Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The sort of “school-event” that I look forward to


I was given a last minute task and had to sit in the office and complete it today. Yeap, permission given for not entering any of my classes. Sounds great? No! Not because of the job but, I really hate sitting at my seat for the whole morning.

In fact, I’m hating my seat.

Last year when we had a whole new seating arrangement, I was super excited over it. Because I finally got to sit near with my beeyoches in school. 4 of us joined our tables and formed an island in the middle of the area. We’re close to the table (where they always put the food there), we’re close to the sink area and our colleagues are just steps away.

So what’s there to hate?

It’s the “aircon seat”!!!!!!!

Well, for some of you, you may really envy me because the aircons blows directly on my head, my face, my back. Not one, but two bloody aircons! One window unit and one split unit, placed next to each other.

Tak boleh tahan ah!

Normally, I would just put my bags, checked if any memos or notes on my table, then grabbed my lappie and head to my lab. Only when I need to use the washroom, or bored being alone, or makan breakfast, then I’ll come down to the staffroom. I like it that way.

So today, I sat on my seat the whole morning and I end up battling flu now. Ya, oh wow, happy, whatever.

My nose is “solar-powered”.

If you put me in an aircon room 24/7, I think I’ll die sneezing my nose off.

Even students who saw me laughed at my Rudolph-nose today. Colleagues commented that I had “damam-face” with all the teary eyes and continuous sniffing. I don’t want to take MC tomorrow lah. In fact, I’ve never taken any MC for this job.

Oh well, gotta go drink lots of water now. I’m anti-Panadol if you haven’t notice. I hate all medicines, and I believe the body will heal naturally if the right food eaten. Instead of panadols, why not pop some vitamins?

So yeah… can’t wait to change my seat end of the year. Yeehaaa!

Woosh, long time don’t blog like that liao, one word. Mindless. Hahahahhaa.

No photos lagi~


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