lesson, don’t we?”


Say hi to my alien friends.

You know, while waiting for our movie to start, there was some movie trailers and there’s another one about alien invasion. I jokingly told Bobby that, “I think those aliens damn sien liao with all these movies about them. They probably think, “Oi, everytime also think we want to invade your planet, you sien or not one oh? You think your planet got treasure ah? Chiew”

Bobby and his famous “Smell my finger” pose.
But this time, he couldn’t locate the robot’s nose.

On the 6th…

Mien-Sian for breakfast. A traditional that can never be forgotten.
And I’ll continue doing this to my kids next time.

And spaghetti from Sabrena, my dear colleague who is really good in cooking.

Fast forward to the night, after a lot of cleaning, chopping, slicing and cooking…

That’s DoraMabel.

It’s my first time inviting friends over for a mini-party. My house is not a party-friendly place and I had to take in a lot of considerations and this time, when I told my friends about my plan, they all responded with…

“Cheh! Never go your house meh! Malu your head! You don’t go polite with us ah, just like normal can already.”

I have awesome friends.


Bobby bought balloons to decorate the place but the balloons kept bursting. He gave up and did that “paper P”. I heart my boyfriend so much.

My donation birthday box. Karang kana ucap cheapskate again.

My friends all cannot tahan my TV already (20+ years with no blue colour) and when I said I would really need a TV, they all volunteered to chip in for me, as my birthday gift. Again, my friends are all so awesome!

So, that box’s function is to put in angpaos (I really malu okay, but stupid End scolded me “MALU YOUR HEAD”) and… I’m really touched okay! My friends all so sayang me one.

Makan time!

My birthday cakes from Bobby. I told him I don’t want cake that’s sweet..
The one on the left is vegetarian and the one on the right had salmon and unagi.
From Bunny.

My awesome friends in my lousy garage with mosquitoes biting around, one table fan and not enough cold drinks. Sorry… it’s my first time and hence the inadequate hospitality.

Panna cotta, special request to SL.

I told him to use agar-agar powder instead of gelatin because my vegetarian friends (whom I always termed them as Garden Circlings if you have not noticed) will be joining us.

Do you know that gelatin is made of the collagen inside animal’s skin and bones?

Another case of guilt because SL had a hard time melting those agar-agar powder hence leaving chunky bits in the panna cotta, which.. I initially thought it’s nuts! As in edible nuts and not crazy nuts.

My birthday cakes.
4 additional mini cakes from FussyKelly.
She knew I’m not a fan of cake but she said it’s weird not having a decent (sweet) cake for birthday hence she bought some for me. Little ones so that I won’t feel “vui”.

Vui – a Hakka slang for stuffed/bored/want to puke.
You know, when you had too much sweet stuffs, you feel “vui”.

With little Bernice, who anticipated the candles blowing moment. I lost, 5:2 and my friends were all like, QUICK BLOW THE CANDLES BECAUSE SHE’S BLOWING IT ALL OFF, NO MORE FOR YOU LIAO, while I was still making my wishes.

Thank you Fussy.

Some some cake eating, the Garden Circlings headed back home because some of them had to go back to BSB. Whereas the rest of us stayed to help me clean up, while my mom busy watching her Hua Hee Dai lame weekend ghost movie.

Then SukChin suggested that we should have a balloon fight with all those balloons Bobby prepared. And you know what, Bobby never tried balloon fight before.

“Wah lao.. you don’t have childhood one ah? Never meh? You never play that when you go to your friends birthday party when you’re young? How can????”

Helping Bobby to tie the rubber band on the balloon.

46 47
Round one, FIGHT!

Despite of playing all buyuk, I still lost.
My balloon burst in its own.

Don’t you feel like smacking his kanasai face?

50 5152

Then we had a round-2 balloon fights that involved all the girls plus Bobby and James. Guess who won.
Theen won! Damn, I rooted for SukChin because she’s super ganas. The first one who got kicked out, DoraMabel. Hahhahaa. Actually there’s a video taken but wait till I free then I edit and upload lah.

My awesome friends and their spouses. Nice one Mabel, putting a “H” on my face.

And that’s how my party ended with multiple bangs, like literally with the balloon fight. Okay, you may think it’s childish… yes, it IS childish for a bunch of adults in their late 20s to play that but one is never too old to have some fun isn’t it?

And this, is my birthday “card” from Bobby, inspired by the paper cut-out doll we made the other day.

He claimed that it’s incomplete. The “card” should come with an instruction menu and a box. And I’ll wait for it.

And there, my birthday for year 2010.

I’ll like to thank everyone who made it happened and apologized for the lack. 
For now, I need to survey the price for the TV in BSB and bid the old one goodbye!

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Kelly said...

Dear Nonnie King,

I would like to file a complaint~!
Pls kindly refer back to the photos, with "5" additional mini cakes from FussyKelly and not "4" choiii......~!

And then the macro cakes pic, that's 4 bcoz Little Bernice took 1 homeee LOL hahaha.....

Best Regards,

Nonnie King said...

HAhahahha!! Soli soli. I forgot that she took the chocolate home.
Later I edit ah~


Pu3 said...

Happy belated birthday Nonnie! o(^▽^)o☆彡 Great blogpost! The voucher your bf made are so cute and funny!! ╰( ≥ ∀ ≤ )╯ I always wonder what will it be like if your bf have a blog, Im sure it would be as amusing as yours!

Nonnie King said...

Him? Probably one post and spider webs for the rest of the years.

I did mention before that I want to make an anonymous blog for him just to record down those stupid things he ever said but he said malas.

And then said, later people follow me.

Anonymous said...

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Ron Mylar said...

Many happy returns of the day. You are celebrating your birthday so nicely. And finally I want to say that god bless you. Keep on smiling.