Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday DoraMabel


We had an advance birthday celebration for DoraMabel, just the 6 of us including the birthday girl but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun.

Just some photos.
(I’ve limited the album I uploaded in FB because there’s just too many sexay pictures of my dear friends)

Dressing up for the dinner.
PoserChin, BigSmileKing, GhostlyDollMabel.

The cake we all bought for her, with plenty of Doraemons!

Urgh, I’ll never want to be the person to order the cake. It’s just to much work and I felt like an idiot talking to the staff.

“What is your idea for the cake?”
“Huh? Err.. I just want a birthday cake.”
“Yes I know, what idea do you have then?”
“She likes Doraemon?”
“Now see, there you go. A Doraemon cake.”

^%#%#%#^ She made me felt like a total loser!    

And I nearly choked when I know how much a “3D” cake costs! Omai… since when cake prices shoot up like that? So, fondant is THAT expensive huh?

I rather stick to those Pandan Sponge cake with no deco and stuffs, which I can really taste the cake instead of scooping out all those icing and cream. I prefer “original” … “raw” cakes.. you know, those fresh from oven with slight crunchy crust~


All of us for the night.
The girls.  

Time for Pictionary! With garlic peanuts and cheese balls! What unhealthy? What diet? And what CALORIES?! I burned all those from rolling on the bed laughing. 

Next, swimminggggggggggggggggggggggggg

I’m such a good photographer don’t you think? I managed to capture the moment that everyone’s up in the air. And when I want to be in the picture and Soon Lung took the picture, it’s either that he clicked the shutter too fast or too slow!

I like this one. I look damn long! Hahhahah. Well, the face very cannot make it lah.

Having my tai-tai moment.

Everyone went for a swim whereas I just relaxed on the beach chair acting all demure and rich wtf. Truth is, I lazy wash my hair again. But still, my hair got wet when I dipped in the pool to have a sip of my Heavenly Sorbet.

Sigh, so much to act glamorous. I’m trying to live up my nick, KINGMORA… My colleagues all agreed that I somehow look/talk/act like her. Just that, I’m the poor version and unglam.


Last photo


Looks like some cover shot for a travel mag isn’t it?

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