Tuesday, September 2, 2008



It was a last minute plan that three of us came up with while having our weekly luncheon after work, going up to BSB jalan-jalan.

Took a quick shower, dressed up and waited for the fresh-from-oven Mrs. James, that's Shirley to pick both Vick and I up from our places. I made a request from Shirl to drop me at the hostel to pick up the books I borrowed from the library so that I can start to do some readings and draft my essay.

p.s. Shirley IS a Malay/Muslim. Everyone kept asking me the same question after reading their wedding post.

p.p.s. UBD library is so cool! We can check out the books with the machines to scan and stamp the return dates ourselves! And the machine will print out a receipt later. Or... I'm just being very sakai/suaku.

So Shirl parked her car, kept squealing, "I can't believe I'm parking my Bimmie here in the hostel! I used to hop into other people's car and now I'm driving my own car here!", walked down the memory lane (hahahhaa. the walkway to my block lah) and told me that my block is one of the cleanest block in the hostel. I love looking up while walking seeing other girls' rooms and see how they decorate it (if the curtains are not drawn).

And sadly, they do agree with me about the awful smell in my room and how ugly my walls are. Vicky saw my laundry bucket and reckoned that it could fit it perfectly due to her small frame and I witnessed the whole process and laughed my head off! That girl thought that she has 缩骨功 I guess.

缩骨功 - the kungfu of being Bendy and Flexible like those Chinese acrobats.

You saw the pictures of Vicky and Shirley looking at the doors of the entrance? We don't have full length mirrors in our rooms hence the only time we can check how we look overall is when we step out the building. So if you ever come across to the hostel, you will see girls usai their tudungs, pulling and stretching their baju or do the last checking of their hairs and looks.

That, is our full length mirror.



The final remark after the visit that Shirley made was,
"Urgh! I'm am never ever going to stay in the hostel after my 4 years here!"



p.p.p.s. I do have a topic in my head to blog about. Let's see if I can finish drafting it before going up BSB tomorrow.


Tina said...

I like that quote by Ivan Panin!

@lex said...

mirror free for public use .. lox

48 said...

puasa liao meh?

@lex said...

yup on the 2th sept .. so this means in a mths time you be coming back !?

Siok Ngi said...

hi nonnie! :) i haven't been commenting but i've been visiting frequently.

woah, i didn't recognize your friend until i clicked on the wedding post.